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Perry, 44

1,972 thoughts on “Free Cosmetic Science Report

  1. Avatar
    alex says:

    I Thought the “How to Knock off Any Cosmetic Product” report was quite informative and useful for those not so familiar with cosmetic formulations. For those of us who have been around for a long time it was refreshing to see that
    there is an honest and informed approach to such matters in this current world of misinformation.

  2. Avatar
    Eric Revere says:

    This report is a good primer for chemists with little cosmetic formulating experience. It is rudimentary, comprehensive and mirrors the logical approach that I have been successfully using for years.

  3. Avatar
    Moni says:

    Thank you for resending the publication. I think it is a good basic procedure for “knocking off” a product. I appreciated the effort and hope more of these come in the future.

  4. Avatar
    Marilyn Chan says:

    A concise reference on “How to Knock off Any Cosmetic Product” as the report is aptly titled. Thank you for making the effort and for sharing your knowledge. Keep up the good work.

  5. Avatar
    KANWAR says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    This is great idea to develop the cosmetic formulation in duplicacy.Yes we can take guidence from the recipe printed on Wrappers and can be helpful.
    Yes i will try to develop the same.

  6. Avatar
    Georges klein says:

    I think the article was very basic and orientated for those who are beginning in this nice profession of formulating Cosmetics.

  7. Avatar
    Justine says:

    I think this is the best and most educative way for beginning formulist to engage with products and to get the hang of formulating products.

  8. Avatar
    ibrahim says:

    Thank you this is not for me but i think it’s very good for a person who are interested in the cosmetics,
    i am a chemist i love formulating perfume .i have master degree in chemical engineering , One of my goals is to discover ingredients that are capable of catching perfumers’ and brands’ interest, while at the same time fulfilling health and safety criteria and the capacity for long-term supply. All of that within the context of reconciling producers and consumers
    Natural living has always suited me and the influences that are part of my life have evolved and strengthened with time. Even when I was little, I was always intrigued by nature, I believe that is what has driven and lead me to live the lifestyle which I enjoy so much today.
    Thank you for the good work

  9. Avatar
    Sandi says:

    I appreciated the honest, simple and practical approach to an often “cloudy” subject.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge Perry!

  10. Avatar
    Rita says:

    How to Knock off Any Cosmetic Product was a great starting point for anyone looking at formulating for the first time. It was a great read and quite informative.

  11. Avatar
    Ged Harrison says:

    A well thought-out and comprehensible guide to duplicating a product which will be particularly useful to small manufacturers without a background in Chemistry. More of a problem for us, particularly those not US-based is sourcing the materials we need for dupeing.

  12. Avatar
    France Davis II says:

    I thought the information was very useful. For someone who is newer to cosmetic formulation and wanting to make products that stand out, it is a good idea to first understand what makes other products on the market so unique (from a formulators point of view not just from commercial claims). I think this information only adds creativity to the formulation and development process.

  13. Avatar
    Sharon says:

    Yes, I feel that the book is a great tool to read if you are starting out . I will give a new formulator and idea and a model to go by. I feel that the book deserve a BIG + (PLUS).

  14. Avatar
    RHR says:

    I enjoyed the content! I was thinking the approach was plenty sound!
    Glossed over the color / stability a bit, but that’s probably in the ‘book’!
    Formulating is a great art! and I think you touched on both the
    technical and personal fulfillment aspects of it. Thanks for the web leads!
    I Look fwd to more!

  15. Avatar
    venkatesan says:

    Hi Perry,
    Its very useful for new comer to the cosmetic industries.
    Thank you for making the effort and for sharing your knowledge. Keep up the good work.

  16. Avatar
    Susan says:

    Cosmetic chemistry was my third career. Most of this info I learned the hard way with a lot of time and effort. You have succeeded in producing a gem which should help out a lot of us out there who don’t have the benefit of a lot of expensive equipment. Thanks for spreading the wealth.

  17. Avatar
    carol says:

    Actually I thought this report was lame. Telling us to read the ingredient list isn’t really particularly helpful.

  18. Avatar
    Raquel says:

    I thought that this was a great insight to what a cosmetic chemists thinks about when evaluating the competition’s products and rebutting with a new product. Very helpful for beginners.

  19. Avatar
    Dr. Phyu says:

    Mr. Perry,
    Thankyou for sending me useful information.
    Actually, i am trying to produce face cream in the form of paste, based on herbal plants.
    Honestly speaking,i am searching for mould control technique for paste type.
    Currently, my product is stable in dry form,and practically can remove pimples,freckles and blackmoles. But difficult to use.
    Anyway, your information is beneficial to me and looking forward to your reply.
    Dr. Phyu

  20. Avatar
    Jeffrey Ehlinger says:

    Over the years I have knocked off several National Brand Equivalent formulas that wound up as generic products at national pharmacy chains (lip balms, analgesic creams, etc.). Whenever I read articles about Cosmetic Chemistry, I like to think I’m modest enough to admit that I will ALWAYS learn something new and thats what I love about this job, I’m always learning! With regard to Perry Romanowski’s “How to Knock-Off a Cosmetic Formula” I learned several useful nuggets of knowledge to apply to my everyday work. I found the report to be systematic in its approach to cosmetic formula duplication and very comprehensive in its scope. Where was this useful tool 10 years ago when i was just starting out?! For the informative guide, thank you Perry!

  21. Avatar
    Susan says:

    I am a beginner in this area and thought the information was exceptional and very helpful. Thank you and I look forward to seeing more of your information and learning more!

  22. Avatar
    critic says:

    I think the whole idea preposterous. Cosmetics is about innovation, and that is what people should learn: critical thinking, and then creative thinking.
    And I doubt one can learn cosmetic formulation on the internet; it requires patience, observation, curiosity, but not this kind of approach.
    I think there are already too many “knock-off” products on the market, many of the infringing patents, lacking claim substantiation data, safety data, but just out to make a buck by comparing ingredient listings, forgetting that the INCI names are, with few exceptions, much too vague to help truly identify the exact substance(s) used. this is particularly true for plant extracts which are just listed as the name of the plant, but give no indication of how the extract is obtained (water or solvent extraction, or other methods), how much of the “extract” (powder, hydroglycolic solution, essential oil) is really used; many biotech products and protein hydrolysates face the same characterization problem.
    This confusing situation certainly does nothing to make a better reputation for the cosmetic market!
    Training people is fine, and doing it for free is a debatable choice, but I don’t think this approach is the right one.

  23. Avatar
    TGrier says:

    I think you provide a good overview of the observations, resources, and methods used to create a knock-off. Any time an individual provides insight into the actual work that they do (in this case we’re talking about formulation chemistry) you provide hands on insight that is helpful to someone. I found it useful in giving me a new approach to my at home creations and it even kindled my creativity because it gave me new ideas of how to craft something original. ~Thanks

  24. Avatar
    Jerome says:

    I had been using a similar approach and some of his detailed suggestions have been helpful. There were some very practical suggestions/instructions that I wish I had come to realize before. However,there are some complex balances that are needed to put a stable formulation together and one suppliers raw is not the same as the next, I did not get that from the article. It is far more complicated than the article implies.

  25. Avatar
    Nancy Piscatello says:

    Thanks for the report, it made me realize I wasn’t on the wrong track by trying to, at first, copy another successful formula. It was most informative on the steps to copy a formula, but there are so many variables, that things can become unclear. I’m working on a lip gloss and found that my formula was coming out too oily no matter how many times I copied this other companies formula and no matter how many variables I altered. If you upped the oils to soften the formula: too oily; if you upped the waxes: it became too solid and not as softly “gloppy”, if you will.
    So, even though the report answered the basic “how to copy” and made me realize that copying is the surest way to find your own formula, it still left me with so many more questions.

  26. Avatar
    Jill Jones says:

    I read this report when I signed up about a year ago. It was informative and easy to understand. Knowing how existing products are made is helpful when formulating a similar type of product. Thanks!

  27. Avatar
    mohammed hafez says:

    Information is important, valuable, and very impressive
    I think he is an excellent report, or a wonderful book
    But we need more
    We need your help in how to design blends for skin care and skin
    I personally had the skills and expertise to the work of skin-lightening cream and cream weaken hair follicles in unwanted areas
    And a bath oil and shampoo for hair
    But we need more, especially how to add natural oils and herbal extracts
    I hope to provide further information
    I wish you lasting success and thank you for this wonderful work

  28. Avatar
    andrianto says:

    Yes, “How to Knock off Any Cosmetic Product” is great help to me.
    1. I found many usefull sites and follow their RSS Feed.
    2. Especially info about Patent Office, do great help to my job.
    3. I have guidance systematically & efficiently to copy a product.
    This is very great for someone back to workforce after long hiatus…:)

  29. Avatar
    Pat Tyson says:

    It is all very logical. I might not ever try to exactly duplicate a cosmetic, but you have given me a roadmap that I can use should I decide to do that.

  30. Avatar
    Lidgan says:

    An excellent primer for newcomers, the links and tips are very helpful. Duplicating successful formulations is the first step in the path to innovation, it is a way to learn how to formulate innovative products, take a look at the video “Everything is a remix” in the following link http://vimeo.com/25380454

  31. Avatar
    Mark Fuller says:

    I enjoyed the report. It was really encapsulated the process.
    People may feel that they never need to duplicate cosmetics. As a Consultant Formulator I am often approached to do a knock-off or duplicate a standard. Oftentimes it is by the owner of the Product who no longer has access to their Formulas. A little known fact is oftentimes Contract Manufacturers will charge a large fee to purchase the Formulas. In some cases it is easier to have the product duplicated by a third party. This can present the client with an opportunity to refine or improve the product.

  32. Avatar
    Dianne Caine says:

    I have found this to be very useful, I have been making cosmetics for 10 years now and there is always room for improvement. Although I like to have my own fomular’s this is a great way to get more information. I had to do it all the hard way. I wish I had of found you a lot earlier in my formulation days..
    Anyone thinking of going down this path, its the best industry I have ever been in. I have been sucessfull in having my own brand now. So go for it…

  33. Avatar
    Sujatha says:

    Hello sir,
    I got very useful information by reading that. Your site is a good guide to develop the new formulations for the innovative formulators. Thank you so much.

  34. Avatar
    Lamice Dfouni says:

    Information are clear and usefull especially for batch scale up
    To complete the work we refer to the Begining Cosmetic Chemistry book
    Links make work easier
    Thanks Perry

  35. Avatar
    Clare D says:

    Really good reading. I think there were elements I definitely already do – but it was good to see I am on the right lines! 🙂 For those new I think really, really useful.
    Thanks Perry!

  36. Avatar
    chemicalmatt says:

    Regarding “How to Duplicate a Cosmetic Product”, a fine work Perry.
    Some corrections:
    Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate is an (antifungal) preservative, not a “solvent”
    Tetrasodium EDTA is a chelating agent/preservative, not an “adjustment”
    Some suggestions:
    In Step 3, pages 13 and 14, the ingredient breakdown by the 1% Rule. It may be advisable not to de-emphasize the <1% content. In the example given, the Polyquaternium-10 level can make a marked difference in outcome if it is at 1.00%w/w or at 0.10% w/w in this body wash. Perhaps it would be wiser, on page 14, to state:
    The formulator can later prioritize the <1.00% ingredients by function. This will provide insight into their concentrations, since the “less than 1.00%” may be listed in any order on the LOI. Some general rules of thumb can be applied (and this can be extrapolated much more):
    0.50 — 1.00% conditioning agents, sensory modifiers, rheology modifiers, emollient oils, surfactants
    0.20 — 0.60% fragrance, preservatives, adjusters, proteins
    <0.20% extracts, exotics, color stabilizers, colorants
    On Page 16, Step 5 “Analyze the Formula” can be much more explicit. Given that the example is an easy one (body wash), mention should be made about emulsion analysis of creams and lotions (which includes hair conditioners!). E.g.
    Determine if the product is a water/oil or oil/water emulsion. Most are the latter. If unsure, test by measuring conductance (in milliohms) relative to water. W/O emulsions will have poor conductance. A simple test is to add a dollop of the product into a glass of water and observe its behavior; or add a dollop of water to a small amount of the product. O/W emulsions will dissociate in water unevenly and incompletely, as an oil slick at first. W/O emulsions will dissociate evenly. If you add water to them, they usually just thin down a little, without dissociation. Also, look at the first two or three ingredients that you’ve identified as “surfactants” and look up their HLB values or their function from literature. If the primary surfactant (first or only one listed) possesses low HLB value, the product is likely W/O.
    Regardless of the emulsion type, you will need to rough calculate the “oil load”, or the nature of the product’s disperse phase for O/W emulsions, or continuous phase for W/O ones. Though often recognized as the amount of oil payload being delivered by the formula, this can be more thoughtfully considered as the ratio of oil payload to emulsifiers. Sensory feel will lead the way here (see Step 2!), once you’ve determined the solids level. A short playtime on the skin with little observed emolliency lends itself to a low oil load (1.5:1 or less). Exceptions to this rule abound, notably when cyclomethicone or isoparaffin is involved. Creams and lotions exhibiting a richer feel will generally have a higher oil load (2:1 or more). Some creams and lotions will feel very heavy, even greasy, leading you to deduce a high oil load, which is a typical of some “skin butters”. Some W/O emulsions carry an oil load of 20:1!
    Likewise, this step needs to better emphasize water content, often the most crucial step in saving time in duplication of water-based formulae. If the reader is a novice, you might flush out the method more. You may want to add:
    If you have access to an accurate balance, then weigh out 10.00 grams of the benchmark product onto a tared Petri dish, watch glass, or even a ceramic cup saucer. Place this in a convection oven, like you have at home, for 2 hours at 125C or 250F (no more!). Record the net weight then return it to the oven for another hour to note any significant loss in mass. The total loss in mass comprises mostly water, but may include alcohol, cyclomethicone, fragrance and other volatile components, so compare to the ingredient listing sequence to further deduce the water concentration. The mass of the residue after drying divided by the original sample mass will be your % total solids, which will be a most useful value in determining concentrations of the ingredients and of the oil load of lotions and creams.

  37. Avatar
    David Childers says:

    The information was geared for the small company with limited resources. The advice was very practical and easy to apply to formulation development.

  38. Avatar
    Deb Seewald says:

    I thought the report was great and your reminder to read it timely as I was just asked to dupe a foot cream. I also appreciated chemicalmatt’s addendum as this particular cream seems to have a great number of ingredients below the 1% line and the ‘general rule of thumb’ stated will help to make some sense out of all of them. Also, I did look this up in patents and it was not there. However, this companies preservation system was, so that will help too.

  39. Avatar
    Florina says:

    The report was a good read.
    chemicalmatt’s comments were extremely useful too and I am glad he took the time to write.

  40. Avatar
    Abigail Buina says:

    i liked it. to me it was an experience because there is little cosmetic science knowledge where i am. so reading the report was very revealing to me. actually thinking of doing my final year project in chemistry on cosmetics

  41. Avatar
    Tracy Anne says:

    I thought it was really interesting and gives further insight into the industry and different types of formulations which is an eye opener for anyone new to the industry.

  42. Avatar
    Kristy Richards says:

    Thank you for the download! It captured me and I am very excited to learn more about working in the cosmetic industry- which has always been my dream. I am currently a regulatory/analytical chemist working on foods, but am anxious to begin learning about cosmetic chemistry!

  43. Avatar
    Paolo Ferino says:

    Thank you for the download. It is my first job in this industry. It’s easier to formulate a cosmetic product. I’m a newbie in formulating but I feel like a pro. 🙂 Thanks,sir!

  44. Avatar
    Phunchitta says:

    That’s really good for starting formulate formulation that we want to do (knock-off).
    1% Rule can applied for all product and make adjustment by searching for the recommended range used.

  45. Avatar
    Janine says:

    This download was extremely helpful but I would have liked more guidelines on how to determine the 1% line. The example in the book was easy as fragrance was rather the line but for many formulations things such as fragrance etc are not present.

  46. Avatar
    Michelle says:

    I’m an esthetician who is looking into going back to school for chemistry and ultimately join the cosmetic chemists out there, so this is a whole new learning experience for me. So I know I am getting a bit ahead of myself being on here but I always enjoy going to the chemist corner. Thanks Perry

  47. Avatar
    María del Rosario Calvo R. says:

    Muy interesante!!!!!! la secuencia de pasos a seguir para la formulación de productos cosmeticos. Ideal el hecho de identificar las funciones de las materias primas y agrupar las mismas según el % en el que intervienen en la formulación. También es muy buena la guí­a en relación a la secuencia de pruebas que se deben realizar hasta la obtención del producto final.

  48. Avatar
    cheryl says:

    I am a beginner soap maker, and also intend to make other cosmetics such as lotion, body wash, facial care products, etc. The paper was very interesting, although I have not had a chance to read it thoroughly yet, I will. Thanks very much for all the information.

  49. Avatar
    Tasha Kopf says:

    I’m a starting my own hair care line specifically for people in the agriculture industry and stumbled upon this website and the report and I love it! This website has opened up a lot of really good information for me and the report I think will be a crucial part in my future success. Thank you so much and the information in this report is amazing!
    Thanks again!

  50. Avatar
    Mark Berry says:

    I liked the read on knock offs with the in depth extended approach. It reminded me that looking a little deeper has its rewards. I wonder if you could tell me where to find the article on common problems of thickening and thinning results with thickeners. I’m working with peroxide and it’s difficult to keep it thick for extended shelf life.

  51. Avatar
    Marci says:

    Thank You for the eBook download.
    I’m not a formally trained cosmetic chemist, but I do have a strong background in chemistry, biology and nutrition. My interest is in hair care, and I have been researching information for a while now (which is how I stumbled upon your website). A lot of the information in the eBook I already knew; however, there is a LOT that I did not know, so again…Thank You!

  52. Avatar
    MK says:

    Hi “How to Knock off Any Cosmetic Product” is very useful especially for me because now I’m currently enrolled in a MS Course in Cosmetics Science. It was a big help for me since I’m still a newbie in formulating different products. The ebook was a big help for me. I just want to know more about trouble shooting for a certain product what to add to increase viscosity and vice versa things like that. Thank you for the ebook.

  53. Avatar
    Yah says:

    I found this incredibly useful. I will definitely be developing this skill and ‘Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry’ will certainly be on my desk soon. Thanks guys.

  54. Avatar
    Erica says:

    What can I say, it has helped me so much been new in the game I still use it. Thanks so much for all the helpful information.

  55. Avatar
    Adri says:

    This is a perfect overview of the process. Food for thought for those who are reluctant to give away their formulation to EU-safety evaluation! The chemical analysis of target products will hardly be necessary for experienced formulators. The same applies to all the claim support equipment mentioned in “Specialized tests”. My suggestion is to elaborate a little on the stability testing additional to the reference given and to add safety evaluation principles. Thanks!

  56. Avatar
    Rutendo Linah says:

    Hello, Thank you soo much for the “How to knock off Any Cosmetic Product” it was exactly what I was looking for. I am a chemist by profession but have never been exposed to the synthesis side of cosmetics so I am very grateful.

  57. Avatar
    Briana says:

    I found “How to Knock off Any Cosmetic Product” to be very informative. I have zero experience with the chemistry end of cosmetics, but after reading How to… I feel more confident as I move forward into my venture.

  58. Avatar
    Fadi AL-Shnani says:

    thanks a lot for your concerned ,but i have already finished this step of my career and start making my own formulations.
    My difficulties are : how to make a large amount of my products ( my formulations stable when i make my products in small amount)
    and now i also looking for raw materials are cheep and with the same time have good qualities.With that i can make cheep products with high quality.
    Thanks again.
    Best regards
    Fadi AL-Shnani

  59. Avatar
    alam sjofnizon says:

    Thank you soo much for the “How to knock off Any Cosmetic Product” it was exactly what I was looking for. I am a pharmacist and now working for a cosmetic laboratory in Bali, Indonesia so I am very grateful.

  60. Avatar
    Bliss Mutangiri says:

    Having dreamed of making cosmetics and having no exprience in the cosmetic and science field this was an eye opener to me
    Thank you

  61. Avatar
    lia says:

    Love it! It’s like an insider’s quick guide to a career in cosmetic science. It reveals all the small details unavailable with just college chemistry courses.

  62. Avatar
    Janet says:

    An important part that is missing is pricing out the formulation. At least a “ballpark” figure on cost of the formulation (per lb, per kilo, per ounce) without packaging should be given. There might be active or other ingredients that are too costly for the customer, especially is the
    customer has a price range in mind.

  63. Avatar
    Christine says:

    I bumped into this website by chance and loved what I saw. I am just starting out in this field but have no chemistry background, only basic physics. Learning new things by the minute so hopefully, will catch up soon. Lacking knowledge on what the standard measuring/mixing proportions of substances, types of equipment typically used, and where to purchase. Will appreciate any help or info that will help a virgin-cosmetic-chemist.

  64. Avatar
    Myra says:

    Hi Perry thanks for the link I haven’t read it yet I have been a little under the weather but I will be reading it today an how can I become a member of cosmetic corner

  65. Avatar
    La Tronda Lumpkins says:

    I found the “How to Knock Off Any Cosmetic Product” report very useful. I have been formulating my own all natural products for years and just launched a business selling the products. However, there are some formulations I would like to perfect but just do not have the time to put into the innovation. Knocking off helps me look at areas to develop as a formulator. I would love to take an online course to learn more about the process. Also, I would love to learn more about how to convert measurements and weights into percentages. This is an area I have not been able to figure out just yet. I noticed the report suggest making assumptions in the percentage in formulations. Your website is a wonderful resource. Thanks a million!

  66. Avatar
    miguelmines says:

    Very interesting your “How To Knock-Off a Cosmetic Formula” report.
    I have been toying for a couple of months with the idea of getting your
    “Complete Cosmetic Chemist Training Program” which I found in
    cosmeticsandtoiletries.com. I guess your mini-course can give me a
    better insigth of what your training program offers to a beginner.

  67. Avatar
    Ravi says:

    Being a chemist for more than 5 years I knew most of the material given in this brochure, but it was very well outlined and will be extremely useful when it comes to training new chemists and teach them the ropes. Thanks for putting it together.

  68. Avatar
    Tamina Gillani says:

    Wow, that brochure gives an essential and informative background for those people who are new in the field of cosmetics.
    Well done!
    Keep it up!

  69. Avatar
    Sheri Petersen says:

    I think the Duplicating Cosmetics ebook is a valuable resource for anyone interested in making their own cosmetics. Thank you!

  70. Avatar
    Isabel says:

    It is a great report for begginers in cosmetic formulation, like me! I had success with skin cleansers formulation but now I have to make an invisible gloves protecting cream, that will act as a second skin, to be used by workers who dealt with dangerous solvents. It would be helpful to have more informations related to formulating emulsions and specialized lab tests for skin lotions.

  71. Avatar
    Ayana says:

    I think it’s a pretty decent starter manual. I was at first bothered by the idea of a ‘knock-off’ product but I realized that copying products can serve as good starting points for beginners in the cosmetic industry. I did learn useful info from this 🙂

  72. Avatar
    Jacky Choi says:

    Very practical points!
    I think it is a very good piece of hints and setps of going deeper to the formulation of other products we are interested and helping us to create a similar formulation in a faster way.

  73. Avatar
    Teresa says:

    The report has a lot of useful information that beginning cosmetic chemists will find useful. I am new to the industry and have learned a lot with this report.

  74. Avatar
    Agus Rochmat says:

    Thank’s a lot from paper of “How to Knock off Any Cosmetic Product” , it can be improved my knowledge but it will better if you send me regular information and more detail information of behaviour material, so i can learn more to formulation cosmetics product. thanks so much

  75. Avatar
    Vivian Couto says:

    The report is very useful, I really appreciated the information contained on it. The language is clear and objective, it’s a great information for who’s starting producing cosmetics.

  76. Avatar
    Keyla Ramos says:

    As a scientist and makeup artist in the making, I thought this was helpful and well explained. Very detailed for a begginner. Thank you

  77. Avatar
    Timothy Rukuni says:

    I did not managed to download the Primer on Natural Cosmetic Formulations from all the links provided. They just lead me to blank pages. can you help?

    • Avatar
      Perry says:

      You have to have a PDF reader installed on your browser. If you do not, right click on the link then ‘save as’ and the file will be saved to your computer. Then you can open it from there.

      • Avatar
        Timothy says:

        Thanks. The report is my new companion in my quest to become a cosmetic formulator. Thanks so much for providing such information.

  78. Avatar
    raymond says:

    its not a question of nocking of a product but having some knowledge to understand how to enjoy making cosmetics.the book is informant
    and i enjoy using this sight .yes i think we are all keen to learn,and i believe we can learn from you.

  79. Avatar
    Danny says:

    This is an excellent book which is very easy to understand and practical. This book tells you how to make a product step by step and I believe this book will benefit many people.
    I do have a suggestion. Mining patents is an excellent idea, but for many people it is a big challenge. If the author can have a similar book with examples to teach people how to do it, I will definitely look forward to reading it very much.

  80. Avatar
    elise says:

    took this in from an esthetics standpoint and thought the information was easily digestible and a great gloss over how to knock off a product.

  81. Avatar
    Lisa Leigh says:

    hi – Loved the book – it was simplified and easy to understand. Regarding the fragrance, what if you don’t want a fragrance added to the product? Some people are allergic and prefer fragrance-free products. Would you use some kind of masking agent to cover an unpleasant-smelling product? Thank you. Lisa

  82. Avatar
    Josh Cummins says:

    I found this guide, “How to Knock off Any Cosmetic Product”, a useful and general source for cosmetic formula replication. Being a analytical chemist with formulations experience I would say that this guide should be mandatory for all of those looking to create their own cosmetic formulas. This approach make the most sense for those with a limited budget and with little experience in the cosmetics, formulations, or chemistry as there is a myriad of poor and simply incorrect information available on the subjects.

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    I have read some part of ur report. It is great, I will read it completely in near future as soon as I get some time. I am formulating a clear Hair styling wax, I am having problem as it is less sticky to hair and on cooling it have a separate top layer. i am using Ceteareth-20 , Glycerine. and another experimental sample turn hazy it additionally includes the following conditioner d-panthenol and a silicon conditioner.
    please guide me as i am a beginner in this area. Thanks!

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    When I write these words, I am in your country where I could easily follow your videos.
    But, how to follow the free high speed internet?
    I am a pharmacist in the industry since1994, I think my previous experience will help me learn better. Do you believe it too?
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    Jeremie LUBIBA

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    Thanks so much for the free information.

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      Thanks! Be sure to check out the cosmetic science forum. It’s a great place for beginners to ask questions and learn.

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    Is there any way to advertise on your website? I would like to support this website and at the same time provide formulators with access to information about our special proteins.

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    Helena Ribeiro

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      Hello Samantha. The course teaches you the science behind all the formulations, the relevant marketing, the formulation and testing. Everything listed on this page describes all the features and benefits of the course. What more would you like to know?

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    A great read. Some stuff I knew already, but enough tips to assist further. Last time I ripped a formula, I used Karl Fischer to determine moisture content, and using known values ( such as Carbopol 0.3% typical usage rate) and worked out the rest from there. I think a combination of what you do is fine.
    I am looking at studying cosmetic science to fill in my knowledge gaps. I typically tend to formulate capsules, softgels, tablets etc and not too much in the cosmetic field.

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    Actually, it is very simple and could be done easily any where using simple equipments. In addition, it includes sufficient resources which make it easy to obtain the needed informations , but I think it is hard to find patents for products that arn’t made in US..thank you, really usefull…

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    It has a easy reading even for foreing students and profesionals as is my case.

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    I found the info is general and does not go into detail,i liked how presents the job of each ingredient in each formula and how presents the different tasks for do a good job
    I liked receive your advices and ideas. Thanks a lot

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      Dear Farokh
      Have you received any feed back yet?
      Let me know where you’re at and I may be able to give you some guidance.

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    Thank you .
    Mitch in Albuquerque

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    My only real comment is that there are a few salient points I think, that could be added but that apart a very good pointer, well thought out and
    well structured – keep up the good work!

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    As an experienced formulator – I started in 1982 my mentor and guide being a pioneering Aerosol Chemist [also adept in toiletries] and your guide
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    I would thoroughly recommend this guide to ‘novices’ and newcomers alike.
    My only comment is that there are few anomalies that need ‘tweaking’ – nothing serious and few additions that may have been overlooked and I would recommend – purely from a personal viewpoint.
    That aside a very good and informative introduction to any newcomer – keep up the good work!

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    I have health science,biochemistry,microbiology and pathology background. Formulating is my hobby and obsession.

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    But I have an additional question, please, can I replace the salt sodium chloride and ammonium chloride salt in the same proportion?
    Can I use magnesium sulphate with Lauryl sulfonic acid to get the shampoo does not tear the eyes? And if so; does add salt (sodium or ammonium) or rest on it and realized viscosity too?
    Finally Can I use tylose the viscosity to raise? When can I hold added without that happening during the conglomerate added?
    Then what is the damage to the hair of this added?
    Thanks for your attention

    • Avatar
      AndyH says:

      Hi Ghassan,
      In answer to your question, I would suggest the following;-
      1. Use Ammonium Laureth Sulfate 70% as your main active ingredient (6 – 8%)
      2. Buffer with Ammonium Salts (phosphates) (0.5-1.0%).
      3. Use Cocamidoproyl Betain approx. 5 – 7%
      4. Use Cocamide DEA approx.0.8% (keep minimal)
      5. Thicken with 0.7-1.0% of Ammonium Sulphate dissolved in 5% of the batch water.
      6. Other ingredients to suit your intended shampoo.
      You may need to ‘juggle around’ but this does work.
      Hope this helps,

      • Avatar
        Ghassan says:

        Thank you very much for this information, but I think that the percentage of (Cocamidoproyl Betain approx. 5 — 7%) very high , Because it is what I think of the Quartet amines that may lead to dry hair .

        • Avatar
          AndyH says:

          In response to your comment regarding Cocamidopropyl Betain – this is an amphoteric/zwitterion surfactant and helps to reduce the irritant effect of anionic surfactants (i.e. your primary active).
          The level of 5.00 – 7.00% (corresponding to 1.50 – 2.10%) is by no means excessive as you are reducing the Cocamide DEA, which
          is more of an irritant and has a greater drying effect.
          To further combat drying/irritation, it is useful to add PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate at 0.50 – 1.00% which also gives a degree of moisturisation and results in an even milder product.

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    Ghassan says:

    If you allow I have a question about the installation of cosmetics:
    At any stage I can modify the pH of the cream during manufacturing, by citric acid or lactic acid, without separation occurs between the oil and water phases?
    What is the appropriate emulsifying agent (I use glycerol monostearate in the oil phase and Triethanolamin in aqueous phase)
    I thank your wonderful work

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    One area I have some questions on though- As you state: Ingredient listing is meant to be in order down to 1% and then 1%, and below that, in any order.
    However when an ingredient is a blend of several components/INCI labelled compounds, often the supplier /manufacturer does not give the relative proportions of those individual ingredients. So while the formulator might add the blend in at say 3% the individual components of the blend wont be their at 3%. In this situation what is the formulator meant to do when listing the ingredients?
    In (most?) instances I suspect that the formulator just lists the ingredients details of the ingredients sequentially and as it is very difficult to tell what groups of ingredients represent blends from the ingredient listing, this could be misleading. I am aware of some ingredient blends that are sold which contain more than of 6 listed ingredients . Any thoughts on what to do to identify and deal with these situations would be appreciated.

    • Avatar
      Perry Romanowski says:

      You should really never be in a situation where you work with a supplier who won’t tell you the relative proportions of the ingredients in a mix. At the every least they need to tell you what the INCI label name would be given your formula.
      In truth, if the ingredient is used at less than 1% then it doesn’t matter. And that is 1% active. Most ingredients that are a mix of 6 or more ingredients are typically mostly solvent.

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      AndyH says:

      Hi Deborah,
      Again I find myself responding (apologies for my enthusiasm having being in the industry for so long!).It can depend on your location geographically to find a perfume house to cater for your needs -depending scale, quantity, price and availability.
      There are numerous suppliers locally or through agents who can satisfy demands from minimum quantities to bulk – depending on
      your manufacturing requirements.
      As regards to distillation (not as straight f0rward as you may think) there are smaller suppliers who specialise – but you will need to
      spend time sourcing these reliable specialists – although major fragrance houses will oblige [quantity viable].
      What I would advise is to source your favourite botanicals from a reliable supplier (of which there are many) and would suggest essential
      oils rather than absolutes due to the cost of such!
      If you require botanical extracts – a rather different ‘kettle of fish’ again there are many reputable suppliers who can supply ‘regular’,
      or ‘organic’ versions depending on your requirements.
      Good luck!

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    What I am currently trying to do is make my own base. By following the precepts listed in the report, I should be able to get to my destination faster than I had previously anticipated. I’m also learning a bit more about chemistry and it is a world full of excitement and adventure.

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      Perry Romanowski says:

      Yes, they list their ingredients. In the cosmetic industry, it is marketing that sells most products not the performance of the products. Just because you can copy someone’s formula does not mean that you will have a successful product line. People buy cosmetics because of good marketing.

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