Article by: Perry Romanowski

When I was a kid, Easter used to be a much bigger deal holiday than it has become. We used to get baskets of candy, go on easter egg hunts and get together for a big family dinner. Now, it’s just the dinner but perhaps that is reflective of the fact that I don’t have any kids.

Anyway, there are a number of cosmetic ingredients that evoke the traditional American Easter holiday. Here are some examples.


One of the most ubiquitous symbols of Easter is the egg. If you are formulating a cosmetic product there are a number of egg ingredients, mostly for hair conditioning and skin moisturization.

Defatted Egg Yolk Powder
Dried Egg Yolk
Hydrogenated Egg Oil
Hydrolyzed Egg Protein


Delivering eggs is done by the Easter bunny. While animal ingredients are almost never used in cosmetics any more there was a time in the recent past when they were. The hessinfeferous ingredient for cosmetics is…

Rabbit Fat


Finally, another universal symbol of Easter is flowers and specifically the Tulip. Want to add some tulips to your cosmetics, try these raw materials.

Tulipa Darwin Flower Extract – Emollient
Tulipa Gesneriana Flower Extract – Emollient
Tulipa Hybrida Flower Extract – Emollient
Tulipa Kaufmanniana Bulb Extract – Skin conditioning

So, if you’re looking for an Easter themed formulation, be sure to include some of these feature ingredients.

Happy Easter!


  1. Avatar
    Arun Kedia

    Hydrogenation of Egg Oil destroyes all the essential Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids like Docosahexanoic Acid naturally present in egg oil. It is far more beneficial to use a natural egg oil like EYOVA

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      And what does Docosahexanoic acid do for your skin?

    2. Avatar
      Prashant Agarwal

      So completely true. I found the natural egg oil EYOVA to be so effective in reversing greying and retarding hairfall.

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