This lesson introduces you to 10 types of cosmetic forms that every cosmetic chemist needs to know to become a competent formulator.   It includes information about the following topics

  • Solutions
  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • Ointments
  • Suspensions
  • Sticks
  • Gels
  • Capsules & Tablets
  • Powders
  • Aerosols

Download the slides

If you would like to download the slides, feel free to do so here.


267 thoughts on “Cosmetic Science Mini-Course Lesson 3

  1. Avatar
    andrianto says:

    I absolutely agree that as a cosmetic chemist should be familiar with all the product
    formulation being mostly used. But I also agree that we need to be specialized in
    just 2-3 types of the product as it is almost impossible to cover it all. Can’t wait to
    see the next session about testing the cosmetic products. Thanks.

  2. Avatar
    MOHANKUMAR says:

    Hi Perry,
    As Usual, a rocking presentation.
    Quite informative,educative and knowledgeable stuff.
    Thanks a lot.

  3. Avatar
    Arek says:

    hi Perry, many thanks for your excellent programs. May I please ask how do you obtain clear suspension for natural products. I am aware carbomers, polymers are great but they are synthetic. Are you aware of any natural alternative? kind rgds Arek

    • Avatar
      Perry says:

      You can try clays (although you may likely get a slightly hazy formula). If you consider Cellulosics natural you could try HEC or HPMC

  4. Avatar
    hallel says:

    Hi,Perry, thank you so much. You gave us an very very clearly 10 types of cosmetic forms, it gave me a guaid how to do fomula and what types I made.

  5. Avatar
    Christine says:

    Hi Perry. Thanks again for giving novices like me a great insight into the cosmetic industry. I wqs quite disppointed as the video stops playing approx 2/3 of the way through so I did get to hear any pointers you might have mentioned which is not in the download slides. Can you fix it? Thanx in advance.

    • Avatar
      Perry says:

      Hello Christine – so sorry you are having a problem. I played the video and it works for me. Perhaps there was a temporary problem on your network?

  6. Avatar
    Theresa Sebastian says:

    Thank you for the excellent beginners course for my daughter who is interested to become a cosmetics chemist.
    This is really a start for her.

  7. Avatar
    Roza says:

    very very informative! loved it! now(lesson 3) i guess my basic knowledge about cosmetic chemistry is being recharged for real! thank u 🙂

  8. Avatar
    Amber says:

    Hi Perry,
    Thanks so much for the videos! I’m not really sure where to go from here but I’ll keep digging around on your site and hopefully will find some discussions relating to some things I have questions on. Thanks again for all your hard work!

  9. Avatar
    Kelly says:

    Thank you again Perry, As a professional skin care therapist, my client base is interested in the products they are using and the more confident I am in the production and processing of these products the more confident my clients are in my ability to care for and guide them.

  10. Avatar
    Donald says:

    nice one from you .but sorry i can’t watch it from mobile and my email can’t open on pc coz of dat i’ve opened another email to register with yoqt thanks

  11. Avatar
    Cheryl says:

    Thanks Perry. Once again you are able to deliver an overview of a complex industry in an easy to understand manner. I look forward to your 4th video.

  12. Avatar
    Kingsley Kesiie says:

    Hi Perry,
    This is fairly straight forward stuff that was fairly well put together and easily understood. Looking forward to the fourth series. Thanks.

  13. Avatar
    Kate says:

    I didn’t know that toothpaste is considered to be an ointment! I always find some interesting little factoid in your presentations that I either didn’t know or just never thought about! Looking forward to part 4.

  14. Avatar
    Maria Dela Cruz says:

    This part of your mini course is very helpful for incoming cosmetic chemist and it is also serves as a review for other chemist in the industry. Thanks for your hard work to impart your knowledge in the whole industry.

  15. Avatar
    Gayani says:

    Dear Perry,
    Thanks a lot. I appreciate your job which is much more helpful to me as a formulator.
    waiting for more descriptive sample formulas.

  16. Avatar
    Joshua says:

    Hello Perry, thanks for such educative and eye opening videos. This third presentation really puts things in perspective for me, as an up and coming cosmetic chemist/formulator. Even with a strong background in chemistry and microbiology, i feel humbled by such concise presentations. thank you once again.

  17. Avatar
    bopa says:

    Thank you very much to make these videos available! Very good as a reminder/ introduction to the foundation of cosmetic formulation.

  18. Avatar
    Sherry says:

    thank you very mch for a very good presentation, recently I am fomulation a very acid product and ph is about 1, for peeling the skin. But I try several emusifer, it’s still hard to stable. Could you give me some suggestion?
    Thanks and Best regards

  19. Avatar
    Sherry says:

    Thank you very mch for a very good presentation, it’s very helpful. May I ask a questionrecently I am fomulating a very acid product and pH is about 1, for peeling the skin. But I try several emusifer, it’s still hard to stable. Could you give me some suggestion?
    Thanks and Best regards

  20. Avatar
    Efi says:

    A very good and informative presentation with all the types of cosmetic forms that you might run into through your career. Thank you Perry!!

  21. Avatar
    Natalia says:

    Dear Perry, thank you very much for your presentations.
    I never used any special cosmetic products for my skin. They say that I am looking 10 years younger and I find it is very nice compliment.
    Anyway last time the subject about cosmetic products excites me and I read, learn more and more about creams, soaps, shampoos…
    I have the Master degree of anorganic chemistry and was 20 years chemistry teacher at secondary school. Strange that only now I start feel something very special for homemade cosmetic products.
    Now it is my very hot hobby, I feel almost addicted on the process of creating a new natural soaps and creams. I believe you will give some advices for homemade natural cosmetic.

  22. Avatar
    geofrey says:

    sorry, my name is geofrey from tanzania, can someone help me about a detailed process flow chart for production of skin oil( petrolleum jelly)? and what are the routine tests and testing equipment for skin oil?

  23. Avatar
    Kamkar says:

    Thank you perry , it was very useful information. I think ointments usually have one oily phase , but toothpaste has not oily base , why in your category toothpaste is in this gorup ,Pls guide me
    Thans and best regards

  24. Avatar
    Shawn says:

    This is a great video to show the many options you have for creating your own products. Really opens up the world of cosmetics for the individual and allows them to be inspired to create something great and unique.

  25. Avatar
    Zahra says:

    Hi Perry, Thank you for the video. I was hoping some formulation would be shared for each product type with some explanation. I am a chemist in career transition. I would like to transition into cosmetics chemistry. You explanations have overall been very helpful. Thank you.

  26. Avatar
    Steven says:

    Always informative. The course provides great insight and provokes new questions each time I review.
    I was wondering if there is a ‘rule of thumb’ when or what part of the year formulators begin developing new application specific products such as sun care, color cosmetics , moisturizers etc .I was once told that such a ‘schedule’ exists and that certain product formulations are season specific as far as when the development begins.

  27. Avatar
    yaoyushan says:

    Very good presentation and useful information, thank you very much,
    but I can mot open lesson 1. Could you help? Thank you very much.

  28. Avatar
    PETER M says:

    Simple intro nicely presented. I would like to have more info about the safety aspects of the ingredients, safety and environmental considerations. A little info about equipment used could be helpful.
    A good intro , thank you

  29. Avatar
    dimitra says:

    Great! The little chemist I always had inside me is waking!
    I am just a little bit cautious about using some ingredients, because not all ingredients used by cosmetics industry are skin or enviromental friendly.
    I would really appreciate if you provided us with a lesson concerning that issue!

    • Avatar
      Perry Romanowski says:

      The ingredients used in the cosmetic industry are tested for safety and effectiveness (it is illegal to sell unsafe cosmetics in the US).

  30. Avatar
    Ayana says:

    This is very informative! I’m a chemistry major and these videos are giving me a lot of insight into this world of cosmetic science, thank you

  31. Avatar
    Divya Ghanshani says:

    I have just completed my 12th grade and would like to know which is a better option for an undergraduate course if i want to become a cosmetic formulator? A Bachelors of Science in Chemistry or chemical engineering?
    Thank you

  32. Avatar
    Kaif says:

    Dear Mr. Perry
    This was highly informative for someone like me who is planning to make a living by making creams etc in Pakistan.
    I did my high school with science . I have had a great passion for making cosmetics but never knew where to start from.
    Your lectures have given me a lot of hope regarding my passion.
    I want to learn a lot more from you Sir and I hope you will help me out in this matter,
    Regards. Pl. reply me if you can. I’ll be honoured. Thanks.

  33. Avatar
    ramadoss kothandaraman seethapathi says:

    we are thankful t u…
    u r not only sharing formulas.but making us to earn our daily bread butter&jam,if we are really serious…already we are mfg.herbal toothpaste(siddha system of medicine) which is paying us well…..

  34. Avatar
    Lori Lagos says:

    Thaks Perry for the lessons. Ther are very useful to me and to some of the people who works with me and want to make a career into cosmetic industry. I wish you continue sharing with us your knowledge. Can´t wait to watch the next lesson.

  35. Avatar
    Margaret says:

    I can only think of one improvement to this segment: have a photograph of each of the product types. For example, in the OINTMENTS, have a photo of a 1st aid ointment, and one of toothpaste.
    Well-written and well-performed!

  36. Avatar
    Leonard John says:

    Am surprised you are yet to acknowledge or address my comments regarding not being able to see the videos of any of the lessons. Please kindly address and revert accordingly.

    • Avatar
      Perry Romanowski says:

      Some people have had to update their browsers to see the video. It works on my system and most of the other people who see them. Try viewing the site using either the Chrome browser or Firefox. They are both free installs.

  37. Avatar
    Lourdes Ayala says:

    Thank you! Do you have to be a chemist to create formulas for body products? I noticed that the formulation seems to require professional background in measurings and ingredients…

  38. Avatar
    mrs peter glory says:

    thanks a lot for this information i wil l follow it up,and God bless u i am an industrial chemist but i have learnt so much,from ur slides.

  39. Avatar
    Rocio García says:

    Thanks for share this information.
    I have a question, what percentage of total actives of surfactants should have a conditioning shampoo?
    I really appreciate your help!

  40. Avatar
    V Carlson says:

    I just dabble and make some products for family and friends, but am very much enjoying your series. It is informative, and presented in a way which is interesting, shows the science behind the methods and products, but also is easy to understand for those of us who don’t have chemistry degrees. Thank you!

  41. Avatar
    Mary says:

    each vid gets better, can’t wait for the others, it’s been very informative for me and extremely helpful, thank you

  42. Avatar
    Edim says:

    i cannot found any video shown.
    please resend it back to me.cos am an industrial chemist by profession,which i believe it will be of good help to me.
    presently am into cosmetics production ranges from all types of cosmetics one needed.i also formulate cosmetics ingredients for clients and customer.
    please i will sincerely appreciate if you resend the video to me.
    My Regards.

  43. Avatar
    Mustapha says:

    I thank you for the very informative video. I am Chemist occupation these lessons will help me to apply my specialty in the cosmetic. Thank you

  44. Avatar
    Jose' Herrera says:

    Besides Sticks, Tablets and Aerosol, the rest of cosmetic formulation types interest me very much, thank you for the beginning course to cosmetic chemistry informative video.

  45. Avatar
    Bobbie says:

    Thank so much for these informative videos. I have turned my kitchen into a mini lab and have been dabbling for about 6months with DIY antiaging serums and creams and really appreciate the explanations and information in your videos! Please keep making videos!!

  46. Avatar
    dhanika says:

    what should i do if i really interested to do my research in cosmetic products for my undergraduate degree in chemistry(special)

    • Avatar
      Perry Romanowski says:

      Ideally you could find an internship in the industry. Or you can look up some research in the Journal of the SCC and build on what someone has already done.

  47. Avatar
    Laila says:

    Hi Perry,
    First of all I would like tothank you very much for the useful information. Is it possible to show us an example how to calculate the pourcentage of each ingredient as shown in the last example. Thanks

    • Avatar
      tina says:

      Thank u so much for this great inspirations. I do understand some. It makes me to know the area that am not doing well.
      Great one thanks.

  48. Avatar
    Obdulio Cerceño Ch says:

    Hello Perry, I am back on track. So far with this 3rd course there are so much informations to consider and expand into additional investigations. I will go through out all the courses. I am glad you are helping out to bring up the genius spark everyone has within…

  49. Avatar
    Mike Shay says:

    Great series. I’m an American living in the Philippines. There is such a great wealth of plant products here, but technical info for converting to usable form is lacking. Your information has been most helpful.

  50. Avatar
    Hieu says:

    This is a good summing present for overview. Do you continue to present details such as problems or solutions we can meet when creating formulas for each types?

  51. Avatar
    Seema says:

    It is just a brief introduction.I was expecting the detail formula.Please elaborate this video as i want to know more.

  52. Avatar
    Rebecca Owens says:

    Another great video! Very informative and helpful for someone like myself who doesn’t come from a science background. Thanks Perry!

  53. Avatar
    JulietK says:

    Truly a great series. A very clear, straight-to-the-point synthesis. My heartfelt thanks to Perry for the excellent job he’s doing with this forum in providing valuable information about cosmetics and their industrial background. Keep up the good work!

  54. Avatar
    Kim Pelletier says:

    Thank you for another great lesson! The information is so helpful and clearly presented. I am looking forward to the next segment!

  55. Avatar
    Angelica says:

    Thanks again for the presentation. Would there be an actual practical product formulation of body lotions, creams, serums, masks etc for all skin types including skin lightening, pigmentation, acne and so on, during in the course?

    • Avatar
      Perry Romanowski says:

      Actual formulas are presented but only as demonstrations. This isn’t a course in which you follow step-by-step to make a formula.

  56. Avatar
    Izabela says:

    Thank you Perry, it was a great presentation, very clear and straight-to-the-point. I look forward fourth presentation.

  57. Avatar
    Margarita says:

    Thank you Perry! It’s good to have all this information in one place. I can’t think of an example; how are tablets used in color cosmetics?

  58. Avatar
    Walter says:

    would be ideal to have lessons that drill down on the formulation of typical products with respect to percentages and procedures for assembly

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