How to change your profile

Forums are friendly places and sometimes it’s nice to share a picture of you. In this video we explain how to change elements of your profile.

4 thoughts on “Forum Instruction 3

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    Ghassan says:

    Thank you for your attention and also for inviting me to participate online : Cosmetic Science forum .
    I tried to subscribe online, but encountered a small problem is what is meant by the phrase :
    Humanity Check… Not bots allowed!What is four plus three?
    I tried to register but did not succeed because of this paragraph?

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    Ghassan says:

    Thank you for this information Mr. Perry, but I have wondered if allowed:
    1 — Is it possible to get a file documenting this information with percentages allowed for each material used in combination?
    2 — Can I squint chemically sodium silicate to (a) the simplest possible way so as not to provide this silicon in my country now?

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