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    Thank you.

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    Thank you for the sharing , it is a great video with so much information. looking forward for the next video and preservation topic.

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    Very interesting. Looking forward to the next video.

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    Great video useful information

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    Ajayi Omolade

    Nice video! It was very enlightening and as an upcoming cosmetic entrepreneur, it’s very important to develop products that actually work. This has been an enlightening session for me and has also helped to ignite the passion for developing my own brand even more. Thanks Perry!

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    Great Video, thanks for sharing. Please keep them coming!

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    Candy Chan

    Great information. Thank you.

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    Really enjoyed this video! Interested in signing up for this course but I’m interested in learning how to make THE MOST natural and organic products possible with the absolute smallest impact on harming the planet and people with sensitivities to chemicals. Does this course cover both synthetic and natural formulating? What percentage of the course would you say is devoted to natural formulating?

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    Thanks again Perry, your videos are very informative and inspiring. So extremely good of you to impart this knowledge, thanks.

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    Lisa-Marie Clarke

    Thanks! Great video!

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    Kim Pelletier

    Thank you for another great video filled with useful information. Looking forward to the next one!

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    Lisa Marie

    Very interesting video,I really enjoyed watching it. I learned some new things and getting some ideas of what I need to do to operate my all natural body and skin care company.

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    janet akande

    Hi Perry, Is this class currently closed? I tried to register but the rotating dial just keeps rotating in paypal…I assume it will never get to the page allowing me to pay if it’s closed

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    As always great info Perry.

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    I found your information very useful. Thank you!

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    u are doing a great job.

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    mellisa baylis

    Thank you for putting all this info out. I just signed up for your course. Looking forward to learning much more.

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      Perry Romanowski

      Thanks for joining!

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    It is very educational. Great.

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    Great information. I hope there’s still space in the ‘naturals edition’ class. Also, in the previous video you suggested taking the practical product formulation class first. Are you offering that class again soon?

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    I hope you can include the HLB system

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    Great video! Thank you!

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    Thank you for the great videos.

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    Thank you Perry for this insightful video, it will help me as I embark on my natural products formulation. Looking forward to the next one.

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    Joyce Robison

    Great information, just getting started in natural formulations. You answered some of my questions.

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    Tracy Tappin

    Awesome Perry. You made some really great points and I really enjoyed your video. I love the phrase “Never compromise safety for naturalness”. Excellent advice! Looking forward to more videos.

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    Sharon Chieko Bishop

    Thank you Perry, this what I really need to know. and Vitally Immportant. I appreciate this info. Looking forward to the next one. I am with a Organization of MOA / OPT (Mokichi Okada Asociation) Okada Purifiing therapy. We believe in totaly pure and Natural foods grown with out pestisicides . And a Spiritual Healing of Cleansing the Spiritual Body. Then Manifest inthe Physical. Eating well and excersizing is a must. The form of recieving the Therapy is faith. But to achieve Truth Virture and Beauty. And the info is very well put together. It cleared many of the pruducts you Talked about. And clear the dresser tops. I want to formulate but need to know what direction to head for. To Map things out. I have a question for you on Essential Oil. I am a former member of YLEO. And switch to DoTerra. If you can test them out for me let me not privatelly Please. Using oils for some natural perservaatives. I Trust DoTerra. But have many friends on YLEO. Contrast of Conflect. And not want to make war. But want if Mine is safe. Want to save thier life. If have facebook messenger if you want to get intouch with me. Seriouse situation. Thank you very much for the info again. It is a eye openner, before starting to Do IT MYSelf.

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    Julie Ann

    Awesome video! I’m looking forward to seeing the next ones! Greenwashing is all too common in personal products and sadly, it works. Most people fall for it. As natural product formulators, we have to make it part of our job to educate consumers about what is natural and what is “green washed”. Teach them how to read the labels!

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    Thanks Perry for providing rich information

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    Gisele Paul

    Thanks these informative videos. I learned a lot from the previous class and I am even more excited about this one, since I am more interested in this area. Look forward to the new class.

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    Enjoyed your presentation – your examples of the approaches taken by the four different companies was eye-opening and certainly helps to put things in perspective. Defining our standards and sharing that info. with our consumers is definitely a good idea! Thanks, Perry 🙂

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    seung-min Lee

    Dear Perry,
    Your lecture is so impressive.
    I enjoyed your lecture.
    As we are preparing to penetrate US market. It was very usefule to me.
    I woukd like you to invite our homepage http://www.greenhands.kr
    We are actually looking for a distributor or importer in USA.
    Since our brands GREEN HANDS /Eco Friendly Care is registered in USA, we also can consider licensing ohr brand name to whom is interested.

    Thank you for your lecture and look forward to your nect lecture.


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    vivian quinones

    I thoroughly enjoyed the content – very informative. The flow of the material and the manner in which it was presented was very easy to follow and it progressed quickly to the next topic which kept my attention focused – sometimes presenters will continuously reiterate information resulting in losing your audience – from my perspective your video had great flow! Thank you for the effort you’re obviously making to present good material. Very much looking forward to the class.

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    Hi, Perry
    It was a great video. Brilliant.. Thanks a ton
    currently working on Natural/Organic cosmetics but while formulating this kind of products need to face lots of inconveniences e. sourcing of excipients, cost of formula so how to tackle this in India??

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    George Tsatbopoulos

    Great video Perry. Is there a way to downlowd it?

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      Perry Romanowski

      Thanks George. I don’t think the website is set up to have the videos downloadable but I’ll look into it.

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    Once again, thank you for doing this video on natural cosmetics. I hope you can cover the natural/organics regulations in the industry as well.

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    Very informative. Thanks

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    Hi! I want to know some basic formulas of skin care lotions,hand cream, face wash shampoos that can be made with minimal basic ingredients and equipment and inexpensive raw materials can be personalize just by adding one extra ingredient like fragrance,colour ,creamy or serum etc etc .I want to start a kids cosmetology workshops kind of thing for birthdays or camps need lots of ideas ,(some thing by which a kid feel like a junior cosmetic chemist) .

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    Richard McLean

    Nice video. Will be on the lookout for additional information.

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    Thank you for your deep explanation

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    Melissa Chaplain

    I’m an aesthetician and always wanted to develop my own brand of skin care products. Of course, I’m just thinking starting off small and see where it takes me. I found the two videos above very informative. This is what I am looking for; making ‘natural’ yet effective products for consumers.

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      Perry Romanowski

      That will be the goal of our upcoming course.

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    Loved the video, Perry! You summarize nicely the most important issues.

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    Corazon Regalado

    I like the video, It opens my eyes about natural cosmetics, I want to learn more about this, so that I can make cosmetics that is more effective using natural ingredients and define it. I am looking forward to join the class. Thank you.

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      Perry Romanowski

      Great we are looking forward to working with you!

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    Once again you make it very easy to understand, but make it very difficult to be unique, plenty of work ahead! well done Perry thanks

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    Sarah deHebreard

    I’m getting really excited for this course! I am the type who considers emulsifiers like BTMS-50 a naturally-derived product, although it may be a stretch. I’ve always used emulsification systems like BTMS-50 and e-wax NF because the HLB system seems a little daunting; it’d be great to learn more about making my own emulsification systems with other naturally-derived ingredients using HLB.

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      Perry Romanowski

      Hello Sarah – that’s not a stretch. Aveda, Say Yes to Carrots, and Aveeno also consider ingredients like that natural.

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    Lourdes Ayala

    Wow!! Great information! Thanks.

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    Thank you in advance for all the information that you had provide me.
    My question is: what do you think of. AVEDA. products/cosmetics. How. Natural are this brand since. They claim to be 99 to 100 %. Natural derived

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      Perry Romanowski

      Aveda is about as natural as other big name brands. They use synthetically ingredients made from natural sources.

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    Well done presentation. Appreciated the insight. Thanks.

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    I think you have hit a nerve with these videos – there must be thousands of folks out there that could take great advantage from what you are offering. Good Luck!

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    Sandra Britton

    Good day yes these videos are very helpful and informative. Thank you very much and looking forward to the next video.

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    I really learn so much from the instructor despite it is an introduction course. Th e subject is very well defined and explained. I am not a savvy chemist, just an esthetician but what I have learned have certainly opened my knowledge about the definition of True Organics.
    Thank you and will continue to follow your teaching.

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    Kristen Flahary

    Hi Perry,
    Thanks for great introductory information on the Natural Cosmetics second video. Looking forward to hearing more.

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      Perry Romanowski

      Thanks!. We’ll be sending more information about the class next week.

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    Hi Perry,
    Just watched the 2nd video on nat. cosm. : Well done ! Please include also natural hair colour in the upcoming nat. cosm. course.
    Thanks for everything
    Best Regards

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    J Castellano

    Thanks Perry. Great Job! Thanks for emphasizing the marketing message to consumers.

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    Hi Perry,
    Thank you for your video2. It is very informative. I am happy that you touched the subject I love ‘Natural products’. I am in South Africa and wanting to open a natural product business. I started learning about soap and making and lotions(mainly self taught), but needed a mentor to carry my training into a business. My concern has always been that the products had a short shelf life and that caused me to panic as I do not want that to be a hazard to my clients. Please send me an email so we can communicate more.

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    Katherine Bailey

    Thank you so VERY much for putting this together for us! It is an excellent learning tool for new companies starting out like mine. I look forward to the upcoming class! Have a very wonderful evening.

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    sorry I forgot to ask more one thing. are the course going to cover how to use bee products (all of them) because I’m so interested in them and I hope to cover this big important section.

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      Perry Romanowski

      I’m sure we will cover beeswax and honey. I’m not sure how large a part of the course it will be but we will discuss it.

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    thanks a lot for this information.
    I really hope to find all what I want in the upcoming course of natural formulating that I didn’t find in other courses. I hope to learn how to make:
    serums (like the ones on market but in natural way not just oil based ones)
    deodorants (stick, cream, spray)
    shampoo & showergels ( gel, creamy form)
    cleansers (all kinds, gel, foaming, creamy…)
    eye creams & gels
    sun creams
    scrubs in professional way
    I want to learn everything but I hope the price will be affordable
    Thanks a lot

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      Perry Romanowski

      There is a lot of information to cover in the course but we will endeavor to cover as much as we can including some of those.

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    Thanks Perry for sharing these, I appreciate you put it all in an easy-to-understand video: job well done! Looking forward to seeing upcoming videos!

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    Thank you so much Perry. I am interested to do your natural formulating course, please send me more information when available.

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      Perry Romanowski

      Look for more information about the course in the next week.

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    Hi Perry,
    Your videos are always informative. However, will you cover topics on natural baby care, plant derived stem cells and plant ceramides? and. Also, I’m interested in color cosmetics as well.

    Take care,

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    Your videos teaches me a lot! I hope I can attend one of your seminars.

    Do you accept consultation?

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      Perry Romanowski

      At the moment I don’t do consultation but I may in the future.

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    Hi, it was wonderful.thank you for your time.I need to learn to created formulation.

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    Luis Eugenio D. Vinhal

    Please, let me know additional information about the PCF course…

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    Thanks for the informative videos! I have learned so much already that I am excited to see what I can learn from the course.
    I am voting with both hands and feet (lol) for you to cover color cosmetic formulating…please 🙂

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      Perry Romanowski

      Thanks for the kind words and the vote on color cosmetics!

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    Lloyd Young

    I can’t open and view the videos unfortunately. It stalls upon download.

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      Perry Romanowski

      Sorry Lloyd – there may just be too much traffic on the site at the moment. Try again later or try with a different browser.

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    Im so excited about these videos and the upcoming course, ive developed my own massage butter which i looove, and id love to learn more about preserving ingredients for anhidrous formulas (sp?) to prevent oxidation…thank you very much!!!!

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      Perry Romanowski

      We’ll be sure to cover that in the course.

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    I enjoy these videos. You give a back ground on the most familiar brands and make us all more knowledgeable. I actually learn quite a bit from you, thank you Perry.

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    meant “lead”

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    Is there any “safe” amount of lead to be use in lipsticks.
    Is the led coming from the pigments use?
    Just read an FDA study with 400 lipsticks of all the mayor brands and they ALL HAVE LED, starting with 7.19 ppm

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      Perry Romanowski

      Yes, the amount that is in lipstick is safe. The FDA checks every batch of dye used to make cosmetics and approves them. The lead found in lipstick is inconsequential plus it’s not even bioavailable so even if you ate an entire tube of lipstick it would not impact the lead levels in your blood stream. This is a non-issue.

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      I watched the video and it’s so useful for me as always. Looking for the next video.
      If you can also talk about color cosmetics, it will be great for me. I am working in color cosmetic area.
      Thanks a lot.

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    nina rinaya

    thank you for great video, i realy appreciate the information

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    I find your suggestion to set your own standards list really useful. Thank you for your help, I look forward to the next video.

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    Rosalina Tan

    Thank you for taking the lead to promote more natural cosmetic and personal care products. It is not only what you put in your mouth but also what you put on your skin that matters for a healthy lifestyles.

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    Great case studies, Perry… they really drove the concept home.

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    Very interesting, particularly the case studies.
    Thank you!

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    Your videos are always educational. I am now able to differentiate green washing products from products that are close to natural base on set standards. How do you prevent oxidation of Hydroquinone in a skin cream?

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    Very informative!

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    Pete Morgan

    Hi Perry (good intro!) , I think that the create your own standards are great, and taking inspiration from existing standards, picking what suits best is good. I am not too sure how much impact these green labels are having and how much emphasis consumers put on the labels. Id like to understand a bit on green chemistry and how this can be used when identifying best ingredients with least environmental impact. many people have responded and I just agree that it would be good to have some info on natural surfactant, preservatives alternatives and formation tricks to get these ingredients to work.

    Thanks for all your efforts, generosity and persistence! keep it up!

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      Yes, I’m skeptical of the impact that these green labels will have. Consumers don’t really know about them.

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    Frank DeSantis

    I have been in the cosmetic business for over 29 years selling to the professional trade, I enjoy the new ways you present to marketing products.


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    Mike james

    Hi Perry !
    Just want to thank you for the generosity you share with small business entrepreneurs as myself…as time pass I have been Educated by your knowledge and experience in this industry….this journey of the Haircare industry has been fairly new to me, I’m thankful for people of character like yourself willing to pour knowledge in new companies like mine. This video here has been very educational that my understanding has went to another level of awareness, I will continue to strive with my ME Haircare line until I reach the top, again thanks Perry !

    Mike james

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      Thanks Mike, I’m glad you are finding these useful. I’ll keep producing more as long as people like them.

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    Hey Perry,
    I am not sure I said how much I enjoy your videos:-). I think this is one of my favorite video yet. In the future I would also like to learn little bit more about ways of packaging ( glass vs plastic vs metal), advertisement and what draws costumer to buy one product over the different one. ( sorry for any strange grammar, misspellings- English is my second language). Thanks again! Monika

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    Kisha Rose

    Thanks for the video. It is very informative as always. Where can I find information on the course?

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      We’ll be posting more information early next week.

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    Thanks for the informative video!!! Really enjoy it. Now I get some ideas to create my own natural standards and make it more believable. Would you be able to cover topic such as ingredients and their function and usage range as well as preservatives? I find that shelf-life for naturally derived ingredients is limited, what would be a reasonable shelf-life for the final product and ways to establish this?
    To me water and oils are natural but anything that has been through a chemical process to arrive at the functional product is not really natural. Like you’d mentioned in the previous video, synthetic vanilla vs. natural vanilla. Sometimes synthetic is better for the environment than natural.

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      Perry Romanowski

      Hello Megan – yes we will be covering the types of ingredients to use, their function and their use levels. We will have a whole segment on cosmetic preservatives too.

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    Art Rich

    A wonderful overview! Will your course be getting into the various agencies (USDA, Eco-Cert, etc.) and what their definitions of natural are ,and how you apply for agency approval?

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      Yes, we will be getting into that.

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    Kristy Drape

    Thank you for the wonderful video!! It was very informative…
    Looking forward to hear more on the upcoming course!

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      Great I’m glad you found it helpful.

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    Fred Castle

    Hi Perry,
    Great Video and I appreciate the information, very helpful.

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    Imad qadura

    Awesome is probably the most suitable word to describe
    the info gathered and said in the video.

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      Thanks! It took me some time to put that together so I appreciate the kind response.

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    George Salovich

    The video is great!

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    Thanks for the video. Will the class cover color cosmetics and the various pigments. Our constant struggle is staying away from certain dyes but having enough pigment. Also labs that take on smaller quantity batches for new brands.

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      We will be mentioning colors but the course will not focus on color cosmetics. If there is enough interest however, we can include that in one of the sections or as a bonus video.

      1. Avatar

        Another vote to cover color

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    miledy santana

    very informative video!

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    Appreciate the video as always.. Looking forward to the course.

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    Eduardo Gold

    Great video! I’m working on my own skin care line and this was very helpful, can’t wait for the next one.

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      Thanks! There is definitely room in the market for a well positioned skin care line.

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    Julie Berry

    Hi Perry,
    We enjoyed your video.
    We are looking forward to learning more about how to market and make natural products .

    1. Avatar
      Perry Romanowski

      Excellent! That’s what our new course will be all about.

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    Hi Perry, You sure got me interrested in the upcoming course! I do have one question, i am creating products and my formulas for some are ready and some are still a bit challanging. I have followed all along ECoCert standards as i believe they are the most strickt ones. I came accross one problem, preserving natural liquid and cream soaps. Will this subject also be covered by you?

    Thank you

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      Perry Romanowski

      Yes, we will have a whole section on cosmetic preservation. This is one of the biggest challenges in natural cosmetic formulating.

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    fabio gomes

    I have been waiting for this a long time…
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!
    Cant wait for the upcoming videos!!

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