Article by: Perry Romanowski

Some people might see the job of a cosmetic chemist as frivolous and less-than-important.  However, there are a number of benefits to taking up a career in cosmetic chemistry.

1.  Make people’s lives better.  Here is a report on a study published in the Archives of Dermatology that suggests cosmetics improve the quality of life of consumers.  Since almost everyone in the world uses cosmetics, you’ll be able to positively impact the lives of a number of people.

2.  Express your creativity.  Unlike some science jobs is that are repetitive, boring, and hyper focused on minutia, cosmetic chemistry gives you the chance to flex your creativity and develop all kinds of different products.  You also get to work on a number of projects, many of which eventually get launched.

3.  Become an inventor.  Cosmetic formulating offers you a chance to invent new products that can solve real consumer problems.  If you want to invent, cosmetic chemistry is a great career to have.

4.  See immediate results of your work. Many scientists toil away in their labs for years only to see their work go nowhere.  When you formulate, you get to complete projects that often end up in the aisles of the stores that you shop in every day.  It’s gratifying.

5.  Free products.  If you like beauty products, then you’ll love the fact that as a cosmetic chemist you have to buy and try all types of competitive products.

6.  Become a better shopper.  As a cosmetic chemist you’ll get exposure to your marketing department and will learn what really works and what is simply hype.  (There’s lots of hype).  So when you do have to buy cosmetic products or any other type of product, you’ll be able to spot what is marketing fluff and spend less money.

7.  Become an entrepreneur.  Cosmetic formulating allows you to learn and invent products.  This is a great start to putting you on your way to start your own cosmetic line.

There are a number of jobs you can do as a chemist but cosmetic formulating is certainly one worth considering.



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    Hello Sir Perry
    I was wondering about the most important materials that can make some colors of metal oxides, as well as organic colors, when combined together: When we get facial creams (foundation cream for example), how to make it more stable and stable ???? With the passage of time on the preparation so as not to separate them or some, especially organic colors?
    I would be grateful if you would write an article explaining this.

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    8. keep a youthfulness : we always use a great efficacy cosmetics 🙂

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      I know I always do!

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        Tia Woodbury

        Hi Perry . I have a dream to become a cosmetic chemist, invent new products and start a company to help people with their personal care and cosmetic needs and wants. Can I do both and still be successful?

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          Perry Romanowski

          Sure. But you’ll have to pick up both formulating and business skills.

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