Article by: Perry Romanowski

This is an unfortunate story. There has been a big spike in the number of melanoma cases in young women and it has been linked to tanning bed used prior to special events like Prom or Homecoming.

I know the indoor tanning industry says that the product is perfectly fine but this is evidence that it is not. As cosmetic chemists, you will often be asked about all kinds of beauty topics and it makes sense for you to be well versed on a variety of topics. Indoor tanning is one of these topics.

The bottom line is that indoor tanning is not safe and it has been proven to cause melanoma. If someone tells you otherwise just have them look up what the American Academy of Dermatology has to say.



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    This also goes for Germany since 2009. No tanning beds if you’re under 18

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    We have had age restrictions as to who can use tanning beds in England for a while.
    New legislation came into force on the 1/4/2011 that means it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to use a sunbed in England – the law came into effect in Scotland a couple of years ago. If you live in Wales then the new law comes in to effect on the 31st October 2011.
    Under this legislation, If a tanning salon allows anyone under age to use a sunbed, they can be fined upto £20,000 per offence.

    Good to see California is taking the same approach, and banning under 18’s from the beginning of next year

    Having seen one of my daughters schoolfriends lose her father to Melanoma, I take a slightly puritan approach to this

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