Article by: Perry Romanowski

Dr Robert Lochhead is one of the better known cosmetic science academics in our industry. You can always find him at the yearly SCC meetings moderating, speaking, or asking a poignant question. His primary area of research is surfactants & polymers but it turns out he’s been looking into a few other areas, namely advanced face paint.

Face Paint

According to this Discovery article, Dr Lochhead has been working to create a face paint that can protect soldiers from burns caused by explosions.

To protect soldiers from bombs, scientists endeavored to develop a material that can get smeared on faces like sunscreen, leaving behind a coating that is thinner than a sheet of paper but can still protect against intense heat.

Very cool! Who would have thought to add this kind of functionality to face paint?

It makes me ponder what other functions you could add to makeup. Perhaps mirror reflection? Chemical detection for workers who are in coal mines. hmmmm

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