Article by: Perry Romanowski

Back in my younger years I did a series of cartoons called Dr. Chemistry.  It wasn’t a terribly original name nor do the comics seem as funny to me as they used to.  I did enjoy drawing them and they are still amusing and reflective of what it’s like to be a formulator working for a big corporation.  This was a bit like a Dilbert meets cosmetic chemistry.

Here’s one of the early ones.  Maybe I’ll start drawing again since I have this outlet to publish.


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    I remember Dr. Chemistry! I always loved how the strip lampooned the marketing side of the cosmetic industry.

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    So funny and I agree with Colin, you are such an inspiration on creativity, Perry! 🙂

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      Thanks Eliza!

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    Love it Perry..ask permission to share on FB..:)

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      Thanks andrianto! Sure you can share it on FB if you like.

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    Is there no end to your talents Perry?

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      lol. My parents had a lot of kids so I had to learn a lot of tricks to stand out.

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