Article by: Perry Romanowski

I thought this was an interesting story that I stumbled on. It turns out scientists have isolated the proteins responsible for protecting hippos (who spend numerous hours every day in the sun) from sun burns.

These scientists believe that the compound could also double as an insect repellant too.

Pretty cool. Wonder if this will ever pass the FDA NDA process.



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    Having seen some sunburnt sights on the beach on an August bank holiday, I could be very unkind and suggest that the character “Burt” from NCIS would find some friends there. As for the FDA, it might be a long wait

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    I think I read a similar article at sciencedaily(dot)com on the study about plants and why they don’t burn under the sun.

    I hope they isolate what that compound is.

    Anyway, good luck on your Exercise Experiment. I’m doing it too.

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      What is your exercise experiment?

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