perry romanowskiPerry Romanowski has been formulating the smartest cosmetic products and creating solutions to solve consumer problems since the early 1990’s.  He most recently worked in the hair care innovation group at the famous Alberto Culver company. They have since been bought by Unilever but the brands he worked on, VO5, Tresemme, St. Ives and Nexxus are still on the market.

Additionally, he has written and edited numerous articles and books, taught continuing education classes for cosmetic industry scientists, and developed successful websites.

He is currently Vice President at Element 44 Inc and is responsible for producing Chemists Corner and other science educational websites & products.

His latest book is Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry 3rd Edition published by Allured.

At one point he held the official Guinness World Record for the fastest 50 mile run while juggling.  He also strives to be the most famous cosmetic chemist.

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If you would like to contact Perry to ask a question or get help, just post a message in the cosmetic science forum.

21 thoughts on “Perry Romanowski

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    natalie harries says:

    hi, i’m a masters chemistry student and can’t wait to get into the cosmetic chemistry industry in the uk- do you have any work experience opportunities?
    look forward to hearing from you,

  7. Avatar
    Aliyah says:

    do you have any current work experience opportunities? As i would like a career in cosmetic chemist and would like to know more about how i could reach to that point.

  8. Avatar
    Ashley Taylor says:

    Good Afternoon,
    My name is Ashley and I am a chemistry major undergrad student. I am developing an interest in cosmetic chemistry but in search of a little guidance. How do I select projects as far as grad school and are there any internships for people interested in this field?
    Thank you,

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    Chanelle Henry says:

    I am an Interactive Designer and Product Developer always coming up with new innovative ideas and project inventions. I wanted to ask your expertise on a couple things as one of my product ideas has to do with the health and beauty industry and skincare. I was trying to purchase your book (ended up purchasing the workbook instead as that’s the only thing I could afford right now.. lol), and just have some more specialized questions that I would love to ask you, is it possible I can contact ya on a more personal matter? Thanks so much!

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  13. Avatar
    challe says:

    Hello wondering if you or anyone you knoe could help me. I’m am starting my own cosmetic line & would love to hear from a cosmetic chemist. Thanx

  14. Avatar
    sergio soto says:

    Hello Challe.
    I invite you to visit my blog.
    Leave your question and your concerns regarding the creation of an own cosmetic line. My method of work has to do with the use of natural products, assets, plant and animal, which you can make on your own.
    The blogspot will find a translator so you can find out about what has been developed.
    I send a big hello.

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    jacqueline says:

    I am interested in M.Sc cosmetic science. I’ve completed graduation in biochemistry, from India and would like to pursue further studies abroad. Could u please suggest me some colleges or universities. I had biochemistry, microbiology, zoology, botany as my subjects but FDU requires graduation in any “applied science” and organic chemistry. since i did not have organic chemistry as my subject, would that be an obstacle for admission?

  17. Avatar
    Jennifer says:

    Can a pharmacist also work in the cosmetic industry — as in manufacturing especially in the US?

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    mohammed hafez says:

    My respects to you and the greetings and appreciation
    At the outset, I know to myself
    My name is Mohammed Hafez Nahal
    Now I live in the city of Gaza in the occupied Palestinian territory
    I graduated in 2002 and received a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Science in Industrial Chemistry
    I am very impressed with your approach and longitudinal in the cosmetics industry
    I bought a book of your writings with information that he values ??a great
    But some important questions which are relevant to the beauty and how the introduction of herbal compounds or natural oils or vegetable extracts such as aloe or vitamin E to combinations such as cosmetic face cream and whitening and moisturizing
    How I can communicate with you
    I really need you
    I work in the industry of cosmetics natural means since about 6 years at home and in many products but I want to be an expert
    How can this
    What is the way
    I am sorry to Akhaddt of your time and starts to in the letter, but I very excited to meet with you as an expert and whole human being rather wonderful
    How I can communicate with you
    Please reply soon
    I wish you success and lasting success in your career
    Mohammed Nahal

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