Thickening agents

I'm making a shampoo with a soapberry concotion. I planned on using xantham gum to thicken since the idea is to make a shampoo with no other surfactant. I heard xantham gum is incompatible with some preservatives. If I'm using caprylhydroxamic acid as the preservative, should I use a different thickener? Guar gum, perhaps?


  • Tauriel - Did you end up using guar gum?  I am concerned about separation and was wondering if you have noticed any.
  •  Hi Kelly
    Ooops! I had some unexpected things come up. I did not get around to finishing the project! :/ From what I've read on one of Perry's blogs(If you're reading this, I find your blogs very informative btw), xanthan gum is incompatible with some preservatives. I do not know exactly how incompatible and also do not know which preservatives he was referring to.
    What did you mean by separation, though? If it's only water based, I don't see why there should be separation...... Is there perhaps an oil phase? I'm an amateur so, I could be missing something here... I 'll be sure to update when I get results.
  • whu you do not use salt?
  • Hello smok,
     I hadn't thought of salt. I have only ever used salt to thicken liquid soap and it does work nicely there. Does salt thicken an acidic solution?
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