Article by: Perry Romanowski

I’ve never liked toothpaste packaging.  Mostly because it never seems like you get all of the product out.  Then there are some people who don’t squeeze from the bottom so the center gets all smashed and it looks awful.

Well, all that could end if companies started to adopt this innovative toothpaste packaging.  Very cool.

Packaging is certainly one area in which an innovative cosmetic maker can stand out.  Innovative packaging definitely costs more but is you are starting your own cosmetic business, clever packaging may just be the thing that gets people to try your product over someone else’s.


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    Cheryl MIller

    So how do I get this product?

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      Perry Romanowski

      Contact the company who came up with it? It probably isn’t quite available yet.

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    Irina Dumistracel

    Dear Perry,
    Indeed the Toothpaste Packaging is question that bothers me every time I see or buy a tube of toothpaste. I think your innovation is applicable not only for several semisolid cosmetic, where much of the content remains on the tube, but also for topical pharmaceuticals.
    Bravo! Please do something and spread the idea. Consumers and patients will thank you every time they will not be obliged cutting the tube to extract the remaining contents.
    Happy New Years, Perry!

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