HD makeup
Article by: Kelly Dobos

High Definition (HD), Camera Ready, Photo Finish, these are some of the makeup claims brought about by High Definition (HD) television and digital photography. The resolution of HD images allows for high detail, better picture color, and clarity. Heavy foundations can appear to mask like and highlight fine lines and other imperfections in HD.

Formulating high definition makeup

Optical blur is key to Formulation of HD makeup (foundations, powders, BB or CC creams, etc) for the face. By influencing the transmission and scattering of light, soft focus materials can optically blur skin imperfections. Alumina-based soft-focus pigments provide a high level of diffuse light reflection and transmittance for even, translucent coverage. Additionally, alumina-based pigments can be coated with varying thickness of titanium dioxide to produce interference colors that can be used to enhance radiance or correct for color imbalance (see table below). Small particle size fractions of mica or synthetic mica (10-60 µm) with interference colors can also be used. The small size allows for a more matte appearance rather than the sparkle associated with larger particle sizes.

HD makeup



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