Article by: Perry Romanowski

One of the most overrated things in the cosmetic industry is getting a patent. They almost never give you an actual advantage and they are rather easy to get around.

But fortunately, companies still apply and get them. I say fortunately because they can be a great source for information for a cosmetic chemist. Here are some things you can learn from patents.

1. Starting formulas. Great place for finding how to make any kind of cosmetic. You’ll have to change the formula to sell the product but it’s a great place to start.

2. Manufacturing tricks. Not only can you get formula prevents you can also find clues on how to make formulas.

3. Testing procedures. Another great thing to discover in patents is procedures for testing your cosmetic product. Sometimes these can be pretty clever.

4. Product history. In the background section you can learn the history of the development of a formula type. Very interesting.

While I don’t believe patents are valuable for companies to get, they are certainly valuable for cosmetic chemists. Be sure to use them as often as you can.


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