Article by: Perry Romanowski

There was a bit of controversy caused by the Science: It’s a Girl Thing that we discussed last week. This response made me laugh.

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I’m not sure if the video deserves as much criticism as it’s been getting because I think it probably does appeal to a significant portion of the population that it was designed to attract. But I certainly can understand how scientists (especially women scientists) find it disturbing.



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    Nancy Liedel

    Of course Curie died of radiation poisoning, but that’s what it takes for a brave woman of science to get ahead 😉

    I love the response video, but I’m funny and sick like that.

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    Ha, that’s a pretty good response. I’m a chemist (want to be cosmetic chemist) and I thought the EU video was silly. I was thinking when I viewed it how they should have used ACTUAL female scientists and listed their names and occupation while showing them doing something science-y. But that might have taken some more thought and funding.

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      Good point. I think another problem was that it was made by Advertising people and not by Scientists. And that’s how advertising believes science really is.

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