Marketing for Scientists – Book Review

Traditional marketing consists of core decisions around product, price, placement, and promotion (the 4 Ps). But the book Marketing for Scientists: How to Shine in Tough Times centers on a different kind of marketing, marketing science and the scientist. The author, Marc J. Kuchner, is an astrophysicist but draws on lessons learned while breaking into the song-writing industry. While the subtitle is very timely in the aftermath of the Great Recession, this book is relevant at any time for anyone wanting to further career and scientific research goals.

Identify & Understand Your Audience

Early in the book, Kuchner stresses the importance of understanding the needs of your audience. This essentially helps frame the conversation (and by conversation I mean any contact with your audience including job interviews, publication, presentations, etc.) you want to have. He follows with importance of relationship building and branding you, not just ideas and products. Creating a personal brand allows your audience to connect with you in a more tangible way and makes you more memorable.

Kuchner peppers the book with tales of success and failure, including his own, to reinforce the importance of thoughtful marketing. Those personal examples make the subject matter more relatable and genuine. Later chapters focus on advice for specific situations like conferences, talks, and using the Internet. The book closes with a page of Take Home Marketing Tips for Scientists that serves as a concise and valuable reference.

Cosmetic Chemists

In the personal care industry, we are faced with many reasons to understand how to best market our scientific endeavors and ourselves. Whether it’s selling a new ingredient or formulation concept to marketing, getting a promotion or fighting disinformation and bad science, Marketing for Scientists is a great read for the cosmetic chemist.

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