where i can find cyclomethicone- dimeticone in europe with good price


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    Items: 4 x 25 gallon bins, with lids. 1 x 5 gallon pressure cooker. I x air conditioner radiator, buy this from a spares stockist. Neoprene tubing and small parts to make vapour connections. One thermocouple thermometer.  One extract fan. Many 1 gallon glass bottles to store product. (Source: Coca Cola bottling plant)
    Method: Make a 10% solution of sugar in water. Add 50 grams Calgon water softener per 25 gallon batch. Brewer's yeast. It takes 10 days or so depending on ambient temperature. Once fermentation slows, begin distillation.
    First run: do not bother with temperature control. Distil until the temperature of the vapour begins rising rapidly. Output: 50% ethanol with contaminants of methyl and higher alcohols.
    Second run: Use the temperature to tell when methyl stops and ethyl begins. There will be a rise to about 73 deg. then a brief pause as the methyl comes off, then the temp will rise again to about 76 deg. At that point you turn off the extract fan and blow all the remaining output into the methyl bottle. Discard that down the drain. Then turn on the fan and begin distilling ethyl.
    Third run: Same as the second except the temp indication is now more precise. Check for purity. Output is now 95% ethanol.
    Optional: take a four foot three-inch pipe and fill with charcoal. Pour the alcohol through this. Output: ethanol, but odour-free.

    March 18

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