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    Paolo Ferino

    This was very useful. Keep it up! 🙂

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    Very informative thank you. Looking forward to learning more.

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    Jennifer Franklin

    Thank you so much for the great report. I’m looking to start a skincare line soon, and I found the information very helpful.

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    This was a good report for people with little cosmetic formulating experience. But I still need to learn more

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    Emin Barjum

    Extremely helpfull. Previously I used hitt and miss procedures. Your detailed step by step procedure will save me time and cost. Could you suggest suppliers of raw materials in the near future. Thank your help.

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    Interesting read for beginners, well written and digestible.

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    It is very insightful. I love it , it is helpful

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    Can’t wait to start learning!

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    Shaffina Hassam

    Great insight, I had no idea about ingrediants are listed in order

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    Excellent. Short, to the point and no “fluff”. But I came to expect this from chemistcorner.com and Perry R.

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    Thank you. I learnt alot and I’m going to put it to practice

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    Carlton Batson

    Thanks for an excellent text!! It certainly covered all the bases and was clearly written in understandable language, and with very useful and specific information. Thanks a million!!!

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    Very interesting website that helps me to know new things about cosmetic formulation

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    Very useful information has been provided

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    teresa read

    i thought it was really interesting and i really enjoyed reading it also thought it as very usefull information …

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    Janice Quennelle

    Very nice, quick read. Love the tips about spreadsheets. I love my spreadsheets!

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    Its a great report! Very useful information!!!!

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    A clearly- written and enjoyable read on an interesting topic. I was grateful for the opportunity to peer into the world of cosmetic chemistry. I was just a little unclear on who the target audience is: it seems to be directed at cosmetic chemists but also is written in the most basic terms and avoids discussion of much chemistry. This makes it easy to follow along for an outsider like me but I’m not sure what a cosmetic chemist would get out of it. Really appreciate the effort to give people this resource for free.

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      Perry Romanowski

      You would be surprised to learn that while most people who are cosmetic chemists have backgrounds in chemistry, they also want things that are written in a clear and non-technical manner.

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    Dawn Lawien

    I love how the guide is written for the non-chemist. Easy to read and understand. Lots of valuable information. Thank you for providing this for free.

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    I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge. It will be very helpful.

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    Thank you Perry, this was interesting and useful. I never had to fully duplicate a product, but have used existing products as benchmarks for partial aspects. As you emphasized it, one needs to first understand the exact role and impact of each ingredient on the sensory characteristics and stability of the product, which is a common approach on both types of projects.

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    Some useful information

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    I found the report “How to Knock off Any Cosmetic Product” very useful. i use to work this way but in a disorganised manner. i’ve learn to work in a more organise manner to gain time. also many thanks for the information sources (web sites). I am in Africa precisely in Cameroon and generally we are in a zone that regulations as far as cosmetics is concerned is not yet well established. we have a lot of shortcomings and we hope that your forum will be a great help to update our skills as far as cosmetics and black skin is concerned. I count on your equip to perfum as a full cosmetic chemist and also work on how to explore the natural resources we have here to creates new fromulations that will satisfy our customers.

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    Juan Boy

    The book contains a general approach of the required activities, procedures and practices for the achievement of duplicating a cosmetic product. It is a good contribution for beginners.

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    Great course

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    it really helps me to make a dupe for certain cosmetics. Thank you!

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    Riana Swart

    This was very useful, especially listing categories of ingredients to be included, and detailling a workflow in copying and formulating product.

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    very well written
    easy to follow

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    The “How to Knock off Any Cosmetic Product” report was informative and very helpful.

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    I really enjoy this e-book, is easy to ready yet full of valuable information.

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    I have learned a lot and inspired to learn more. It also guided me on what things do I need in the lab. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

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    Niweturuho hamphrey

    helpful ideas and gives a hint.

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    Very good to learn!

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    Robert McGowan

    Very useful insights in this report, and it’s amazing how many products out there are basically the same!

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    The report is great. As a cosmetic company owner the insight will help me grow. But I need some lessons to make my own formulas. I use natural ingredients mostly.

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    Hello Perry,
    It was very interesting to me.
    Many thanks,

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    It was a good basic and has many useful information

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    Samantha Saint

    Thank you for the report. Now I know and understand where to start. I enjoy reading the report. One question… Will I still need to get a certified design patent?

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      Perry Romanowski

      There is no requirement to get a patent but if there is a design you want to protect then you might need one.

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    Karin Olivier

    Very informative, thank you

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    It make it easier to sure for the ingredients,and the procedure

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    Melinda Smith

    Really informative report that walks you through everything you need to know to duplicate formulas. Worth a read!

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    Pritipadma Panda

    it is just fantastic, i think it is very useful for me.

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    As someone who doesn’t come from experience in cosmetic chemistry I really feel this information will help me in my goals of creating my own products very soon

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    Uℤ-ℳᎯℕ ɱʘℍⱥㅆㅆέÐ

    Useful message for beginners

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    I would like to take the time to thank you for what was an informative read.
    You simplified it enough to get me thinking, but provided a lot of useful sites that help me move forward in product knowledge and packaging of cosmetic goods.
    Again, thanks for that.
    I am also taking the Point Of Interest – Learning Cosmetic Formulation…You are a wealth of information…THANK YOU 😀

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    Nadia Zagorodny

    I appreciate the tips about using the ‘copy product’ patents as a guide for what not to do.
    I wish there was a bit more of an explanation on identifying the 1% line. Otherwise this is a very informative report! Very well put together!

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    Good morning,
    Thank you for sharing this lessons
    It’s very usefull

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    It was very helpful!

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    This report was very interesting to me, but I would’ve liked a bit of information on how to substitute certain ingredients. I recently developed major issues to talc and some of my favorite cosmetics contain talc. I wanted to replicate those products without the use of talc, so I would have loved to know how to substitute it.

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    This report was very informative. Although I won’t be “knocking off” a product off the shelf, this is a great outline to help me formulate my own products. Testing the product on myself and others with feedback is key. Thanks for sharing!

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    Nice informative information

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    Great read I am ready to start duplicating my formulation. I will read it again. This is a great book when starting out in the industry.

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    It is perfect indeed !

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    Nicely presented subject. Thanks

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    Great overview on the steps needed to make a formula.

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    Ruwan Tharanga Withana

    Its very useful to me.. Good work. I have one quotation, That sodium laureth sulfate is prohibitad in europe? Anyway I will always touch with your link. Thank you verymuch for giving this valuable opportunity.

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      Perry Romanowski

      No, Sodium Laureth Sulfate is not prohibited in Europe.

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    Hi Perry,
    The book is very well done: simplified approach, easy read and very practical. Thanks.

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    The book is very helpful. It helped me gain insight into the different cosmetics ingredients and how the work. This was absolutely what I needed. Thanks a lot

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    Zahid mahmood

    It is my passion to work in cosmetic and skin care product. You have rightly diagnosed that I should take the introductory classes. It will be great to learn. Thanks a lot.

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    As a budding cosmetic formulator, I appreciate a better understanding of how to achieve certain qualities in product and like the logical approach.

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    It is really helpful, I have even adopted some of the steps outlined. But for someone like me living in a local community will find it difficult to conduct some of the analysis and tests put in the report. So I’m suggesting even though the report is quite informative that in future a home based analysis and test should be included to enable those who may found it difficult to access standard laboratories conduct their own at home without using sophisticated equipment.

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    Azizur Rahman

    Hi ,
    I gone through this book several times and took notes . Though I am an Organic Chemist but I had no experience to make a formulation . This booklet is very very helpfull to me to coppy a product of a world class company , also given clues and other formulary resources provided by this book .
    Now I am trying to formulate few personal care products using least ingredients to minimize hypersensitivity . Ths booklet , along with your lecture give me guide line and resources to do this . Thanks a lot .

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    Niel Robert Lim

    The course is “BS-free” and you get to learn things that you typically do not learn in a classroom setting. It is short and direct to the point. I definitely recommend this book to anyone out here learning the basics of cosmetics.

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    The information was very interesting. It gave insight into how you could learn to really understand putting a formula together, rather than following a formula to produce a product by working backwards.

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    I have been getting my bottle out ,it’s great

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    Hi Perry

    I’m a chemistry teacher from Turkey. I am giving a course to students high level chemistry (IBDP Programme). Also I am studying on producing some cosmetic products. Actually I am begining of it but because of my chemistry knowledge I am so excited about it. Thank you for your interest.

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    Very informative for new formulation chemist like myself.

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    Great reading thanks

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    Heather Morse

    This tool was very useful and filled with step-by-step instructions.

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    Laura Gutierrez

    I read about the different water used in cosmetics. Excelent short definition, straight to the point. It very useful in my case, because I’m developing an organic eye cream.

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    Jennifer Hiatt

    I really enjoyed the information on duplicating formulas. Some of this I already to, such as plugging ingredients into a spreadsheet and figuring out the 1% line, mostly just for fun brain exercises. I didn’t think about the patent office before though, and there was other very useful information on the steps to take. This is making me want to take the cosmetic chemistry course, as I have a love for creating products and enjoy the scientific “non-pinterst” approach. Thank you!

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    Interesting information. Lots of work for sure!

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    Very great.I am happy with that knowledge.I am with cosmetic science.I waiting for the free course.thank you.

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    Hello , thank you so much for the information you offered .it was really very useful and practical.

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    Hello 🙂
    It is a very informative document. I will have to read it again to pin some details.
    Really like it, simple, precise. Thanks a LOT

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    Geeta Y

    Nice and helpful

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    V.K. Varshney

    Read the book. Found it very interesting and useful for cloning of the cosmetics products. Shall be applying the approach in identifying the gaps and making innovative cosmetics products. Will also extend this understanding in creating fragrances for aroma sticks, candles and diffusers.

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    Great insight and overview of the cosmetic formulation process.

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    Thank you very much, I have been thinking about the principles from your report for years, now I found somebody wrote them down in a logical sequence

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      Good materials for these who just started.

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    Daniel Bernier

    This is a good overview of the development process.

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    thank you so much. I find it so helpful and you make it easy to understand. Looking forward to learning more from you.

    many thanks

    Kind regards


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    Carol Cabrera

    Basic and straight forward, as it should be. For someone starting is quit usefull.

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    I’m just getting started on trying to make my own line of cosmetic products. I thought the report was very informative and helpful, I really liked it. Thanks a lot!

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    janet piller

    Tkank you so much ,you are one in a milion.

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    Concise and easy to understand. I’ve started work on my first project!

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    To be honest, the book is definitely beyond my capability in chemistry at first glance – I was looking for some information for my super brief assessment which is a combination of a research paper and something else. Even though I finally give up on using the content for this paper… It really opens up a new area of interest for me:) The pdf is really comprehensive .

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    As a beginner I found the information answered my questions I had been pondering on. Thanks.

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    Very informative!

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    Ionas Anastasia

    Great material!

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    Arturo Treviño

    For me it has been a lot of help in developing formulas. I am new to cosmetics, and even my backrgound as chemist engineering cosmetics was completly new to me. It is been very usefull to say the least.
    Thank you.

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    Juliet Nwankwo

    I Learnt a whole lot,and got some very useful knowledge on Organic formulation and what it truly means.Thank you so much.

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    Peter Bitto

    A practical, informative, step by step information on how to duplicate an existing cosmetic product. Very useful resource.

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    I like it, i wish i could learn more from you, for free. Thankyou!

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    Thank you. The information was well written and easy to follow. I look forward to reading the future books.

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    Gabriela Georgieva

    I find really usuful and interesting and no bla-bla. There is something I don’t know what is: ”INCI”. I look forward for the training. Thank you for the great e- book.

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    Stacy Lee

    I had read your little book and got some new thinking for my business. It’s a basic conception of cosmetics but easy and simple to understand. Thank you very much for help.

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    A logical approach to recreating a cosmetic product and definitely appreciated. It’s very hard to find reliable scientific cosmetic science information, that this document is much appreciated. It is however very much an outline of what to do. The core information you would need to replicate a product relies on you knowing how to create one in the first place, and would have to be learned elsewhere. With regards to the content, I think the first section on how to obtain product samples (of the item you wish to clone) might be a bit outdated, as it doesn’t seem that hard now a days to obtain samples, unless the document is referring to closed samples and not a large container of the product itself. It would have also been nice to see a list of the tests one could perform on a sample and what parameters they are revealing about the product. For amateur cosmetic scientists that would not choose to obtain these tests, it would be helpful to suggest simple tests that could be done at home or some useful qualitative tests that could yield some actionable results.

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    Thanks for the great info! Grazie mille! 🙂

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    Victory Chiedozie

    Thanks for the work you do for people for people like me. I’m looking forward to the mini course. Thanks again

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    SAID nadji

    very interesting

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    Hasibah Sandifer

    I want to know after I figure out the formula. I will need a manufacturer. What other services do the chemist corner do? The “How to Knock of the Cosmetic Product is great!

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    SAID nadji

    I am getting good knowledge from the website chemistcorner, related to cosmetics and formulation, i am willing to go further, and maybe i will undertake the course, i am having to open a business in cosmetics, and i hope i enhance my skills

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    Katarína Hrivnakova

    Some useful tips. Thanks!

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    Thank you, this was helpful and informative for a beginner. I appreciate the knowledge.

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    I read the “How to knock off the Cosmetics”, very informative and a great read for beginner.

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    Great booklet with useful introductory info. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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    Jacky van Driel

    I found the guide extremely helpful, I like how it takes the reader through all the necessary steps (zooming in from seeing the forest to the individual trees). It
    has the basics that I needed. Thank you.

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    Great and practical step by step guide! Very helpful. Thanks

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    It would be nice and useful to get some easy but verifies formulas for small-factory capabilities willing to manufacture EDT and EDP. Thanks!

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    Really interesting and helpful. I definitely want to listen more! Thanks

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    Thanks for offering me such a helpful course. I am looking forward to it!

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    I am really appreciated for your good information. It was very helpful.Now I am interested in learning more about cosmetic products.

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    Thanks for sharing. Great

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    Amira Abd Alhamid

    Thank you for your report. I appreciate your efforts. I hope to learn more and be a part of your society.

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    It was very useful for a nob-chemist trying to catch up on the cosmetic industry practices to look behind the curtain

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    Sílvia Fardilha

    amazing reading

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    I found this piece helpful and insightful

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    Todd Ziegler

    I loved this ebook. It did all the same research I have been looking for. In fact this should be mandatory reading for all beginners like me. The discovery of this website and ebook has been the greatest thing for me.

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    (How to knock off a cosmetic formula.) I love it..it provides very excellent information..thank u Perry for breaking it down and making it easier forbeginners like me that are very interested in learning…

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    I so love it..very good information and how ubrake it down tomake it so easy to understand(how to knock off a cosmetic formula) it is so informative and so interesting.it very knowledge able to me thank u so much Perry..

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    Sayed Javeed Ather

    It’s really great and useful , I am totally new for the subject and your guide line get a direction to reach the subject, thank you

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    Aging Gracefully

    I am impressed with the information you have provided regarding the chemistry (and marketing) of cosmetics. I have sent my friends to your site as well. This has changed the way I view and evaluate the products I use on my skin. Thank you for this valuable service. Makes me wish I had become a cosmetic chemist.

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    This was really helpful and actually made me even more interested in learning more. Thank you chemistscorner

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    The basic tips are most important ,quiet helpful and gives the information about making cosmetics. I really enjoyed reading this e-book.

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    Perry, I found this report to be very informative and helpful. I am going to use this to help create a moisturizer. I have a specific skin issue which current moisturizers do not help.

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    Peter Lwegasira

    The report is excellent and has helped me a lot as a starting point for my career in cosmetics formulation

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    Thanks a lot for this report. For me, a chemist who only dreams to become cosmetic chemist, it was very useful and helpful. Intresting and easy described, it gave me a spur to keep moving in this direction and learn more.

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    Thanks for that ebook, Perry!

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    I found the paper helpful and informative. Ironically enough, I found myself already taking similar steps when asked to recreate a pomade for a friend. This paper gives me solid guidelines to follow.

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    Thank you for all! I really want the free mini course in cosmetics also please ^^

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    May god bless you!!! Thanks a lot,it was very very helpful.

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    Thank you very much for sharing knowledge. The report is interesting and helpful. To those who are not so familiar with cosmetics formulation, basic notions are needed.

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    Sara Brown

    Very interesting read

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    Hello! For the begginer in
    making cosmetic formulas this is useful tool and guide how to learn new things!

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    Ari Psaltis.

    Asked Perry a few questions.
    He was extremely prompt and helpful. Thank you. I downloaded the free booklet. Excellent although I’m not a chemist.

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    Enlightening stuff. Used to love basic cosmetic chemistry book by Perry this one is addition to it. thanks.

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    Tim Hamilton

    Just what we have been looking for, all the information in one place, and very helpful people.

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    Amazing read! Quite enlightening

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    Very much happy with your free report. It gives so much info that provides guidance on cosmetics and formulating. Thank you!

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    Ravindra Bhise

    Dear Mr. Perry,
    I retired as General Manager QC from a well known pharmaceutical company of India. I formulate a few varieties of shampoos.
    i have gone through “How to Knock off Any Cosmetic Product”. I liked it. It is very much informative and it feast to go through it.
    It is simply fabulous.

    I will be happy to receive formula of Hair dye shampoo, which will turn hair black after using it. The hair dye shampoo should be stable for atleast for one year from the date of preparation, it should be non allergic to scalp / skin and should not damage hair.

    Your immense and prompt help is highly solicited.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Warm regards.

    Ravindra Bhise.

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    The best reference ever

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    Exactly what I was looking for. I have much clearer direction now.

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    The report was obviously very informative but more so very important as information like this isn’t easy to find or even available on the internet (that I know of). I think this report also has given me hope and excitement for the future as I know more to want to educate myself and soon get a job in this industry.

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    How to Knock off Any Cosmetic Product is good for beginners as it’s simple and easy to understand.

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    Yogesh Patil

    Very useful in formulation of new cosmetic products,also I really understood the use of ingredients in formulations.Thank you perry.

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    The report was very helpful and easy to read. It is a great starting off point

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    This report is a good read for those just starting out.

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    the report was very helpful as i am new to the cosnetics industry but will very much love to be acquainted with the industry. i learnt a lot and hope to implement the steps. if i bump into any problem. i will contact you.

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    has very good information, for me that im starting out on getting to know the beauty industry from a future posible formulator of my own products it helps alot thank you!

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    Taubah Salim

    Hai Perry,
    Thx for your information in your many videos… I want to create a bussiness natural soap and shampoo In my country Indonesia… I hope I can join in your natural cosmetic course….

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    It was a very helpful guide for the beginner. I learnt some new info but I would love it to be more specific and more informative! Of course I realize it is a free guide so we can not ask for more. Thanks a lot for sharing this information and helping people to start off.

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    Very nicely given instructions, very precise! Excelent instructions! But my biggest concern is with all the experience that you need (especially in the field of analytical chemistry); also to be able to get water content and other measurements (given by different analytical methods, like GC…) you should really be in touch with a professional lab. I also pose a question here: I primarily want to formulate my own cosmetic product simply due the fact that none of the products on the market fit my needs, therefore I don`t want to replicate something that is already out here; also It`s very unethical for me to work like this, even though we know how the world works today…

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      The point of replicating something out there is to learn how to make the product. It’s not meant for you to go out and start selling someone else’s formula. Once you know how to make a product, you are supposed to modify it to make it your own.

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    Ahmed Alabboud

    its very good book for beginner cosmetic chemists include valuable information about how to start putting formulation besides to guidelines for improving your skills and some good links for websites and books which are useful for any cosmetic chemist.

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    Mohammad Tarique

    It is very interesting and knowledge full, it provides a detailed information about the modification in formulation, the content is good enough for a chemist who want to start new formulation. Thanks perry for the information

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    I really appreciate your effort and would like to know more about the safety part which is ignored by most of the DIYer.

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    Jeremy Maher

    I thought the report was great! A good starting point that helps you ask more intelligent questions about the process.

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    ashley anderson

    good break down on the processes of cosmetics. I enjoyed hearing that creating a new revolutionary recipe is not the objective and that most companies are just trying to do what their competitor does better. I’ve always know its more in marketing and your brand but this just helps solidify that information.

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    Very informative

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    Enjoyable and well rounded . A great book to get you started with the basic components .

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    ellie kim

    How to Knock off Any Cosmetic Product report was very helpful and informative for those who are entering the cosmetic science formulating program or industry. I got to know new things and helped me to have kind of ideas of how cosmetics are formulated.

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    Troy Purvis

    Perry is pretty knowledgable about the industry and accurate in describing the industrial practices. I came from working in Pharma for 15+ years to cosmetics and I am quite frankly shocked at what the cosmetics industry gets away with in terms of regulatory, but I understand FDA’s priorities are Big Biopharm and not necessarily cosmetics. You get a degree of freedom and creativity in cosmetics which i enjoy.

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    It was very helpful
    I anticipate more

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    Very informative and helpful!

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    Very useful information. Helped me to know I am already on the right path.

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    Very helpful to beginners like me. Pls Perry, can you email me the downloadable spreadsheet you created on expressing formulae in percentages? My email is Njokulilian18@gmail.com
    Thank you.

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        Thanks Perry, I have come across that video before now, great video it is. But I couldn’t download it so I could easily edit it with my own figures. Pls how can I make that possible. Thanks for your good works always

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    I read the “How to Knock Off Any Cosmetic Product” report and I basically like it. It is a very fundamental report on how to duplicate cosmetic products but certainly useful for anyone who is interested in going into the cosmetic business or formulation. It helps me understand the basic procedures used in decoding the cosmetic products.

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    It was really informative and well explained .

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    Insightful and interesting with a touch of naughty – formulating a natural skincare product is not easy so the tips are great. I am working hard to find the right bio-active ingredients to create an amazing product using live cultures. Challenging to say the least. Keep on posting videos on formulation!!

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    Contains a lot of good information. If you don’t already habitually read the ingredients of products you buy, now you will start.
    Perhaps I expected more discussion of emulsions.

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    Shweta Naik

    Yes it was useful. Now I know what is in my product.

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    Very orgnized guidelines and tips especially for beginners thanks alot for the info

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    Thanks again, Perry, I couldn’t hell but comment twice, worth the read.

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    Wow! Super interesting, I’m glad I made out time to read it, thanks so much Perry.

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    Georgia Pelteki

    There were definitely a lot of things I never thought of. Thank you for sharing this information.

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      Old Spice smells different because they changed the fragrance. I don’t know what the ingredient list of Gillette body wash is so I can’t tell you. Most likely a silicone like Dimethicone or Cyclomethicone.

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      No. Limonene must be listed because it is a known allergen. Otherwise it wouldn’t be listed because it is part of the fragrance.

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      If your intention is to market and sell a product line, you don’t necessarily have to know how to make the products. In fact, it’s more important that you learn how to market the products and leave formulating to professional chemists. You might find our free report helpful. http://startacosmeticline.com

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      Hello Zue – I’ll have to work on a different book for that. We’ve written a bit about that elsewhere on the blog so I’d suggest you do a search or look through our forum.

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