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Practical Cosmetic Formulating

The ONLY online science-based cosmetic formulation course you need to get started creating your own beauty products

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– 9+ modules

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  • How to create cosmetic products for hair and skin like a professional cosmetic chemist
  • The science and use of cosmetic raw materials
  • All the key concepts critical for having a successful career in the cosmetic industry
  • What it takes to start your own line of cosmetic products

From: Perry Romanowski

World Renowned Authority On Formulating Cosmetics Founder of Chemists Corner.com Author of Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry "The Most Famous Cosmetic Chemist"

I’ve been producing Cosmetic Chemists Corner for a few years now and it has become clear that you want more practical and detailed instruction on how to create cosmetic formulas.

Well, what about this...

What if there was an online course that would provide you all the information you need to get started with a career in cosmetic science and make your own cosmetic products? Would that be something you would be interested in? I thought you would. So let me tell you what this practical cosmetic formulating course is all about. But before I do that, I’d like to introduce myself. There’s a good chance you already know who I am but in case you don’t here’s a quick snapshot.

This is me... Perry Romanowski

I have...

  • been formulating cosmetics for more than 20 years
  • co-authored and edited books on cosmetic formulating including the industry standard Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry
  • taught dozens of continuing education courses for the Society of Cosmetic Chemists
  • created the Chemists Corner.com website & forum
  • launched the Complete Cosmetic Chemist training program
  • been a featured speaker at cosmetic science events around the world
  • instructed 1500+ students in the ways of a formulating chemist
  • even been on a few popular TV shows talking about cosmetics

Alright, back to it. To learn what to do when formulating cosmetics you don’t necessarily need a degree in chemistry or biology. It definitely helps, but formulating is a lot like cooking and you don’t need a degree in food science to do that, right?

Do you want to learn the secrets of formulating cosmetics and personal care products?

Creating cosmetics, personal care and beauty products is the dream of a lot of you. You may have found recipes on the Internet and even mixed together ingredients in your kitchen, but you have no way of knowing whether these products will work, are marketable, or are even safe. That’s why we’ve put together this course which gives you practical, science-based information about formulating and making cosmetics.

Not only will you learn how to make formulas for all types of cosmetic and personal care products, but you will learn how professional, cosmetic industry chemists do it including the type of equipment, the types of raw materials, the science, and even full scale production. If you want to take your home formulating to the next level, Practical Cosmetic Formulating will ensure you get there.

Are you a science graduate looking for a job in the cosmetic industry?

If you are a science major just getting out of college, you are probably searching for a job. The cosmetic industry is an excellent place to start a career but if you want to land a job, you need to have a solid background in the industry to be able to compete with the dozens of other candidates for every job.

Unfortunately, colleges and universities do not teach you what you need to know in order to have a successful career in the cosmetic industry. This online program, Practical Cosmetic Formulating, was created specifically to help people like you learn about the industry, formulating, and how to become a cosmetic chemist.

How can a seasoned chemist benefit?

Whether you have been working in the cosmetic industry as a formulator on a specific type of product or you’ve spent your time working as a scientist in another industry, this course will help you quickly become knowledgeable about all aspects of formulating cosmetics making you a more well-rounded scientist who will have an easier time finding a job or advancing in your career. There are a number of scientists out there who have spent their careers locked away in a lab running experiments and working on projects that never come to fruition.

When working in the cosmetic industry nearly every project you work on eventually ends up as a product on a store shelf. You’ll love how it feels when you see the results of your hard work for sale in your local grocery store.

Do you want to start your own cosmetic product line?

Have you ever thought of starting your own cosmetic line? Many people have great ideas for cosmetic product lines but don’t know the first thing about getting them made.

While this course focuses on the actual chemistry and manufacture of cosmetics we do spend time describing the process by which cosmetics are created, markets identified and how you can go about creating your own line. The first step to starting your own cosmetic line is to turn your idea into a product. Practical Cosmetic Formulating will show you just how to do that.

Are you interested in starting a formulating consultant business?

Are you interested in using your knowledge of chemistry to formulate cosmetic products but you don’t like the idea of working for someone else? This course will provide you all the knowledge you need to know to set up your own cosmetic lab and get started taking on projects and creating formulations. You’ll learn time saving tricks of professional cosmetic chemists and make industry connections that will help you find more projects in the future.

Do you want to improve your sales performance?

It’s certain that if you have a better background of the issues facing cosmetic formulators you will be able to do a better job selling them on your raw materials, lab supplies or any other product that is helpful. To sell to a cosmetic chemist, you need to talk like a cosmetic chemist and Practical Cosmetic Formulating is just the course to help you do that.

The course is provided in both video and audio version so you can even study the lessons while you’re traveling. After completing this course you will be in a better position to close that sale with a cosmetic formulator.

Practical Cosmetic Formulating

The Practical Cosmetic Formulating course features 9 primary modules that will give you all the information you need to get started creating beauty products. It’s an online course delivered to you every other week and can be watched and studied whenever it is convenient for you! Learn how to formulate cosmetics when it’s right for you! Here are the modules that you get when you join the course.



Getting Started

This lesson familiarizes you with all the specific cosmetic-focused information that you’ll need to start formulating cosmetics and even setting up your own lab. It covers…

  • the equipment that every cosmetic formulator needs to make products
  • the types of products that are considered cosmetics
  • information about the cosmetic industry
  • resources that will make every formulator’s job easier
  • a basic introduction to cosmetic formulations
  • how to organize a lab for maximum formulating efficiency
  • a review of software and other resources that make your formulating more professional



Developing Cosmetic Products

After completing this lesson you’ll understand the process by which cosmetic products are created from the idea stage through formulating to production and testing. You’ll learn…

  • the overall process that professionals follow to make new cosmetic products
  • methods for generating innovative ideas for new products that customers want
  • how to use market research to customize your formulas for customers
  • tricks for reverse engineering competitor’s products & avoiding patent problems
  • the regulatory agencies around the world and what you need to do to be compliant
  • the difference between formulating standard and Natural cosmetic formulas



Cosmetic Raw Materials

Covers the primary types of raw materials used to create cosmetics and personal care products. This is the key information that every cosmetic formulator must know.

  • Reviews all the types of raw materials found in cosmetics
  • Describes what the chemical names mean, how they are created, and the proper way to label
  • Learn the properties of raw materials so you know when to use them and how much
  • Introduces “natural” alternatives for all the standard cosmetic ingredients
  • Learn the proper way professionals handle and store cosmetic chemicals
  • Teaches the science of raw materials so you know why they are used and what they do
  • Identifying when raw materials are expired and what to do with them



Cosmetic Product Forms

This section introduces you to the primary product forms that every cosmetic product formulation takes. In this lesson you’ll…

  • Learn how to create simple solutions that consumers love
  • Discover the ways that professionals make moisturizing creams and emulsions
  • Find out the secret to making crystal clear gels
  • Uncover the mystery of powdered and aerosol products
  • Learn about delivery systems and how they can improve your product’s performance
  • Get advice on using these forms to develop innovative cosmetic products not commonly seen on the market



Formulating Skin Products

Discover the skin problems that consumers have, the science behind the causes and the technologies used to solve the problems. This lesson will cover how to make

  • Moisturizing creams and lotions
  • Body washes, facial scrubs and exfoliation products
  • Night creams, BB creams, and anti aging products
  • Shaving creams and depilatories
  • Deodorants and Antiperspirant
  • Skin lightening products
  • Plus you’ll learn how to make Natural versions of many of these



Hair Products

Learn the primary hair problems consumer experience, what are the causes and how cosmetic formulators can create products that solve these problems. In this module you will learn how to make…

  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Styling products like gels, hair sprays and putties
  • Hair colors
  • Hair Relaxers and other reactive hair products



Color Cosmetics

This module covers everything you need to know about formulating color cosmetics including the purposes consumers use color cosmetics and the technologies needed to create these products. Products include…

  • Lipstick and Lip gloss
  • Nail polish and other nail products
  • Eyeshadows, eyeliner and mascara
  • Foundation
  • Blush



Cosmetic Product Prototyping & Production

Helps you understand the process of creating prototypes in the lab and how to scale them up to larger, production sized batches. This module covers all you need to know such as…

  • The methods cosmetic chemists use to make new prototypes
  • Disinfection methods every formulator must follow to keep products safe
  • Filling equipment and methods
  • Troubleshooting batches that don’t meet specifications
  • The secrets for reducing the cost of your cosmetic formulas
  • Tips for observing production runs at contract manufacturers
  • Proper record keeping and product batch sheets



Product Testing

In this last modules you’ll learn what type of testing is required to create cosmetic products that can be sold and how to get your products independently tested for a reasonable cost. This lesson covers…

  • The stability testing procedures followed by professional cosmetic formulators
  • Quality control techniques that ensure you produce the best quality products for customers
  • Claims testing that ensures your advertising and marketing are defensible
  • Methods for developing unique claims that make your product more desirable
  • Safety testing which insures your products can be marketed
  • Microbial testing
  • Package testing
  • And methods for getting your cosmetic products evaluated by real people

Plus, I’ve created a bonus module for people who have virtually no scientific background at all. Here is a description of each.

"What people are saying about our other cosmetic training courses"

I think the training course is great! It covers a wide range of topics and is very organized with streaming videos, powerpoints (which really help a lot) and formula files etc. I’m enjoying this training course very much. – Maily

Well Organized Structure of Lessons! The structure of the lessons is well organized, I especially like the fact that markets, market shares and other financial facts are covered. Forum has been a good and active place for discussions. – Antti

Highly Recommend this Class! “I would personally recommend the class to anyone who wants to learn not only about formulating but the industry in general. If another class is offered (with different subject matter for those of us who took the first one) I am going to take it. The classes are a good mix of information which I found invaluable.” – Jill

Very Informative… “It has been very informative, a great way to brush up my chemistry and to learn more about our skin structure. I also realized when I progress from lesson to lesson that many details are constantly reinforced. For example, we are being introduced to surfactant in lesson 1 and it is constantly reinforced in later lessons and being further expanded on. This is great especially for beginners since it may be hard for them to follow if it just pop out of nowhere. At the same time the market info has been very useful but will be great if you could provide market info for the global market as well.” – Chee

Very Pleased with this Course!Overall, I am very pleased with the course and definitely am glad that I signed up for it. I have indeed learned new information, and although I have made my own personal care products for some time, the information learned allowed me to “tweak” my existing products to achieve even better functional performance. – Cindy

I loved this! “I love, love, love it. I find the combination of audio and visual helps me to remember the lessons much better than just one or the other. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise with me, your humble student.” – Deborah

Love this Course! “I love the course. It has been very effective in my formulation ideas. It has been especially helpful having so much input from you–the instructor–and the other participants. This course has been worth every penny, the book is fantastic, and I’m very excited about taking it and learning new things, for me and the industry.” – Susan

Informative! Very informative. I like that it shows the marketing side, besides the formulation information. – Marie

Easy-to-Follow! Perry’s beauty brainchild, the Complete Cosmetic Chemist, delivers a well-organized, concise and easy-to-follow lesson plan. I’ve made consistent progress with each segment and have experienced immediate benefits in terms of positive impact on my personal and professional objectives. Participants can expect increased understanding and appreciation of the markets served, key ingredients in various applications, functionality and process components required to successfully develop a wide range of cosmetic and personal care products. Perry’s course makes a significant contribution to the study of Cosmetic Science and further encourages the development of next-generation Thought Leaders.” – Loretta

Great Tool! I think it is a great tool to broaden my knowledge. – Carol

Great Tool! I think it is a great tool to broaden my knowledge. – Carol