Cosmetic Science lesson 1
This lesson introduces you to the cosmetic industry. It includes information about the following topics

  • Definition of a cosmetic
  • Market size of the cosmetic industry
  • Distribution of sales around the world
  • Types of companies in the cosmetic industry
  • Jobs that scientists do in the industry

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850 thoughts on “Cosmetic Science Mini-Course Lesson 1

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    Nancy Liedel says:

    I liked it. Since I have a formulary at my home and will continue to work that way, I have a job. I’m working from my lab to stay home for my boys (special needs and a 14 year old attitude with my kid under there somewhere). If I wanted to go out and look, this information would be invaluable to me. For the college student wondering about cosmetic science, you give a nice wake-up call, in everything, about how much their chemistry degrees are worth straight out of school. That’s a shocker to me.

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      mohammed hafez says:

      I am Mohamed Hafez
      Gaza City – Palestine
      I holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Chemistry
      In fact, the report provides a wonderful and smooth
      I hope that permeated interest
      I work in the cosmetics industry and started working at home
      I have many products for hair care and skin
      But I want to ask about how the introduction of herbal extract in a mixture of face cream or hair
      Will keep this herbal extract value from vitamins and compounds for skin care?
      What about vitamin E? Does Vitamin E bears the boiling point or break down and turn into something harmful to skin?
      Please advise me

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        Pradeep Deo says:

        Hi , regarding Herbal extracts , in some cases , in order to standardize the qualities , they are blended with vegetable oils or other organic excipients . Even though the Herbal extracts are added in small dosages , care should be taken the medium used for the standardization of the Herbal extract and the other ingredients in the product are compatible………Regarding Vitamin E break down, feel , a generalized opinion cannot be given , unless all the parameters are known…………

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        Alexandra says:

        I make skin cream from Calendula officinalis by boiling it for short time, less than 20 sec. and the cream effects are great. I am sure that the high temperature reduces or harms the vitamins and herbs constituents, you can verify that, but herbs have such great therapeutic properties that remain still after heat treatment. You can try not to do a thermal treatment, but the exposure time has to be longer.
        Good luck!

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    Chrysa says:

    Thank you!
    A really good job. I never knew that there were so many kinds of jobs inside cosmetics industry.
    I’m looking forward for the second part.

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    Kevin Katechis says:

    This is an exciting program and you present the material in a very comprehensive format. I hope this will help alot of people who want to get into this industry.

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    Michele Shackelford says:

    I really enjoyed the overview–but I purchased the larger course–I got sidetracted, but am ready to get back to studying and I need to find the link–where do I go?

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    Gwen Wiggins says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. It is great for students to see that chemistry provides products which are near and dear to them. Also, this presentation shows the many aspects of the industry which will be of interest to students. This could really spark an interest in students.

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    Rebecca Midkiff says:

    This was a good basic overview of the industry in easy to understand terms.
    I was particularly interested in the breakdown of dollars spent in various areas of the world and what percent goes to each particular industry.
    Thanks Perry for your efforts.

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    Gostei muito das informaí§íµes, a industria cosmética realmente emprega muito gente, sí£o vários postos de trabalho dentro dela. eu fiz curso de cosmetologia gostei muito, o brasil esta em 3o. ou 2o. lugar em consumo de cosméticos.
    I really enjoyed the information, the cosmetic industry employs many people really are different jobs within it. I did really like cosmetology course, Brazil is in third. or second. place in consumption of cosmetics.

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    charbel haddad says:

    Thank you for sharing this information and It’s very usueful for chemists students to have a larger view of their job opportunities.
    What was new and intresting to me is knowing the sales distribution of Cosmetics around the World.
    I will be waiting for the Coming courses.
    Thank you perry for your efforts

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    Raquel says:

    This was a very good video of an overview of the cosmetic industry. For most, including myself, it is very important to know the entire puzzle you are a piece of. Also gives some interesting facts about the annual income for the cosmetic industry. Overall very good video, excited for the next.

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    LTCartwright says:

    I really didn’t know that cosmetics was such a “broad meaning” field. This was interesting and informative and the way you brought it forward was very good. I’m hoping to be able to take course soon, thank you for your efforts.

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    Cindy says:

    Great job again! I think you’ve done an excellent job at providing people with a broad spectrum of the types of professions within the cosmetic industry. Oftentimes, we don’t associate science with cosmetics and it’s great that this video is available to introduce people to this type of career. I certainly wish this was available when I was in undergrad.
    Looking forward to your next video!

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    TGrier says:

    Thanks Perry for giving us key insights to the cosmetic industry. No longer the puzzle piece for an outsider as you presented us the full picture of an insider.

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    Tolu Ade says:

    thank you kindly Perry! this was informative and useful to me, especially as an individual just starting off in the industry. It would be helpful if you could suggest places to find Cosmetic Industry Jobs. Thanks again

    • Avatar
      Perry says:

      @Tolu – take a look at the main blog and look under the ‘career’ category. We have written a few articles about finding cosmetic industry jobs. Good luck!

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    andrianto says:

    Hi Perry,
    Thanks for sharing such valuable information. Having a comprehensive tour about industrial cosmetic and its element give & refreshing idea about what the cosmetic industry!Now, I got a global sight about cosmetic industry and all related to this.. can’t wait for the next session of the course. I’ll documentate this to my file, in case I have to make a presentation or something like that.

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    Mandisa says:

    Thank you very much for this information it helps bring back my love for becoming a cosmetic scientist. My love cosmetics faded when I was told that this industry is exhausted but when I see on the chart it is not. Thanks a lot.

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    Rebekka says:

    Hi, thanks for this overview, it was interesting and informative! Glad you included a bit of European info as well! Looking forward to the next one!

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    Amy says:

    Thanks so much! It’s nice to see how real companies work. We are seriously lacking in several of those departments. It’s nice to see how a REAL company works 🙂

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    Gary Neudahl says:

    Nice job, Perry!
    I will note, though, that the vast majority of toothpastes in the United States are over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, and not cosmetics, as a result of their fluoride ion content, which strengthens the structure of the teeth towards preventing cavities (microbial infiltration).
    Adding to your comments on compensation, generally QA chemists are at the bottom, then analytical chemists, then formulating chemists, and then the technically and interpersonally competent salesperson, right there at the top!

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    megha jain says:

    Hey Perry,
    I got very fascinated by watching your video.It’s really nice and knowledgeable…i got to know many things about cosmetics and their scope…i really look forward for more such things…

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    Ernesto Leon says:

    Twenty minutes of video give the knowledge of twenty years of work; with practical and specific theory that the formulator need

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    Thembi Mtombeni says:

    Perry, Wow! I am more than impressed. I graduated with a diploma in cosmetic science last november. I have used a lot of info from your blog as a student. Now as I am working on my own line you have just made my day since the list of cosmetic jobs or professions is going to be my starting point for planning the human resource compliment of my new company. I have learnt a lot of real life information as I am a novice full of theory. You make a great consultant because what I learnt in three months during training is much less than what is in your 20 minutes video! Great work, looking forward to the next.

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    Gillian says:

    Interesting presentation, and perhaps I will consider this industry. HOwever I was most surprised that the cosmetics are not allowed to have proven active ingredients.

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    Eliza says:

    Thank you so much, Perry, this is such a great video! Thank you for taking Europe into account as well! Off to watch the next one.

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    Vivian says:

    The information provided is excellent for someone considering cosmetic science and has not made up his or her mind yet. You give the nuts and bolts and interesting facts about the industry as a whole. Thank you!

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    Vanessa says:

    Very good and informative presentation. Very grateful for being able to access a little bit of your knowlegde. Thank you!

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    Lois says:

    I think it was a great presentation was great and from reading some of the statements missed some of your presentations. I am insterested in learning how to make skin supplies and I need basic information.

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    hallel says:

    This is a wonderful video of an overview of the cosmetic industry.I work in the cosmetics industry for many years but I do not know very clearly. From this video, it will be very cleanly what job I realy like. Thanks very much, excited for the next.

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    Jose C (Spain) says:

    Magní­fica presentación. Gracias por mostrárnosla. Seguro que se puede profundizar en los temas, pero la idea es muy buena para los que quieren trabajar en esta industria. Hay nueva legislación europea que tendrás que actualizar antes de julio 2013.
    Superb presentation. Thanks for it. Surely you can delve into the issues, but the idea is very good for those who want to work in this industry. There is a new European legislation (CE 1223/2009) that you must upgrade before July 2013.

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    Snowy says:

    This is a great and informative overview of the cosmetic introduction as well as different job prospectives offered in the cosmetic industry. This is what I have been looking for in order to gain more knowledge in this field. Thank you so much for the presentation and I look forward to the next video. Thanks! 🙂

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    Aicha says:

    Thanks Perry! This was a fantastic presentation on the interdisciplinary facets within the cosmetic industry–a great resource for students and those looking to work in this field. I look forward to upcoming videos. 🙂

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    Kim Swilpa says:

    Hey Perry! Great job with this! I have forwarded it on to a new hire in our organization as I think it’s the perfect introduction to ‘the industry’. Sorry it took me so long to finally view, but busy making all that money and visiting Rock Stars!

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    Ky says:

    Perry, you’ve done a great job with the presentation….all the information is fantastic; most importantly, you’re creating real value for those interested in how to make a living in the cosmetic industry!

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    Colin says:

    I enjoyed the lesson, found it very educational and informative, and further strengthened my interest in the Cosmetics industry. I am looking forward to the next sets of videos.

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    syed zulfiqar says:

    excilent vidios for lerning. please send me 2 lesson . i want to prepare cteric acid recepies for skin whiting cream, please help me in this regards.
    send me instruction how to make a skin whiting cream with complete formulation. and also send me whose chemical is used for mixing of water oils and cteric acid. what is uses of borix acid.

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    myra says:

    Thank You so much for this wonderful presentation it was not only informative but is was also motivating being that iam a beginner in this wonderful industry i look foward to the next lesson

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    La Tronda Lumpkins says:

    My nine year old daughter now has a growing interest in science because of this video. She first wanted to be a fashion designer, then a make-up artist, now she is more interested in how to formulate cosmetics and did not see it possible until the video. She now sees why I want her to become a chemist. We own a company making all natural hair and skin care products. She has been helping me since she was old enough to count. Now she sees a greater relevance in mixing and formulating. Thank you for helping me and her understand the industry better.

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    Emma says:

    This is a great video. I am a CHE student and this really helps me in finding a job in the cosmetic industry in the future.
    I hope I can work with a cosmetic research group as training and experience.

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    Jan says:

    Thanks for the great overview about the industry. I’m thinking of making my mid-career switch to becoming a cosmetic scientist but I do not have any relevant degree or experience. I don’t mind starting from scratch. Anyone has any advice for me?

    • Avatar
      Diana Lee says:

      Okay, you have have no relevant degrees, you would need at least a bachelors in chemistry or biology or both. If you are doing biology, make sure you pick relevant papers such as microbiology, cellular/molecular biology, biochemistry or even genetics. Usually cosmetic scientist have a chemist degree. If you go for a chemistry degree, you’d probably want to specialize in emulsions, organics or maybe even analytic chemistry. I’m from New Zealand so I’m not sure how the system would work in your country, but do try to go for internships or studentships your university will provide. You could even offer to volunteer to work in a lab during the summer (preferably in your last year of your degree). In New Zealand, there is very little opportunity so you might actually get a job in a nutrition lab first as a QA or a compounder, then land a job at a cosmetics manufacturer. Enthusiasm is a must. Also, a good way to start is by researching the effects of chemicals used in everyday skincare that you may use to be more knowledgeable in this area. A good, trustable website is

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    jalal says:

    i am jalal and i have 9 year exp of cosmetics products i have so many country exp asia,arab,africa and i know all formula of cosmetic, cleaning and soap products

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    Vivian Couto says:

    I really liked this first lesson of the course because it helped me to find out the area I most like in the cosmetic industry, that is the lab, once I already have worked in one, but I didn’t had knowledge about all this job oportunities. Thank you, Perry.

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    Vicky says:

    I loved the introduction, definitely a job well done!!!! I’m so glad I came across Chemists Corner. As a licensed Cosmetology Instructor and working in the beauty field for years, I went back to school for a chemistry degree. Now, I will be able to know what field I will enjoy and most importantly to love what I do. Thank you, Perry =)

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    Althea Ra says:

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for taking the time out to make this video. Is is extremely informative. I am an analytical chemist who lost my job in the pharmaceutical industry and was doing a search on formulation chemist and cosmetic chemistry when I came upon your page. Being a certified makup artist as well, I am very passionate about color cosmetics and skincare cosmetics. So with the love for both chemistry and cosmetics I know I will not only be motivated, but determine. Thank you again for the information that would help me on my path/ decision on becoming a cosmetic chemist.

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    Evette says:

    very informative indeed for one entering the cosmetic industry. Easier for us too who are also in the industry to disseminate infos you cited in your lesson.

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    Jean says:

    Wow! Very informative and interesting. My only education in this field has been acheived through books and research on the internet. Yet I have been formulating my own (and some of my families) cosmetics for years. My products are very good but I need to know more about the industry and how to market my own formulas. This has been very helpful in that regard. Much more than I expected.

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    Imali says:

    Thanks alot! I knew I wanted to be a cosmetic chemist but I had no idea how anything works in the industry. This lesson really helped me decide what I would like to focus on.

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    sylvia says:

    Thank you very much, it is so clearly
    i would had liked to have this information when it was in the university
    Go on, you help us very much

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    Tere says:

    Very usufull information to have a point of view abouth cosmetic industry, its very important to know abouth general topics when you want to work in this fields.

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    Mano says:

    Hi Perry,
    It’s really interesting and useful lesson. Especially about different job opportunities in this big industry.
    May I know the carrier for Trainers in Cosmetic Industry?
    Thank you.

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    Maureen says:

    I like how you broke down each process and included the types of job opportunities in these sectors. You make a great instructor!

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    Rosie says:

    Nice brief overview of cosmetic industry especially for new comer and for someone looking for specialisation in the cosmetic field. cosmetic

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    ISLAM says:

    Thank you!
    A really good job. I never knew that there were so many kinds of jobs inside cosmetics industry.
    I’m looking forward for the second part. THANKS A LOT

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    Juliana Vicente says:

    Hi Perry,
    Great intro, thank you very much! Looking forward to get into the technical part 🙂
    You just didn’t mention about creating your own cosmetics as an option for the formulator chemist. Will you be covering this in the future?
    Thank you 🙂

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    Bedour M says:

    That was a great and rich lesson for me, I’ve learned many things, I didn’t imagine that cosmetic industry has all of those specialists and scientists each one has his/her specific field in the industry, I’ve also learend what is exactly cosmetics, I thought it’s only the makeup like lipsticks, foundations, eyeshadows and etc. are cosmetics
    I truly thank you Perry <3
    blessings for all of you

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    B. Mbanya says:

    Thanks Perry!
    Quite a comprehensive introductory package with much insight into cosmetics industry segmentation and sectors of activities where it is easier to find a job as a cosmetics chemist.

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    Emmanuel says:

    This is quite cpmprehensive,concise and rich. Infact, there are many scientist in the field that is not aware of this division. Really apreciate this..That quite good of handwork. Looking forward for the other parts of the lesson. Good job..

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    Ashley says:

    This video was very informative. I like how you connected college subjects to the specific careers. I was able to get a brief understanding of various jobs in the cosmetic field. I do not think I would enjoy sales as much as I would enjoy being in a laboratory, so this information was helpful. Thank you!

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    Janet says:

    Thank you. Lesson One gave a good overview for the infustry and integrate the various components/environment essential to keep the industry dynamic.

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    Fructus says:

    Thank you! But one thing re slide Nr 17 – are countries like Norway, Sweden really Eastern Europe?….
    Besides, I think pdf slides could be little bit lighter – it takes quite long time to download.
    Anyway, thanks for that! Looking forward for next material! 😉

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    Bowen says:

    Thank you! The video was really helpful and I got to know the overview of the cosmetic industry. I’m currently a first year undergraduate studying chemistry and i wanna become a great formulator in the cosmetic industry. Please advise me!

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    MANISH says:

    Hi, Perry
    Thanks , Given GREAT Knowledge about Cosmetic industry & Market .I’m looking forward for the second part.
    I started working at home & I want to know More about cosmetic preparations.
    Please Can you tell me how can i get your Certificate in Cosmetic Chemistry?
    Can it will helpful for getting Licence of cosmetic industry ?

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    Diane says:

    Thanks for the information. It was very insightful. Gave me food for thought and even answered some questions I had. Looking forwards to the next video. 😀

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    Jose says:

    Thanks Perry,
    I really enjoyed the video. I cant wait for the next one. I’m a Cosmetologist working in the Industry since 1992. For the past 2 years I have totally changed the way I work. I now approach hair in a scientific way. Where can I find out more about the ingridients on a back of a label.
    I currently have my own product labels. I’m keeping them professional and selling them strickley to hair salons. I’m very creative and was looking for a way that I could create my own products and some how landed on your website. How long is the program for Biochemistry? I’m considering going back to school. My dream is to create my own products and and educate other salon professionals on there uses. That way they will be able to know how to approach hair and be successful in the beauty industry.
    Thanks again,

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    Christie says:

    Thanks so much for producing and sharing this video. I am new to the cosmetics field; I am a food scientist. I can’t wait for the next one.

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    Fatima says:

    I thought the video was clear with introductory information that leaved me with high expectations for what is to come.
    Concise and clear.
    Thank you Perry!

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    Gabrielle says:

    Very informative. This video lets me know that chemistry and cosmetics go hand in hand. Looking forward to the second video. Thanks!

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    Bianca says:

    I’m a current high school senior, and I knew I wanted to do chemistry in life– however, I didn’t know there were careers in cosmetics! It’s combining my two favorite things in the world. Thank you for providing an introduction like this. I’m very intrigued and it strengthens my desire to become a cosmetic chemist.
    One last question: Are cosmetic chemists the ones who create products such as Proactive, SkinID, etc.?
    Thank you again!

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    Helena Ribeiro says:

    Hi Perry
    Great presentation about the role of chemists in the cosmetic industry!
    Thanks a lot, I found it very inspiring!

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    Régis says:

    Thanks for the video i really appreciated to know how things work out there! By the way do you think it’s possible for someone without a high school grade, but who really enjoy chemistery and who’s willing to put time and effort to learn to start a cosmetic line and sell it.
    p.s.: Im living in Canada, Quebec and i dont know either if i need some school grade to formulate, i mean with the laws.

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    Linda Crenshaw says:

    We enjoy lesson 1. It was interesting to know what can be considered cosmetics. By listening to the interesting titles of chemistry my daughter and I discovered we want to be tech service and formular. We have a makeup bar of which we have idea to relax our clients and need some assistance in our ideas to launch our business plans. We look forward to the 44 page review and the second class.
    Our goal is to some day have our on makeup line and cologne and perfume for men and women.

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    M.Nadeen says:

    A fruitful effort resulting in great interest and passion for a general FMCG formulator like me. I really appreciate the the availability of this training which is rare to find in my country in a course-outline. I will try my best to visit this forum daily and to put farward my experiences in this field of cosmetic science.
    Thansks to all endureing for betterment of life and living

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    Cassandra says:

    Thank you for the video. It was very informative. I currently hold a BS. in Chemistry and am hoping to make my own natural hair care product for African Americans. Im interested in learning more from your site.

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    Izabela says:

    Great presentation, very informative with very well organize overview of cosmetic industry.
    I had pleasure to meet you in person couple years ago in Oshawa (Ontario) introductory course lecture and I was very pleasure with the knowledge that you share with the students. Your side is also very informative,
    I am holding BS. In Chemistry from another country and I am working for last 5 years for Color group. I I am hoping one day to become fully develop formulator in Color Formulations.
    So at this point I my career I am looking for more detail information about formulation in Lipsticks, Lipglosses, Foundations, ES, and Blushes
    For example I would like to learn
    -Why some lipstick are sweating or bleeding,
    -What are best raw materials are to be used to get desirable texture
    -What is optimal ratio of waxes in the lipstick formulation?
    So far I found from books very general idea about formulations with very wide range of % of waxes / emollients/ pigments
    -Is there any master formula that would ensure always successful formulation if applied raw material is within the specs.
    Looks like there are not much information out there, not very well organize
    If there is any way you could create course about specifically color part of cosmetics in more details, discuss some examples formulations and for examples interaction of the raw materials and why they are use in specific formulation, maybe some troubleshooting. Looks like somebody like you with all your knowledge and experience need to systemize at least basic what we know about formulations so far and help people like me. Regretfully Course in Oshawa was put on hold for couple years now. I manage to do only introductory part.
    Maybe you know any other side that could be helpful in this matter
    I would really appreciate your advice and information,

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    Cheryl says:

    Your video is very educational and insightful. Typically, consumers are unaware of the resources required to develop, test, manufacture, package and market a product. While you focused on the career opportunities in the cosmetic world, it was also an education on the overall production of a product. I look forward to the other videos.

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    Robert Holshuijsen says:

    Dear Perry,
    Thank you very much for this insight, I am much looking forward to the next. I am working as a sales person of private label aerosol cosmetics in Europe. As a Msc geologist I have a basic chemistry background but would like to improve this with focus on cosmetics in order to have better discussions with our retail customers and r&d.

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    Justus says:

    Dear Perry
    I am very luck to land on your instructional materials. I am now more than encouraged that I shall achieve my target. Thank you so much. You are a real teacher

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    Helen Deng says:

    Like your video very much!
    I am a student of chemical engineering in uni.
    Do I need to take a master in chemistry in order to work in research cosmetics?

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    Eldrie Burgers says:

    Thank you this video was a lot of help. I have been wondering about the different careers one can follow once doing cosmetic science.

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    amera says:

    Thanks dear perry
    I really enjoyed your lectures no.1 and 2 and found it informative although I studied pharmacy but cosmetics were not included in our syllibus

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    Courtney says:

    I absolutely loved the presentation. It was very thorough and covered a lot of valuable information. I do not have my degree in a physical science; is this a problem if I want to become a cosmetic chemist? Maybe a better question would be how likely is it that I would find a job or be successful formulating my own line without a physical science background? I do plan to take your full course- would an employer acknowledge that since it’s not affiliated with an accredited college? Thanks so much for your time and for putting together a great presentation.

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    olympia says:

    Wow what a useful video! Although I live in Greece and most of these jobs don’t even exist here, I find it really useful to know how it all works! I make my own brand in a very small scale. I learn something new every day thanks to you! Keep filling us with passion about cosmetics!

    • Avatar
      George says:

      Dear Olympia,
      I am a chemist and do R&D in cosmetic products. I am based in Athens, Greece and would like to come into contact with you. My number is 6972-812918. Looking forward to it. George.

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    Kate says:

    Very informative! I already knew I wanted to be the rock star, but if I didn’t know what I wanted to do this presentation would definitely have helped me to decide. It mentioned some things I never really thought about before… such as the exact definition of a cosmetic. Make-up is just one of those things that you see every day, take for granted, and don’t particularly feel the need to define, even if you make or wear it. I liked the choice of slides- especially the rock star and the cheesy salesman- I think I liked him the best. Reminded me of Herb Tarlick from WKRP. Except his suit was better. I also like that you put your face up in the corner and we can see you talking- so it’s actually more like being in a lecture. Great job! I will check out lesson two soon because I see it’s in my inbox already, too! Thank you, Perry!

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    xizhong says:

    Hi ,
    Its a helpful video, i get to know more about cosmetics science. Im 18 this year and about to end a-levels this june . im interested in this industry but dont know which undergraduate course will lead me to this industry and which country is the best to study the course so that i have a higher career opportunity after graduation?

  83. Avatar
    Maria Dela Cruz says:

    Hi Perry,
    It is really inspiring to learn more on the first part of your lesson both for people who are planning to be in the industry and for people who are in the industry already. I’m sure your course will help a lot of people in our industry. Thanks for sharing us your knowledge.
    Best Regards,

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    Debra says:

    Hi , I downloaded this short course before enroling into the Diploma Course and Thanks to quality and information that you deliver I will be enrolling into your full course.

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    Despina T says:

    I am a chemist from Cyprus. I am passionate with cosmetics and I found your video very interesting, especially the part with the roles of a chemist in the Cosmetic Industry. Its very helpful for a person with no experience in this industry.

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    Joshua says:

    Hello, I just completed viewing the first mini lesson and i really enjoyed it. I must say it really has encouraged me to step up my efforts to start my own range of skin care and hair care products. still in the preliminary phases of formulating, testing and soliciting public views. Thanks for the information.

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    Meagan says:

    Really exciting with this information
    I hope this is a good start for me to introduce about cosmetics deeper in my college
    Make me more spiritfull ^o^
    Thank You

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    SteveC says:

    I am not a chemist by training but work in the industry. I found your program useful and easy to understand. It has encouraged me to learn more about the industry.

  89. Avatar
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        Chemical engineering is mostly for jobs in Process engineering. But if you get a degree in cosmetic science you could get formulation jobs.

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    Many thanks for such a good presentation!

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      Hello Gill,
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      Perry, 44

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    About the differences between legislation in the US and Europe: interesting is that in the EU allergens (of a specified list of 26) should be on the label of each cosmetic article!

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      Perry Romanowski says:

      That data is from 2008 but it’s probably relatively the same. In general products in the EU are more expensive than those in the US so perhaps that could explain the difference.

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      Perry Romanowski says:

      It depends on your level of experience and where the job is located but starting for most positions would be about $35,000 / year.

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    Do you think such job position exists? And is it the right job title? And if yes, is purchasing dep. the right category for it?
    Thank you in advance for the answer 🙂

    • Avatar
      Perry Romanowski says:

      Purchasing isn’t exactly the same as sales. But it would be a great place for a chemist as you will develop an idea of what ingredients could be replacements for other ingredients. The description you give sounds like it’s a technical services job.

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      Perry Romanowski says:

      I’d suggest you try a different browser. Or ‘right-click’ on the video and choose ‘save as’. That should work.

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      Perry Romanowski says:

      Thanks for the kind words.
      No, organic products are not more safe. It is just a marketing gimmick to get people to pay more money for products. Cosmetics are not causing cancer. There are no compounds that you need to worry about since cosmetic products are safety tested.

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    or often more markup it is more than worth the effort,
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    all in-house operations, GRAS ingredients, approved pigments & dyes/lakes,
    appropriate preservation systems (or just forget water altogether…. can make it easier)
    the FDA regulations are not to comply with, nor is maintaining a clean workspace
    compared to the dirty fingers used to apply product, now that i have typed all this
    i just realized i am still really just a saleman, conviencing new clients to believe my expertise
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      In some cases they are the same. But the basic difference is that a contract manufacturer produces products for other people while a finished goods manufacturer makes products for its own brand.

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