Article by: Perry Romanowski

You may not have noticed but there is a small but significant DIY (Do it yourself) trend in the cosmetics arena. Well, a group out of France has launched the Rowenta Naturalis device that addresses this trend by allowing consumers to make their own cosmetics.

If widely adopted, this could put all cosmetic companies out of business and eliminate the need for cosmetic chemists. Imagine a world where people mixed up their own products whenever they needed them.

Of course, this isn’t going to happen. While the Rowenta Naturalis device is an interesting gadget it is pretty inconvenient to have to mix up your own lotions & detergents whenever you want to use them. Consumers have to store raw materials, find recipies, mix the product, then clean the device. What a pain.

Now if someone felt like occasionally creating their own products, this device could be fun. It actually might be useful for a home-based lab, although it appears to be a small blender combined with a hot plate and you could create the same thing for less money. But I just don’t see the vast majority of consumers being interested enough in putting the time and effort into creating a product that probably won’t work as well as something you can buy at the local convenience store.

Not to worry cosmetic chemists, your job is safe.


You can see a complete demonstration of how to use the device in this video. It helps if you understand French.

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    It looks like a fun thing. It could definitely become addictive to a hobbyist like myself, but you are right: the majority of people are not going to be mixing up every one of their toiletries on a regular basis.

    It is like cooking. Probably the majority of people cook for themselves on at least a three time a daily basis. Is the retaurant industry in any danger? NEVER!

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    It looks like a souped up version of my hair removal wax warmer. Kinda silly and cumbersome in my opinion.

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      I see what you mean. I’ll be surprised if they manage to sell many of these.

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