Summary of Journal of the SCC July – August

What could be more fun on a cold Saturday afternoon than going through the latest issue if the Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists? Well, if you haven’t had time to do it fret not. Here is a quick summary of the stories you’ll find in the July/August issue. scc-journal

There were 5 main articles.

1. Antioxidant activity in mung bean sprouts. Yes, mung bean sprouts have antioxidant properties & yes they are safe for use in cosmetics. Will they have a noticeable effect? Who knows.

2. Internal structure changes of eyelash induced by eye makeup. They evaluated eyelash samples from 36 women using scanning X-ray microscopic tomography. They found that women who used mascara had more damage (cracked cuticles & more porous cortex). There was not a correlation with the use of an eyelash curler. They hypothesize that damage is actually caused when people try to remove the mascara. Interesting study but the sample size was small & they relied on self reported usage data. I would be curious what a more controlled study would show.

3. Development of a new resistant liposome. By coating a liposome with a hydrophobized polysaccharide the authors were able to show that the structures stayed more stable in the presence of surfactants. The implications are that you can use liposomes to deliver ingredients to the skin in a surfactant containing formula.

4. Assessment of cadmium, lead and nickel levels in hair care products. Yes, they found these metals as trace contaminants in a large percentage of hair products found in Turkey. They were within limits of safety according to Canadian and German limits but Turkish standards prohibit any level of these materials.

5. Nanoemulsion of limonene in water system prepared by ultrasonic emulsification. The researchers were able to create a nano emulsion of limonene using water and a surfactant blend of sorbitane trioleate and polyoxyethylene oleyl ether. This may be useful for creating longer lasting fragrance.

There you have it. If you want more information about the stories feel free to check out the Journal of the SCC. It’s free to members!

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