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Creating new cosmetics is what cosmetic formulators are hired to do. But if you’re new to the cosmetic industry or have concentrated on one specific area, you probably haven’t had the chance to formulate many different types of cosmetics. So, what do you do when you’re asked to create a formula that you’ve never made before? Read on to find out.

Find a good starting formula

Sure, you could just start from scratch combining cosmetic raw materials in different proportions to see what you get, but this isn’t the best way. The best way is to find a starting formula that someone else has previously created. Then, modify it to meet your needs.

Unfortunately, if you don’t know where to look, finding starting formulas isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve created the following list of the best sources for starting formulations.


The big cosmetic companies love to patent as many formulas as they can. This prevents other people from duplicating their formulas. Fortunately, it also requires them to publish (some version) of the formulas they are patenting. This makes them excellent sources for starting formulas. You can search US patents by going to the website or even better, search Google Patents.


There are a number of cosmetic science books that include formulas. Even better is that these books give explanations of why they are adding certain ingredients. You can get most of them at a large library or even buy them online. Some of my favorite books for finding formulations include.
Harry’s Cosmeticology
Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology, Third Edition
Chemistry and Manufacture of Cosmetics: Science 4th edition

Google Books

If you can’t afford to purchase the books above you can find preview copies of them online via Google Books. This won’t give you the entire book but it often provides you with the pages that have formulas for which you might be looking. Just go to Google Books, type in the search term for the formula you want and take a look.

Chemical Suppliers

One of the most helpful things the raw material suppliers do is create starting formulas. Of course, these formulas are usually packed with high amounts of the supplier’s ingredients but they are an excellent place to start. Here are some of the best supplier formularies that I’ve used.

Trade Journals

There are many suppliers who do not have formula websites so they send their starting formulas to trade magazines to publish. These trade journals have put together compilations of formulas on their websites. Some excellent resources include.
C&T Cosmetic Bench Reference

Online Aggregators

These are websites that exist as hubs connecting suppliers with cosmetic formulators. If you haven’t signed up for these services, you’re missing a great opportunity. The following two websites are particularly helpful for finding starting formulations.

Ingredient Lists
If you really can’t find a good starting formula for the specific product you are making, then getting an ingredient list of an existing product is also a great way to get started. Get the ingredient list, then make a guess at the relative concentration of the most important ingredients and try it out. Refine, refine, refine until you get a formula you like. Start with these websites to get the ingredient lists.

There you have it. The seven best sources for starting formulas. Remember that starting formulas are always just that…places to start. You’ll always have to modify any formula you get from any of these sources. For example, if you copy a formula from a patent you have to modify it to sell it. If you try out a supplier’s formula, you’ll often find that it doesn’t actually work or stay stable.

But once you get started, that’s when the art of cosmetic formulation begins. There is no substitute for making batches and testing them out.

Good luck!

Do you know of a place for good cosmetic formulas that we missed? Leave a comment below.



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    Rachel Marek

    How do I find a qualified makeup chemist to make my own full line of makeup n all

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    Aileen Pound

    We are looking for someone to help us develop a children’s bath and body range

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    Doug Walker

    Looking for a cosmetic chemist to partner in a natural whitening toothpaste. I have created early batches with great success, just need someone with real knowledge and experience in creating a product that can be sold commercially. The branding is beautiful, we have Venture Capitalists, the only thing missing is the most critical piece we need. Offering Equity.

    Doug Walker
    Bay Area, CA

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    isamaddeen ahmed

    i’m asking about whitening formula

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      Perry Romanowski

      See the sources listed

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    Dear ,

    I’am already a manufacter of cosmetic product , such as sulfate free shampoo , conditioner , hair serums , leave in cream . I am searching to developp or to buy a ready formula for the Keratin Treatment product . Any help please ??

    Thank you ,

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      april alonzo

      i am a seller of ready made cosmetics formula. i have those that you wish for. just send an email to me . thanks..

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        Hi iam searching to buy a hand sanitizer formula with alcohol. Any help on that ??

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          Perry Romanowski

          Check the sources in the post. I’m sure one of those will have a formula for you.

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        Really looking for someone to work with to create my own lipsticks

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        What do you mean already made cosmetics? You buy and resale with options for personal branding??

      4. Avatar
        alexis magee

        What is your email address?

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        Maritza Fernández

        I Like to purchase a cosmetic recipe or formula for organic lipstick!

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    Art Rich, Ph.D.

    @Rita, if this position is still open, please contact me at my e-mail address and I will give you more details. THanks.

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    Rita Safi

    I am getting in to cosmetic manufacturing buisness overseas in which a huge potential and demand exist. I am looking for sosmotic chemist who is interested to join as a partner or consultant.


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    Zeda Bocus

    work placement for cosmetic science student please, I am on my last year at university doing cosmetic sciece.

    thank you for your help.

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      Hi there your just finishing school and I need someone who can help me formulate a lipstick. Maybe we can work together.

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    Jan Sommer

    Aussie Soap Supplies provide raw ingredients for cosmetic and soap supplies. They are an excellent site for the home crafter and also sell two (2) booklets on how to make shampoos and how to make emulsions, with formulas. PLEASE NOTE: These are copyright and are strictly for personal use. I found these booklets a great help and they have alot of information on surfactants, emulsifiers, preservatives, anti-oxidants, pH adjustment etc. Their formulas are a great starting point for those interested in vegan friendly products (their term) as they are mainly based on natural type products, not specifically organic. As a starting point for formulation, these booklets really can help you to formulate your own products and lead to further research when your are more confident.

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    Terry is a GREAT place I recently found – it has ingredients at affordable prices, (with information about the ingredient – maximum quantities, incompatibilities etc)recipes, and helpful staff!

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    chetna bhagat

    thanx…for very useful info.

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    Ali Imran

    It is very helpful for “new formulator”.

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