Video 2: How to make a cosmetic formula



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    Syeed Shahed

    Awesome video! Very Helpful for begainers. Thanks Perry

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    Thank you very much for the videos ..its superb looking forward your next vdeos

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    Valuable information for someone considering making cosmetics for profit.

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    Joyce Bonner

    Thanks Perry,
    Haves signed up for the course, can’t wait.
    Thanks for all you do

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    Awesome video! Thanks Perry

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    Very good Mr. Perry that it is a great effort from you

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    I have previously worked in a cosmetics factory
    Now unemployed
    I was disappointed from life
    If you lack training
    Thanks a lot perry

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    I have previously worked in a cosmetics factory and now unemployed،I was disappointed from my life،Thank you for your training
    You are wonderful

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    Russell Cochran

    I am looking for some updated information and this was a big help

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    Diana Bernard

    thanks for the wealth of info! i can converse with our chemist with a better understanding of what he is doing. i’m a hair colorist by trade, love chemistry, love changing formulas to create different outcomes, and your cosmetic chemistry course has really interested me scientifically and in an artful way…. you said you like to make “it your own” and i also like to stretch boundaries and see/test outcomes. Your website has given us unlimited tools to create the best products, so thank you Perry 🙂

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    Hello Perry
    Interesting video Thank You

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    Hi Perry,
    Thank you so much for the knowledge. In fact, this is one of the opportunities I have been looking for. I’m very grateful, words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude. Thanks

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    Hi Perry,
    Thank you so much for the knowledge. In fact, this is one of the opportunities I have been looking for. I’m very grateful, words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude. Thanks

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    Hi Perry,
    Thank so much for the knowledge. In fact, this is one of the opportunities I have been looking for. I’m very grateful, words cannot express my heart felt gratitude. Thanks

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    Hie Perry,
    Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge.I really enjoyed the video.
    At the moment I am formulating sunscreen, if you have any information to share regarding making a sunscreen stable and ways to disperse titanium dioxide do let me know
    thank you

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    Hie. Thanks for all your useful and eye opening information. However I have realized I can’t view the videos. Any alternative(s) so i’m not left out?

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      Perry Romanowski

      Hello – You should be able to view the videos. I use the Chrome browser but Firefox works too. What are you using?

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    good information

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    Hello Perry,
    I’m working in a lab helping the chemist formulating. Actually I make al the process doing the baches in the lab. But he don’t let me choose the raw materials and the porcentage by my own. I think I have the experience to do it by miself but when I did, he gets angry iven if the sample is good.
    I don’t have a background in chemistry but I have the practical knowledge working in the lab for 3 years.
    What do you recommend me to do?
    I really wants to learn more formulating
    But I don’t want to lose my job.
    And I don’t think I can found an other job like this with out a digry in chemistry.
    Please give me your advice!!

    Thank you!!

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      Perry Romanowski

      Hello Melodia,

      Our course will give you the background information you need to learn more about formulating. Then you can try to make batches in your spare time. Perhaps you could show the course information to your boss and see if they might approve funds for you.

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    parag kale

    nice vedio sir I like this

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    I really enjoy listening to your videos. I learn something everytime

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      Perry Romanowski


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    I love the videos. They have increased my confidence in starting my own natural haircare line.

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      Perry Romanowski

      Thanks! I’m glad they are helping.

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    Great information, thank you!

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    May I share this on Facebook Perry?

    Thanks Rebecca

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      Perry Romanowski

      Yes, feel free to share.

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    I’ve been watching your video’s now for about 5 months. I continue to remain impressed by your knowledge and your professionalism. I’ve been working on a anti-wrinkle, firming and moisturizing face cream since March of 2015 and have already handed out nearly over 100 samples. I have ladies (and 4-5 men) calling back for more. All of whom say they are prepared to pay for the item (which thus far I’ve charged no one for anything other than asking for “a very honest opinion”) . I’ve been “toying” with the idea of manufacturing , but i get lost in where to go, where to start, best places for minimum batches without multiple thousands of dollars (if that’s even possible?) spent. etc. etc. If there is anything you might do to give me a direction(s) in which to resource, as to a company that would mix and bottle it for me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again Perry, your contribution to the industry is excellent. Sincerely, Jim.

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      Perry Romanowski

      Hello Jim – If I were you I would find a contract manufacturer who could make the first run of product for you. Check out and their buyer’s guide or do a google search for cosmetic contract manufacturers. You might also find an answer to this in our forum.

      One thing I would suggest you invest in up front however is a brand name and website. While products will be what people use, it is the marketing and the marketing story that convinces people to buy. You need to put at least half (if not more) of your efforts into product marketing. A way that you could fund your first production run is to get people to pre-order your product. If they like it enough to pre-order then you know you have a product worth producing. Hope that helps and good luck!

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    Hi, I really enjoyed this video and would love to register for your course. Do you offer a monthly pay as you go option for those who cannot afford the whole amount?

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      Perry Romanowski

      We may offer this later in the month if there are still spaces open in the course.

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    Vincent Park

    Interested in learning cosmetic formulations.

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    Hi, I enjoy your videos. However, this one and the last one seem to hang up about 3 minutes in with just the audio from then on. Is the video posted somewhere else?

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      Perry Romanowski

      Hello Boyce – thanks for letting me know. They should go the whole time. I’ll have to see whether there is some problem I can fix.

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