Article by: Perry Romanowski

Are you familiar with It’s a website where people share their methods for making different things. They have a number listings for different cosmetic products and most of the techniques that I found were not too good.

But I like this one for creating your own fragrance.

Make your own perfume

This moisturizer formula however…not so good.

How to make a basic moisturizer

Still, this is an interesting site and could provide you with some inspiration for making your next formulation.


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    Sigh. Ultra basic cheap moisturizer = water and glycerin. People who want something really simple aren’t going to order emulsifying wax. I’m glad for the movement towards informed consumerism though!

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    That’s not the worst instructions I’ve seen on making creams. At least she’s advising on properly cleaning her equipment and using a preservative. Most of the time I see people saying all you need is Grapefruit Seed Extract or some sort of essential oil….

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