Article by: Perry Romanowski

I spoke at the Twin Cities Holistic Seminar last month and then attended their companion trade show.  That’s where a number of cosmetic industry raw material suppliers were showing off their latest “all-natural” cosmetic ingredients, or at least ingredients that could be incorporated into natural cosmetics.

In going through the literature I collected I was struck by all the “natural” claims being made and thought it would be useful to record them here in case any of you are working on an all natural line and need some marketing claims.

Common natural cosmetic marketing claims

Naturally sourced


Not ethoxylated

Boron free – I didn’t even realize boron was a negative thing in the natural world.

Not animal tested

Preservative free

High bio-based content

Sourced from renewable plants

Allergen free

Vegetable based



Ecocert, COSMOS, NPA certified

Created from natural ingredients

Sulfate free surfactants

I’m sure there are more so feel free to post some in the comments.  I’ll try to expand this list over time.

Interested in natural formulating?  See our free natural formulating video series on the subject.

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  1. karina

    the worst one I have seen is “gluten-free” natural cosmetics. do people go around eating cosmetics? is gluten absorbed through the skin? huh.

    1. Perry Romanowski


  2. Amy

    On a sort of related note, nonGMO and GMO-free are not the same thing. I learned this the hard way.

    1. Malina

      Amy, what is the difference? I didn’t know there was a difference either.

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