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Why Book Perry to Speak?

Perry Romanowski is the founder of Chemists Corner, The Beauty Brains, Phique Beauty Products, and a variety of other websites.

He is a sought after keynote speaker who has presented around the world at events like in-Cosmetics (Berlin, Paris), Australian SCC, IPCE (Italy), PCHI (China), HBA (New York), SupplySide West (Las Vegas), New York Suppliers Day, California Suppliers Day (Las Angeles), Southwest Suppliers Day (Dallas) and many more.

Perry has delivered talks to audiences of many hundreds of people and smaller workshop sized groups.


He has numerous television appearances including multiple segments on the Dr Oz show, the Rachel Ray show, Fox and Friends, and more.

From the Dr Oz show

He lives in Chicago, but regularly travels around the United States and Internationally to speak.

Speaking at Ignite Chicago

Topics Perry can speak on

Perry is a dynamic, interesting speaker who embraces the motto “never be boring.”  He can speak on a wide range of topics related to the cosmetic industry, science, product formulating and entrepreneurship.  Here is a list of topics he has spoken on in the past.

Education – Practical Cosmetic Product Development

Education – Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry

Education – NGO’s and their impact on formulators

Education – Cosmetic Science for Forensic Scientists

Education – Guide to making cosmetic claims

Education – Skepticism and the Cosmetic Chemist

Technology – Sunscreen technology

Technology – Preservation of cosmetics

Technology – Cosmetic raw materials

Formulating – Stability testing of cosmetics

Formulating – Creating Natural Cosmetic Products

Entrepreneurship – Starting your own cosmetic line

Entrepreneurship – Using Social Networking to Expand Business

Innovation – What Formulators need to make superior products

Resources – Cosmetic Chemists Guide to the Internet

Career – 7 non-chemistry skills every formulator needs

Career – How to become a cosmetic chemist

Note: To book Perry to speak at your event please send the request through our Contact Us page