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  • Adding real dried petal into liquid body wash problem

    Posted by vhogiono on March 7, 2022 at 1:27 pm

    Hi guys, I need your advise to make a liquid body wash with real flower’s petal suspended inside. The petal can be suspended using xanthan gum easily, however, I noticed the petal’s color turn dark day by day. I’m suspecting its rotting because majority of the liquid body wash is water.

    I know there are artificial petals that can be used for liquid body wash, and when we rub it on skin, it will melt away. (Similar with vitamin balls), but in this project I really need to use real dried petal flower.

    I see on some other brand, they can successfully incorporate real petals in the liquid body wash. Please see the photo below.

    Any idea and suggestion will be really appreciated. Thanks and really hope to get some advise.

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