Article by: Perry Romanowski

It’s the final holiday of the year, or more properly the first holiday of the year.  Anyway, in celebration of the holiday, I’m not going to create much of a substantial post today.  I’ll be back to regular posts tomorrow.

However, I just listened to a podcast about Consumer Reports.  There is some interesting stuff there.  Here’s a video post they did on Wrinkle Creams.  The results are not surprising to anyone who knows about cosmetic formulating.  They also have posts on Sunscreens, Eye Creams, and Wrinkle Serums.  Interesting.

Happy New Year!



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    I have completed my Bachelors degree in Cosmetic Science from LAD College in India .Is is possible to apply for internships or jobs in USA..

    Wish you a Happy and Prosperous year ahead.

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