Article by: Perry Romanowski

According to this story, researchers have developed a new viscometer that can take viscosity measurements by simply flowing liquid through it. They say that it can be made the size of a microchip and would completely eliminate the need for QC and QA groups to take samples for viscosity measurements.

In case you don’t know, one of the most important measurements in developing cosmetic and personal care products is viscosity. It is a measure of the way the product flows which is one of the characteristics that consumers most notice. We’ve previously written about fluid viscosity and what cosmetic chemists need to know.

So, the makers of this device claim that it will make the measurement of viscosity quicker and easier. Perhaps one day in the future there will be production sized tanks with these tiny viscosity monitors in them. Or even more beneficial for formulators is to have beakers with a viscosity chip incorporated into them. Interesting.

I’m not sure how much of an impact this will have on cosmetics however. It’s really not too difficult to take a viscosity meausurement and you’ll have to take samples out for pH and color evaluations.

QA of the future

But imagine if this device could be coupled with something that takes pH measurements, color evaluations, odor evaluations and even tests micro contamination. That could be pretty cool. I’m not sure it would lead to improved personal care formulations but it would still be neat.


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    I liked the Quote of “Expensive lab testing” of viscosity. Press release puff I know, but WTF? . Put product in beaker. Make sure temperature is correct, stuff spindle in, and switch on! Write down figure. Where it may come in useful is for continuous processes rather than batch production like a lot of us do. As for in line pH measurement? Been available for years. Solid state pH probes are available and “Affordable” (Well in comparison for industrial control kit).
    I see this being taken up by people like lubricant manufacturers and similar before it hits us. Nice bit of work though

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      Yeah, I don’t think there is anything expensive about take pH and viscosity measurements.

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