Article by: Perry Romanowski

Some of the followers of this website do not have degrees in chemistry. In truth, you don’t have to know chemistry to formulate products. However, it is extremely helpful!

So, we’re going to occasionally post lessons on the most important background chemistry topics that will help you in cosmetic formulating.

Here is a good lesson on pH. The lesson isn’t cosmetic science focused and in the future we are going to produce one that is. But this will be helpful if you never had pH explained to you. It will also be helpful if you’ve been away from basic chemistry and need a refresher.

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    Hi Perry
    This wonderful, however I have been experiencing stability problem with hair oil moisturiser, a w/o emulsion, often appearing stable after producion only to separate after a few weeks. I tried to knock-off DARK and LOVELY product, I am sure I may not have added all the ingredients but all the important materials as far as emulsification is concerned are present. where would be going wrong with stabililty?

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    I don’t have a degree in chemistry, but I have a some chemistry background (mostly biochemistry, as well as biology and microbiology). But I do understand concepts of pH, surfactants, emulsions, solubility, ionics and microbiolgy. Everything else I learn little by little as I go. I know that even those with chemistry degrees have to learn as they go because cosmetic chemistry is not specifically taught in many schools. I have found this blog to be very resourceful in my product formulation 🙂

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      Thanks! We’re glad you’ve found it helpful.

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