Article by: Perry Romanowski

When I was in college, I had no idea what kind of job to get when I graduated. In fact, I switched from a biology major to chemistry major in my first seniorchemist careers year because I realized there were a lot more job listings for chemists in the newspaper than for biologists. Biology was great but I needed to make money to pay off my college loans. I accidentally stumbled into the cosmetic science field and have enjoyed it as my chemist career.

If you are unsure about what to do with your science degree, you might find it helpful to know the types of jobs you might enjoy in the cosmetic industry. And if you’re in the cosmetic market, you might find it useful to know about the other jobs you might get.

Chemistry Majors

In the cosmetic industry, a degree in chemistry or chemical engineering is most useful. No doubt other scientists are hired, but chemists always have a leg up. There are a variety of different jobs available depending on the type of chemistry you liked.

Organic Chemistry

If you liked mixing things together in the lab during organic chemistry course than you’re well-suited for a job in a cosmetic laboratory. Here are just a few of the jobs you would like.

  • Formulation Chemist – Responsible for creating product formulas.
  • Synthesis Chemist – Responsible for synthesizing new raw materials for formulation chemists to use.
  • Basic Science Researcher – Responsible for doing basic research on skin, hair, or surfactants.  Not many of these jobs out there.

Analytical Chemistry

If you enjoyed your analytical chemistry classes and liked doing those chemical isolation investigations then these are a few jobs you’d like.

  • QA/QC Chemist – Run samples through instruments like GC, Mass Spec, IR to test raw materials, formulas, and insure quality.
  • Analytical chemist – Use instruments to come up with tests for QA/QC scientists to run.  Also, solve complicated production problems & assist product development group.

Physical Chemistry

Although this is one of the toughest classes you had to take, if you enjoyed it you might also enjoy the following cosmetic industry job.

  • Process Engineer – Responsible for scaling up formulas from beaker sized batches to thousands of gallons tanks.  Also, assist in picking batching equipment.
  • Basic Science Researcher – Responsible for doing basic research on skin, hair, or surfactants.  Not many of these jobs out there.

General Chemistry

If you didn’t specialize in any specific area of chemistry these jobs might appeal to you.

  • Technical Services – Responsible for evaluating raw materials and finished products to see what they can do.
  • Sensory Scientist – Develop and conduct tests which will predict consumer response to formulas.
  • Claims Substantiation Scientist – Develop tests to help support cosmetic claims made about products
  • Cost Savings Chemist – Take existing formulas and figure out how to make them less expensive.
  • Regulatory Scientist – Ensure your formulators are not infringing on patents or otherwise getting themselves into legal trouble.


If proteins, genetics, plants and animals held your interest, there are a few jobs in the cosmetic industry you can do.

  • Microbiologist – Responsible for ensuring finished products are not contaminated with microbes.  Also, will recommend preservative systems to formulators.
  • Sensory Scientist – Develop and conduct tests which will predict consumer response to formulas.
  • Claims Substantiation Scientist – Develop tests to help support cosmetic claims made about products
  • Regulatory Scientist – Ensure your formulators are not infringing on patents or otherwise getting themselves into legal trouble.

Corporate Food Chain

Depending on the size of your company and the number of scientists they hire, you can expect something like the following hierarchy to exist.

  • Technician – People with associate science degrees or those fresh out of college with a BS but no experience.
  • Associate Scientist – People with college degrees just entering the cosmetic industry.
  • Research Scientist – Scientists with a 2 to 7 years of experience.  People with Masters degrees will often start at this level.
  • Senior Scientist – Those who have over 7 years of experience.  Sometimes a PHD will enter the industry at this level.
  • Principle Scientist – Someone who has a PHD with relevant experience or someone who has worked 15+ years in the industry.
  • Research Fellow – A 20+ year veteran who has managed to stay relevant and convince the people around them she is smart. 🙂

Other Chemist Career Avenues

While I’ve outlined one path that takes your career through the lab, there are others that are likely more lucrative for science majors.  These would be the Sales path (you sell chemicals to these scientists) and the Management path (you tell these scientists what they have to work on).  We’ll discuss those jobs at another time.

Were you unsure about what to do with your science degree?  How did you figure it out?  Leave a comment and let us know.



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  2. nursyafiqah

    hi perry.. i am graduated from medical science degree… is it possible for me if i want be a cosmetic scienctist only by pursuing master in cosmetic science?

  3. Mahmud Murtofa Salekin

    Hi Perry, I have completed 2 Year Post Graduation Diploma in Perfumery and Cosmetics Management full time course from Mumbai University in April, 2015. As a fresher, I am searching for a Job in Middle East countries in Fragrance Department, i.e; Fragrance Trainee Evaluator or Perfumery Trainee. Where I can find the job ?

    1. Perry Romanowski

      I’d suggest you look to the IFSCC in your country to see if that have any job listings. I don’t know the job market in that area.


    I am Msc with organic chemistry. and working as formulation development in cosmetic company, I like to settle in canada or USA or dubai. My 16 years exp in Cosmetic products like Hair color,skin care products ,hair care products,oral care products,OTC products etc in india. may contact 91-9960412444,9768207741 ,

    1. Rubshala

      Hai. I am rubshala and i am still in college. I am interested in creating my own cosmetics. However i sm unsure of how to do it. Can you give me some advise. I am doing american degree programme and majoring in chemistry.

  5. afsoon safi

    hello there, I’m a junior in high school looking for what career I might want to do. I’m into makeup but I want to get in the deeper depths with it! I want to become a cosmetic chemist for MAC cosmetics or brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, urban decay, nars, etc. I was wondering how I could make it there? any suggestions? thank you.

    1. Perry Romanowski

      The first thing you need to do is get a degree in Chemistry. Mac cosmetics is made in Toronto Canada so if you want to work there as a formulator you’ll probably have to move.

  6. Nursyafiqah

    I have my bachelor degree in medical science… what kind of job really suitable for me?

    1. Perry Romanowski

      That degree seems more related to biology so probably microbiologist.

  7. shahid ali

    hi sir.
    I did my msc previos in chem.
    now I will select subject for my final.
    I m looking for industrial job.
    so which chemistry will help me organic or inorganic in industry.

    1. Perry Romanowski

      For the cosmetic industry Organic Chemistry will be of more help

  8. Lyssa

    Hi there! I would like to know how a degree in geography could relate to cosmetic chemistry and also how could cosmetic chemistry be linked with a business degree

    1. Perry Romanowski

      I don’t really know. I suppose to get a geography degree you need to take some science which would include chemistry. However, if you really want to go into cosmetic science you should get a chemistry degree.

  9. sandeep

    Hi sir,
    I am doing my bsc in chemistry as major.I am poor student and need money for my family. Next year i will complet my digree .I want a job in cosmetic company.Plz suggest me about get a job .
    My plz email me at
    help me sir

    1. Perry Romanowski

      See our website articles for information about a cosmetic science career.

  10. roshin

    i m doing BS hons in chemistry and now i want to apply for a job in cosmetic science in austrila my BS completed in 2016 plz help me what to do to get job after it

    1. Perry Romanowski

      I would suggest you contact the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists. Maybe someone there can help you.

  11. Subhrata Dutta

    hlw…m a lst year bsc student in chemistry .may i know in which subject nd univrsty would be best to do msc?
    nd want to know is it necessary to do msc in org chem for going through
    this cosmetic line?

    1. Perry Romanowski

      Studying organic chemistry is always a good idea. You do not need to get an MS in organic chemistry to get a job in the cosmetic industry however.

  12. Bhawna

    Hi perry
    I have completed ms in organic chemistry from India. Currently i am in US. Now I want to start my carrier in cosmatic chemistry. I just wanted to know how to start my carrier in cosmatic chemistry and what should I do for start my carrier in this field. Please suggest any diploma and any other courses require.

  13. jilin

    Dear sir,
    Iam a postgraduate in chemistry and looking for a chemist job but not yet get. Can you help me for this, any contacts pls send me.

  14. Hani

    hai perry
    i just graduated from high school and trying to pick courses to pursue. what should be a better pick to pursue this field. Degree chemical engineering or a degree in chemical engineering in bioprocess?

    1. Perry Romanowski

      A degree in chemical engineering might be your best bet but either could work.

  15. Sidra

    Hi Perry,

    I have been wanting to break into the cosmetic science industry. Currently I have an opportunity to begin working as a QC chemist for a pharmaceutical. I have been interning as a QC chemist for a few weeks and hold a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. I was wondering if it would be easier to get into a position in either cosmetic or fragrance lab after working as a qc chemist in pharma?

  16. RENUKA

    Hi Perry,
    I am cosmetic chemist with a 3.7yrs of experience working in consumer product with multinational company based in India. Now I have shifted to Florida, US and seeking for opportunity in cosmetic industry. Meanwhile I am willing to upgrade my knowledge with certification courses which will be helpful in future.I have completed my M Tech in cosmetics . Can you please suggest me what type of course I should pursue.
    Thanks in anticipation.

    1. Perry Romanowski

      I would suggest you take some of the continuing education courses offer through the SCC.

  17. kelsey

    I’ve been trying to find a cosmetic chemistry internship, but I cannot seem to find places to apply to online. Can anyone give me some advice? I am a sophomore chemistry major.

    1. Perry Romanowski

      See our post on cosmetic internship programs.

  18. tushara

    I am doing MSC.biotechnology in india.. I want to work in a cosmetics industry .. I am planning to apply for a master’s degree in US.. What course can I take to enter this line? Will biochemistry and molecular biology work?

    1. Perry Romanowski

      Yes Biochemistry or Molecular biology will work. But a chemistry degree is probably better.

  19. hin

    What about Msc inorganic chemistry and skincare Aesthetician certification too

  20. jacqueline

    i’ve completed my post grad in biochemistry from India. I’m now planning to shift to canada. Will my degree help me get a job in any cosmetic company in canada????

    1. Perry Romanowski

      You could get a cosmetic science job based on your background. Contact the Ontario SCC or the Quebec SCC to see if they know of opportunities.

  21. ramesh

    i am bs. and working as mfg chemist in medicine, i like to settle in canada or us or dubai. 30 years exp in manufacturing of injectables,tab,cap,oint, liq orals, eye drops, etc in india. may cont 91-9959832006

  22. ammar

    hi perry,
    i have many formulatons of cosmetics i want to sale

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  25. Bostinlo

    I have a degree in industrial chemistry and a master degree in analytical chemistry with commendation in 2008 from kingston universty in uk and since then, I have been looking for a job in that line. I have worked as a teaching assistant and a nursing assistant for 7 years and I want to go back to my line. I love science and I want to work as a chemist. What do I do.

    1. Perry Romanowski

      See the advice in our posts on Career. We’ve written a lot about it and it won’t fit in a single blog comment.

  26. sakina

    hi perry, i have completed my 12 this year & wish to be a cosmetic analyst.i wud like to know the qualifications required,scope as an cosmetic analyst in india & abroad also the salary package…….thks..

    1. Perry Romanowski

      See our posts about cosmetic careers.

      1. sakina

        Hello perry,do i need to do bsc in chemistry in order to be a cosmetic analyst…..cuz i want to make my chemistry background strong & ive already taken admissions in college…..pls help….thks

  27. Steve

    Hi Perry,
    I am a PhD in polymer chemistry, also I have a master degree from Materials Sci and Eng in Australia. I have published 6-7 papers in good journals (most in ACS publications) and I have about 5 years industrial work experience in various fields such as petroleum. Now I am looking for R&D jobs in Ontario, perfer the areas around Toronto or Mississauga. Do you have any suggestions

  28. Archana

    I have been working for an FMCG company in the R&D sector for the past 6 years. Developing personal care formulations. I will be relocating to Australia in a couple of months time. Can anyone assist me with the cosmetics companies out there.

      1. Archana

        Hi Perry,
        Do you have any contacts?

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  30. Dilara

    I graduated from chemistry department, also i have a master degree from Analytical chemistry in Turkey. I have about 7 years experience in drug factory as a quality control and arge departments. Now i live in a Vancouver/ Canada. What kind of job i do as a chemist?

    1. Perry Romanowski

      See our articles about a cosmetic chemist career.

  31. Dr.Bhup's

    I am msc polymer chemistry and want to do carrier in polymer and paint industries , from where i will start.

  32. Dr.Bhup's

    I am msc polymer chemistry and want to do carrier in polymer and paint industries , from where i will start.

    1. Perry

      I would suggest you read the articles in our Career section.

  33. Sadia

    Hi, I have B.Sc in biology and chemistry from pakistan . Any of you has any idea from where I can start.

    1. Perry

      See some of the articles in our Career section.

    2. Aftab Khan

      Slam. you are selected a verry good and tough subjects in BSc so according to my thoughts u should to take admission in Master of chemistry in any university from pakistan it will be verry good for your feature. Thanks

  34. Aftab Khan

    hi, i did my bachelor in Chemistry and MSc in Biochemiistry having 18 months experience in teaching as a Lecturer on contract base in Government Medical college in Pakistan and 8 months experience in Pharmacuitical industry as achemist. so i m in searching of job and keen need of help. Thanx

  35. Kavya

    hi there..i am an analytical chemistry student and i would like to join cosmetic could u please tell me what am i supposed to do??

    1. Perry

      Take a look at the articles in our Career tab above.

  36. Kirsten Durning

    Hello, I am wanting to set up a skin care manufacturing plant in nova scotia canada. Any ideas or resources to help me find out how to set this up and what is entailed in creating such a business.

    Thank you, Kirsten Durning

  37. mariam

    hi, im currently in college in the uk studying bio, chem and geography. im really interested in cosmetic science but not sure if its worth doing a cosmetic science course beacuse it narrows my fields. however, im thinking of pharmacy, will that allow me to get into cosmetics. can you recommend me any other degrees which may allow me to follow the cosmetics path, but i find chemistry quite hard so will i have the ability to study such a degree.

  38. B Paul


    I am from India looking to set up a cosmetic
    Manufacturing plant if any one can help or ready to set up a plant and has complete knowledge than he can be complete uncharged of the same than pls email at

  39. pratik khobragade

    Hi, this pratik and i am doing chemical engineering and iam in final year right now and i want to make my carrier in cosmetic industry will you please guide me regarding this like right now i don’t have an brief idea so help me to understand about what cometic industry deals can also give your feedback on tmy no.


  40. Azimur Rasul mahmood

    Dear, I Azimur, Asstt. Manager Quality Control at Silva Pharmaceuticals ltd. in Bangladesh. My working experience is seven years and my educational qualification B.Sc ( Honors) M.Sc in Chemistry.Now I have taken a decision to go Denmark under green card scheme. I would be grateful if you give best advice to arrange pharmaceuticals job in Denmark. How and where I will submit my CV. Please ——-.

  41. Rinki Pramanik

    Hi I am Rinki a Biotech Engineer with almost 2 year experience in Research & development of personal care & cosmetics products. Anybody can help me to find a job in torrance CA as i have recently shifted to USA los angeles

  42. nivedita

    hey! i am a b.pharm student in india..n i wanted to pursue a career in the cosmetic industry..what course should i go for next?? n how r the job prospects in this sector in india?? also cud i get a job in that sector in US??

  43. Parisa

    Hi There,
    I am a second year student in cosmetic science at London college of fashion. I am looking for an intern ship role in Paris for my placement year. cold you advise me where can I apply. I have tried Loreal but there was no vacancy.
    Thank you

  44. RABIA

    i have done MS(hons) in chemistry major physical. kindly help me to find any chemist job in multinational company

    1. Theresa Sebastian

      Please contact us if you are keen to work in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as a Cosmetics Chemist.
      Theresa Petrose

      1. Amy Lai

        Hi Theresa,
        I am currently in my second year of study in a Chemsitry degree, and I am very keen on working for a Cosmetics company! I was wondering if you offer any internship opportunities for undergraduates? Because I next year I am due for a year in industry and am very enthusiastic for a role in the cosmetic industry.

      2. RABIA

        Thank you for your concern .yes i am willing to work in Kuala Lumpur please tell me contact details and complete procedure to contact you .recently my research paper got published in chilean chemical society with impact factor 0.532, and i am doing work on nano now . i need a good chemist job

      3. roseline


        Dear Ms. Sandhya,

        Currently Senior Manager – Product Development of Personal Care Products, at Yeturu Biotech Limited, I am exploring employing opportunities in formulation development with your company. As I just learned from you of your need for a profession personal of Research and Development.

        My 7+ years of experience in Personal care formulation development may interest you. Complementing my MBA is expertise in the development, design, implementation, staffing and management of lab for OTC skin care products and home care products. The scope of my responsibilities extends well beyond research and development to include collaboration with Marketing and Consumer Affairs to provide scientific, advertising, promotion and customer-relations support. I have been highly effective in building relationships with industry opinion leaders, resulting in the successful promotion of our company’s full range of products.

        In addition, I am experienced in sourcing of Raw Material and managing communications with vendors.

        I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the contributions I would make toward your company’s continued growth and success.

        Attached file is my updated resume for you kind perusal.



  45. Masoud

    i have MSc in Chemistry (Inorganic) from Pakistan, worked as a lecturer in University for 5 months on contract base and worked in a cement factory for 3 months and working as application specilist since three years.
    have MBA degree from India.
    loooking for a job in Regina, Canada
    how i can get a job there

  46. Theresa Sebastian

    Our cosmetics manufacturing factory in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has a vacancy for an experienced cosmetics chemist. Those interested, please email us with your resume to
    Thank you

    1. Perry

      Ok, we get it. Now stop spamming our website or we’ll remove your comments

      1. Theresa Sebastian

        Mr Perry,
        I am sorry if any mistakes had happened while posting our job vacany. I don’t mean to spam your website. Please accept my apologies. Thank you

        1. Perry

          No problem. I understand. Thank you for participating in the website and I do hope you find a good cosmetic chemist.

  47. santosh hirve

    hello, every one
    i want know that how i can QC Chemist job in Denmark or canada or Singapore china etc.

    i have 2 yrs experience in this field in India and i have also my Passport.
    thank you to all
    and reply me soon
    god save every one in world

    1. Theresa Sebastian

      Hi Mr. S antosh Hirve,
      Saw your request for a job.
      Our new cosmetics manufacturing factory in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia have a vacancy for a cosmetics chemist who can work with us in formulating new skin care and hair care products. If you are interested, please email us at with your resume.
      Thank you
      Theresa Sebastian

  48. ABS

    Hi Perry,
    I have done B. Pharmacy from an Indian university, MSc in Pharmaceutical analysis and currently Doing PhD in chromatography (expected date of completion is oct. 2012) from UK university. I do not want to go for a postdoc. could you please give some guideline for the job hunting especially in USA, Australia and UK.

    many thanks

    1. Perry

      I’m not certain what you are specifically asking but I would suggest you look in the Careers category on this website (see right side) and look through the articles we’ve written there are about getting a job in the cosmetic industry.

  49. esther

    I wonder how can i have a job in canada? I got a degree in chemical engineering but I have worked for almost 10 years in cosmetiques company as a microbiologist

  50. Dream

    I’m a student from China and also will get my bachelor degree in biology, and will start being a graduate student study in US, it’s really delighted to me that i’m in the same condition as u, there were really more job opportunity for chemists than for biologists. Although i love doing experiment and think Biology was great but I needed to make money. And I am also interested in cosmetic science than be a “scientist” , but what disillusioned me most is Im afraid of the difficult equataions and calculates and analysis…so crazy can i deal with this contradiction

    1. Perry

      Hello Dream – I wouldn’t worry too much about the mathematics required of a cosmetic chemist. It is not too difficult. See this post on the math used by cosmetic chemists.

  51. devendra kumar prajapati

    hi i am devendra i have complete B.Sc. with p.c.m. And i am working in cosmetic compeny as a annalytic chemist please tell me other cosmetic compeny where i can work

    1. Perry

      Check the right side of this blog under ‘Career’. There are lots of articles which give tips on how to find a job. Good luck!

  52. Dauda Funmilola Catherine

    where can i get analytical job in canada most especially water analysis job

  53. jessica

    where can i get a cosmetic science degree in canada??

    1. Perry

      Durham College had a cosmetic program going but I’m not sure if it is still on.

  54. Mrunali bhange

    i have done M-Tech in cosmetic Technology(2011),and now searching job in cosmetic industries in india ,plz inform me by my e-mail,if u have any vaccany
    thank you

  55. Jnaneshwara Kindel

    I have 5 years experience in costum synthesis, 3 years in Pharmaceutical development, looking for a challanging and breakthrough job in cosmatic industry which is not so far developed very well in India ( Only Miss Universe or Miss world are recieved by Indian people ) but the cosmetic industry’s are not in good productive.

    1. Theresa Sebastian

      We are a newly set up GMP cosmetics manufacturing factory.
      We will be interested to work with you to develop new innovative personal care products. If interested, please contact us.
      Thank you
      Theresa Sebastian

  56. varsheta

    hai..i am currently doing my 1st yr 2nd sem degree…in chemical engineering..i m interested in this chemical industry…!! is there high chances to get involve in this industry with degree qualification?and how abt the role of chemical engineer in this industry?

  57. Shazia Hasnain

    I did MSc in organic chemistry in 1994.I don’t have in experience of the real world apart from chemistry technician at secondary school in UK for two years.What is the best route for me to enter in the cosmetic industry?What course is most suitable for me to start with?

    1. Perry

      With your background you would qualify for an entry level cosmetic chemist position. I would start applying for those. You might also consider getting a temp job to help get you some more experience.

  58. Sandip A Gaikwad

    I recently ( in june 2011)completed my msc organic chemistry but i didn’t get job plz if any job with respect to my degree tell me.
    Thanky you.

  59. Vijay

    Hi Perry,
    I am Indian and having more than 13 years experience in cosmetics industry and having good knowledge starting from formulations to end product.Now a days i am working in African country but I need a job in Canada..Is it possible to get job over there.

  60. Shazia

    After the diploma in cosmetics science,what positions
    are available to apply in this industry?What other options are there to further the knowledge gained through diploma?

    1. Perry

      Hello Shazia
      Take a look at this post. It lists all the different types of jobs that a cosmetic chemist can do.

  61. Shona

    Hi Perry,
    I’m really considering a career in cosmetic chemistry. I’m going to be starting my first year in a BSc program at WLU in Canada. the program is 5 years in length, and I will earn a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry, and a Biotechnology Diploma within those 5 years. I was wondering whether this is a good program for me if I want to be in this field. Also, I plan on doing a masters in Chemistry or perhaps a B.pharm (most likely not though because I know it is extremely difficult to get accepted in B.pharm in canada 🙁 ) Will doing a Masters degree help me? And do you know of any Universities in Canada (preferably Ontario) that have specific Masters programs for Cosmetic Science? Also, what are some companies in Canada that would hire? And do you know if it is possible for me to get internships at companies while doing my undergrad? Sorry for the crazy number of questions lol, & thanks in advance for your help 🙂

    1. Perry

      @Shona – thanks so much for your comments. I’m not sure I can answer all your questions but I’ll try.
      1. Biochemistry can prepare you for a career in cosmetic chemistry. You’ll still need to learn about cosmetics specifically but biochem is a great start.
      2. A Masters in B. Pharm could help boost your resume too but for many it is not as important to get started. Many people start in the industry then go back and get their Masters degrees.
      3. I do not know any Masters programs in Canada. Durham College had a cosmetic program going but I’m not sure if it is still on.
      4. The main company I know is Mac Cosmetics. Check with the Ontario SCC to see what other companies there are.
      5. I’m not certain about internships but connecting with people in the Ontario SCC could be beneficial.

  62. surbhi

    hii perry
    im pursuing a BS chemistry .
    I am confused between masters in chemistry or MBA.
    I have interest in cosmetic industry but do not like much of a laboratory job
    what would u suggest me.

    1. Perry

      If you are not interested in working in the lab, your best bet would be to get the MBA.

  63. Pranjal

    Hi Perry,
    i m in ma final year B.Sc ( hons) Chemistry…i wanna make ma career in cosmetic sciences……….can u pls help me?


    i amM.Sc in organic chemistry & presently working as Sr. chemist in Pidilite Ind. LTD IN india.Can i apply for full time job in canada.


  65. London

    I have a real passion for cosmetic science but i do not know if i should take a chemistry degree or cosmetic science degree?! Help!

    1. Perry

      Well, if you really want to get into cosmetic science, a degree in cosmetic science will be great. However, if you want to keep your options open getting a degree in chemistry is the way to go. You can always learn cosmetic science later.

  66. Abu Kamal

    Hi Perry,
    I am MSc in Agricultural Chemist have 4 years experience in Cosmetic industry in Toronto.IF I want to apply FDU during that time I can apply for full time job while I am full time student because as a Canadian citizen we can work in USA but during student time I can work or not.

  67. Paris:)

    heyy!:) ppl im 14.. im going to be a freshmann next year but i LOVE makeup,acne medications, like reaserching what products to use… and whut products are best for ur skin and i read through this and i think being a formulation chemist would be awsome:) sooo… just wondering if u guys had any suggestions on APclasses and Alectives to take?:)

    1. Perry

      Hello Paris – The key classes to take in high school are chemistry and mathematics. It is also nice to get a good background in biology too. Finally, it would be really helpful to take some cooking classes because formulating is a lot like cooking.

  68. jacqueline

    hello sir,
    I’ve completed B.Sc in biochemistry from India. I want to pursue a carrier as a cosmetic chemist and wish to do M.Sc in cosmetic science from U.S or Canada but I’ve read they require maths whereas I had biochemistry, microbiology, zoology & botany as my subjects. can I get admission in Fairleigh Dickson University, U of C or any other university with this course.

    1. Perry

      @jacqueline – If you have completed a B.Sc, you should be able to get into either of those programs. You just need to apply.

  69. shruti

    hi perry..
    i have completed my graduation in biochem and then i have completed my post grad diploma in perfumery and cosmetic management from India..i had been looking for related MS courses and then i came across the MS in cosmetic science program of FDU..i found the syllabus to be just what i was looking for..but as i read through i found that the course does not provide with good are my chances of getting a job without placements through campus if i take up this course..??

    1. Perry

      @Shruti – I’m not certain but there are two big advantages to the FDU program. First, it is conducted by people who actually work in the industry and they will have great contacts that could lead to employment. Second, it is located in New York which is an area in this country that has the most jobs in the cosmetic industry. If you are going to get a Masters in Cosmetic Science, then this program probably gives you the best chance of finding a job. But nothing is guaranteed.

  70. Perry

    Hello R

    I think you should not have a problem finding something on the East Coast. Check with the NYSCC chapter or the National SCC chapter. They frequently have a help wanted section in their newsletters.

  71. R

    Hi, I am trying to find a job in the cosmetics industry but it looks like the companies are not hiring associate researchers. I am finishing up my Masters’s in Chemistry and graduated last June with a BS from MIT. Do you know if there are any opportunities on the East Coast? I have a publication and plenty of lab experience. Thanks!

  72. sony

    Hi Perry

    I have completed my B.pharm . Could me suggest me good universities that offrs M.s. cosmetic sci, in U.S.A. also i wnt to know if those University offer job Placement.

  73. Perry

    Hello Marianna,

    If you are looking for a job in the cosmetic industry and live in the NY area, I would suggest you attend one of the Society of Cosmetic Chemist meetings at the NY chapter or the Long Island chapter. You can visit their websites for job information too.

  74. marianna

    I see you can help a lot of people with your wise advices,so about me—I have Combined BS with MS in Chemical engineering(after evaluation process in NY. My degree from Polytechnic University in Ukraine), and I stuck.Maybe you can help me with advice too,I would like to be a a Cosmetic Chemist or related profession for my edu.Thank you. I from NY.

  75. anu

    Hi Perry,
    I completed by B. pharma and then Post grad diploma in Cosmetics and Perfumery Management from India. Now I live in the US ( IN). I have worked in UNILEVER in India. I want to know if the University of Cincinnati cosmetic science course will help me get a job. Mean while I am also looking out for jobs opportunities in claim substantiation. How should I make a specific search. I am inclined to this field as I have previous experience in the same.

    1. Perry

      Hello Anu,

      I think the U of C program has a good job placement rate. You can contact them with exact figures. For claims substantiation jobs, those will be most likely found at big companies (Unilever, P&G, L’Oreal) or at testing houses like Hilll Top labs. Look at a buyer’s guide for a list of testing houses.

  76. poop

    HI! I was wondering what kind of job a chemist would have? 🙂

  77. Thembi

    Hi, I am a university student doing my last year in chemistry and chemical technology degree, I’m looking for an intern ship place, how can I apply?

  78. santosh hirve

    hello every one
    please help me for QC chemist job in USA/CANADA/DENMARK/SINGAPORE/CHINA ETC. I have 2 yr. experience in this field.
    please send me any one mail or call to me on my cell no. +919713912078, +919584126833
    thank you

  79. santosh hirve

    hello, every one
    i want know that how i can QC Chemist job in Denmark or canada or Singapore china etc.

    i have 2 yrs experience in this field in India and i have also my Passport.
    thank you to all
    and reply me soon
    god save every one in world

    1. Perry

      I don’t have any specific advice but you should check out the IFSCC groups in those countries. They should have a website and some contact information that could help you.

  80. Connie

    We are a cosmetic Company looking for formulation chemist. Our office is in Oxnard California. Please apply to

  81. salim jessa

    I hv finnish diploma in cosmetic science through distance learninig from UKl I am looking for a job in Toronto,canada.
    in shampoo mufacturing plant or in any cosmetics manufacturer,so can advice me pls

  82. Amber

    I have a BS in Chemistry and have been trying to get into the cosmetic chemistry industry for some time now. I work for a mineral cosmetic company, but not as a formulator. I live in California – what kind of companies are here who are hiring for a formulator? Thanks!

  83. Beverlee R. Blanchard

    Hi Perry! I too am a recent grad with a BSc in Biochem. I am searching for work but all the jobs I come across are for experienced scientist (5+ years). I barely have a year of real world experience so where and how can I get a job? Is best to complete a grad level program first then get into the field? Thanks for your help!

    1. Perry

      Getting a degree from somewhere like University of Cincinnati or Fairleigh Dickenson is certainly an advantage and can help lead to a good job.

  84. Stacy

    I am currently in high school and I’m interested in becoming a cosmetic science major. However, I am unsure of what kind of graduate school would help me get into the industry. And are there certain cosmetic companies that are easier to get jobs at? Also, is the pay decent? Thanks for the article! I thought cosmetic science was a dead end job, but I’ve always been interested in it and even though many people have told me it will not support a living, I want to pursue it.

    1. Perry

      Hello Stacy,

      Cosmetic chemistry is not a dead end job. Cosmetic chemists are like the cooks of the cosmetic industry. We are always coming up with new recipes! It’s tough to say where it’s easier to get jobs but in general there are more jobs at big companies so they are probably easier to get. However, there is more competition to get these jobs too. Starting salary will be about $35 – 40,000 for a beginning formulator.

  85. Char

    Hi Perry!!
    I’m really interested in becoming a cosmetic scientist. particularly a formulation chemist or synthesis chemist since i love organic chem. I’m almost done with my degree, (final semester, chemistry major) and i want to do a Masters focusing on cosmetic chemistry. However, not many universities offer such postgrad courses, except Fairleigh Dickinson, Uni. of Cincinnatti, etc. Do you think doing an MSc or possibly PhD in Organic Chemistry would help me become a cosmetic chemist all the same? But i don’t have any work experience currently…and the industry always looks for experienced people, so.. would doing an advanced degree be unnecessary? Is it better to start working first?

    1. Perry

      If you can get a job first, then go through a program like Fairleigh Dickinson at the same time, that is probably the best option. However, going straight through the University of Cincinnati program is also an excellent option.

  86. Cindy Jones

    Besides not being many jobs in the research area it often means spending more time writing grants than actually doing research. As a biochemist myself, I have found I love doing cosmetic science but am a johnny come lately to the field.

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  89. Dami

    Hi There,
    What about a biochemists? Where do they fit in the cosmetic industry?
    warm regards

    1. Perry

      @Dami – I actually got a degree in biochemistry and spent most of my career as a formulator. There are no specific jobs for biochemists however, the knowledge you get from that degree would be extremely useful for a skincare formulator.

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