Cosmetic Raw Materials 101

Cosmetic Raw
Materials 101

The purpose of this course is to provide you with an extensive review of the ingredients used to produce all types of cosmetic formulas. In this course you will learn about the numerous functional ingredients used to deliver the benefits of hair, skin and color cosmetics. You will also understand the ingredients used to stabilize formulas and improve the product aesthetics. Additionally, we will cover the science and stories behind the latest popular ingredients to support marketing claims. And we cover both conventional and natural options for formulating. After completing this course you will be a more knowledgeable formulator knowing what ingredients you need to produce safe, effective and legal cosmetics.

Who is this course for?

Price of this course $499

Since this course covers a wide range of topics, it will be of primary benefit to the following

1. New formulators just getting started in the industry
2. Quality control chemists looking to understand why specific ingredients are used.
3. Seasoned chemists looking to broaden their ingredient knowledge.
4. Sales people interested in knowing why formulators choose the ingredients they use.
5. Cosmetic marketers and entrepreneurs who want to learn about the science behind the products they produce.

Course Outline

The course is structured as follows.

I. Introduction to Raw Materials

A. Types of ingredients
B. Cosmetic industry
C. Regulations
D. Ingredient Safety
E. Naming Ingredients

II. Chemistry & Types of raw materials

A. Organic chemistry
B. Polymers
C. Inorganic chemistry
D. Surfactants
E. Silicones
F. Oils, butters & waxes
G. Biochemistry
H. Natural ingredients

III. Functional cosmetic ingredients

A. Skin care ingredients
B. Hair care ingredients
C. Color cosmetic ingredients

IV. Aesthetic Modifier ingredients

A. Sensorial ingredients
1. Emulsifiers
2. Thickeners
B. Odor control ingredients - Fragrance
C. Appearance control ingredients - Colorants
D. Preservatives
E. Formulation stabilizers

V. Marketing ingredients

A. Anti aging & cosmeceuticals
B. Essential oils
C. Biotechnology
E. Probiotics

VI. Practical tips for working with raw materials

A. Sourcing ingredients
B. Ingredient labeling
C. Specifications and SDS
D. How to test new ingredients
E. Working with suppliers

Price of this course $499