Article by: Perry Romanowski

I was searching through some of my old bookmarks and was reminded of this website called the Martindale Center. The amount of information that they have is really quite amazing.

They have information on everything from science to language to fashion to business and beyond. You could get completely lost. It’s great!

You want to learn about Glass Blowing to make your own lab equipment? You can do that here. Glass blowing info.

Looking for lectures in first year chemistry? Find those chemistry lectures here.

And if you want some chemistry lab demonstrations…here’s a list of them right here. Chemistry lab demos

It really is an amazing collection of useful and interesting information.

If you find anything particularly cool, let us know!

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    Nancy Liedel

    You know I adore Khan Academy. His work is fabulous and far reaching. His aim, to offer an excellent education to children and adults who have no other resources, or can afford them. It’s run strictly by donation and I can’t say enough good about it.

    Brushes you up on basics fast.

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