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Dr Mike

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Dr Mike Thair - Master Formulator, Co-Founder, and Managing Director of Indochine Natural (2006 - 2023).

I’m an Australian, and with my Vietnamese partner, we established Indochine Natural, our skincare manufacturing business, in Viet Nam and Malaysia.

Our prime focus was wholesale manufacturing for Private Label clients.  This was 90% of our turnover. Alongside this, we formulated and manufactured our own brand of skincare which was maketed as Indochine Natural.

My prime role was developing and implementing formulations for Private Label customers. And implementing the appropriate production methods.

The Private Label section of our business was so successful that it became 90% of our turnover for various customers globally.

My other functions included:

  • Preparing and implementing comprehensive business plans to facilitate business goals.
  • Directing and controlling the work and resources of the company.
  • Ensuring the recruitment and retention of staff to ensure the company achieved its mission and objectives.
  • Establishing and maintaining effective formal and informal links with customers, relevant government departments, and local authorities.
  • Being responsible for staff skills and training.