Article by: Perry Romanowski

This article about the rules of a scientist’s life inspired us to put together one about the rules for a cosmetic chemists life. chemist career

See what you think and add more in the comments if you like.

10 Rules for a cosmetic chemists life

1.  Every messed up batch is an opportunity to learn.

2.  Keep up with new technology including chemicals & communication tools

3.  Never be certain.  Everything you know is probably wrong in some way.

4.  Be open with your knowledge & help others

5.  Don’t fall in love with your own ideas.

6.  Test every formula you are working on.  If you won’t use it why should other people?

7.  Marketers will always think your competitor’s products are better

8.  Ideas in your head are worth nothing.  If you have a good one, do something about it.

9.  Ask questions even if they are tough.

10. Be willing to change a formula if consumers tell you they don’t like it.



  1. Avatar

    Hi Perry,

    Excellent ! agree every pin pointed information in 10 rules.
    Great your sharing knowledge.
    Please can you advise for lab IKA mixers are good or Lightenin!!
    Any suggestions please

    Have a wonderful day sir!

  2. Avatar

    It sounds like my former life developing natural health products and I can agree with everything!

  3. Avatar

    +I think, looking at windows of the cosmetic shops, can help us to have innovation in our formulas.

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