Video 3: How to create a starting formula



  1. Ayman Baydoun

    Thank you so very much Perry!
    I found it very interesting. Thank

  2. Angelica

    I just watched all the 3 videos and understand at lost of the information which is very helpful. I made some skincare cosmetics for friends to test them and I had good results. Since I would like to teach product skincare formulations being an esthetician, I certainly want to become your student first. Let me know when the next courses begin to help me workout my traveling plans so I can register. Thanks

  3. Sonia

    Thanks for the videos, really are very useful and interesting. I would like to know if you have an online course of Cosmetic Formulation. Thanks!!

  4. ross

    Hi Perry,
    All your videos are very helpful especially for new cosmetic chemist like me. I really hope that I would be a professional cosmetic chemist in future.

  5. suresh kumar

    Thanks perry
    to assist for new formulation creating

  6. Julie

    Thanks heaps for another wonderful video!
    Q, Do you heat the water and oil based material separately and mix together at 70 degrees or heat it all in the water until melted? Thanks in advance.

    1. Perry Romanowski

      You would heat them separately then mix them together when they are both at a high temperature.

  7. Joanna Kaleta

    This is very helpful information. Thank you Perry!

  8. Alhriri

    This is really wonderful

  9. Larry D.

    Enjoyed the videos. I am working on a conditioner and went through all of the steps in the video. You are right on the money with your procedure(s),

  10. Saj

    I need to add a preservative to my formulation. How do I know if it will be compatible with the rest of my ingredients ?

    1. Perry Romanowski

      You have to test it.

  11. Pamella

    Questions re LOI: For ingredients that are 1% or less, may I list them in any order I wish? If I have two or more ingredients at the same %, may I line them up in any order I think best?
    Thank you for your time and effort.

    1. Perry Romanowski

      Yes to both questions.

  12. Gracie


  13. Andrea Allen

    Great video on how to make a similar product with the list of ingredients. Is there a payment plan on the course?

  14. dr subhan adil

    the introductory tips on preparing of a shampoo are quite useful for beginners.

  15. Paula

    Thank you! This information is very helpful. I am looking forward to learning more about the cosmetic industry and how to formulate cosmetics.

  16. BALSAM

    Hooked on these videos. Thanks, Perry.

  17. Tiffany Chue

    Great video! Very useful and interesting.

  18. Karmesh kothari

    It was very knowledgeable presentation for student like us…thank you…. Bt can u explain in detail how to guess the percentage…I.e 4th step of video

    1. Perry Romanowski

      For that you need to have a familiarity with typical cosmetic product formulations.

  19. K.M.Dhanarane

    Thank Perry,I am a Government Veterinary Surgeon in Sri Lanka,Department of Animal Production and Health.And I am trying in several years finding how to make a best shampoo base for formulating herbal shampoo for dog, however I could be able to get basic knowledge of cosmetic product by watching your videos.
    Thank you .

  20. Sharron

    I am interested in your course. However my products are naturally derived. Would it be better for me to take your natural cosmetic formulating course, or do I need to take this course first either way? I look forward to your answer and when the appropriate course for me will be available.

    1. Perry Romanowski

      The Natural Course would probably be a better choice for you although our standard course also provides natural formulation options.

  21. Tanvir Abdur Rahman

    Thanks perry, have been learning from you since last year. We have a Hand Wash formula as bellow:
    Aqua, SLES, NaCl, CAPB, Glysarin, Citric Acid, HB, EDTA, Color and Fragrance.

    Could you please comment about it?

  22. peter glory

    i can,t thank you enough for this video.thank once again.

  23. Diana Bernard

    Thanks Perry for the info….I have been doing exactly what your video’s suggest, creating a spreadsheet of a LOI and researching percentages of the ingredients that are typically used in formulas. I also contact raw material ingredient companies to get assistance on what percentage they would recommend ingredients in. It’s great to get close to a benchmark product! Thanks again…..

  24. erastus

    Hi Perry,
    I have watched all the three videos and they are great, job well done.Looking forward to more, very enlightening!
    Thank you

  25. Pete

    Hello Perry
    Thank you for the usefull information.

  26. Pete

    Hello Perry
    Thank you for the usefull information

  27. Alina Perisoara

    It is very interesting your video. I am waiting to see a video about how to formulate creams products. Thank you.

    1. Perry Romanowski

      Thanks! We don’t have a cream formula video planned at the moment but we do teach how to create cream formulas in our course.

  28. Marlyn kragh

    Great webinar !

  29. Anwar

    Really this is the turning point for me and you are very giving of your time and your self.

  30. Folashade Oyedeji

    Very helpful for a starter cosmetic formulator,

  31. Saeedeh

    It is useful and interesting.
    Thanks perry,

    1. Perry Romanowski


  32. Mariagrazia Barbagallo

    I found this video very interesting! Thank you!

  33. Bill Janisch

    Looking forward to a video on formulating creams since they seem to be the more difficult to produce consistently.
    Thanks again!

  34. Jeffrey Ehlinger

    “How to Create a Starting Formula” was another good video. I found it very interesting. I have used the tips such as the ones found in your video and especially your white paper. I’ve duplicated many off the shelf products like lip balms, and topical analgesics, for my employer. Thanks again!

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