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  • AHA Clear serum turned white

    Posted by Kleng_artsal on November 11, 2018 at 9:14 pm

    This formula was given to us during our workshop. Ive made this serum before and turned fine.  But this second batch turned inti a thick white gel texture after putting my phase C ingredients. In the original formula the recipe calls for Acnibio MRX. Ive change my preservative to sodium benzoate. Here is the formula. 

    Phase A
    Water 42.20%
    Methylcellulose 1%
    Sodium benzoate 1.5%
    (I left this Overnight)

    Phase B
    allantoin 0.1%

    Phase C
    Water 10%
    Mandelic acid 2%
    Malic acid 6.9%
    Glycolic Acid 2.9%

    I did not put any other ingredients anymore after the mixture turned white. Anyone has any idea why it turned white? 

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