Article by: Perry Romanowski

I have a couple of gray hairs. At the age of 43, I have much less gray hairs than other people my age but I see they are coming. A popular claim is that gray hair is caused by stress, which is odd because I almost never feel any stress. Well, it turns out that there are numerous studies demonstrating that stress does not cause graying hair. Gray hair is actually correlated with age and is mostly genetics. The primary cause is that the melanocytes (the color producing cells) somehow get turned off. For the latest info on research in this area, check out this story about gray hair in the New York Times.



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    Sânziene si M?tr?gun?

    Just a question: I have heard stories about people turning white / gray following a huge shock, like a car accident, someone dying in front of them etc. Like going to bed with black hair and waking up with gray or white hair. Are these just stories or are they documented in any way?

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      I believe some stories of people turning gray over night true. What happens is that people already have gray hair but also colored hair. What happens is their colored hair falls out and they are left with only the gray.

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    Nancy Liedel

    Gary hair may not be caused by stress, but grey hair is made far worse by teenagers. I color far more often now than three years ago. It’s the teen. I know it’s anecdotal, but a lot of parents will agree with me and there needs to be a study.

    I should get that funded. 🙂

    When in doubt, blame a teen. It’s probably the root of the problem anyway.

    Brought to you by, “If my teenage sons saw this, I would be buried up to the neck in my backyard. Upside down.”


    It’s age and genes. Darn and bless them both.

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