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  • Nem
    Good morning Perry, I would like to ask for an opinion about up to what percentage I can use magnesium hydroxide... I'm a slightly smelly girl and I make my deodorant without water, i make a dry-touch balm because i add arrowroot starch, I make extracts with ethanol and vegetable oil of lavender and sage, I use zinc rhinoceclate at 3%Triethyl citrate and Farnesol at 2% and texturing agents such as cetyl alcohol and stearic acid, and finally magnesium hydroxide at 15%. My doubt is if even with this combination of ingredients can i increase at least up to 18% ou more ... Thank you very much  and i´m sorry to disturb you... Have a nice day

    October 19
    • Perry
      I'd suggest you start a new discussion with this question.
  • JaneY
    Hello Sir. I want to start small scale detergent business. I am having issues with formulations. The one I tried was not foaming well, the foam was not stable and the cost of raw materials was high. Please sir, I need your help so I can get a reliable high foam and effective stain removal detergent powder formulation. The market price of 1kg detergent is 900 naira in Nigeria. Thank you sir. 
    October 31
    • Perry
      I'd suggest you post the question as a new discussion. I do not formulate laundry detergents so can't help you.
  • TonyaB
    Hi Perry, I am trying to reformulate a edge control pomade that i bought a base for that containsDeionized WaterCeteareth-25GlycerinPEG-7 Glyceryl CocoatePropanediolPVPPhenoxyethanolEthylhexylglycerin.  Not sure where to start First off I want more HOLD but dont want drying it holds when it is first applied and immedieately just melt.. but I would also like to introduct biotin, some oils like peppermint,  etc may honey and few extracts many rosemary, neetle, chamomile flower. I purchased some hydrogenated castor oil Peg 40 because it stated to add that to stabilize any oils it states 5-1"5oz for every 1 oz of oil and fragrance". it also states fragrance oil up to 1%. so it can in a big bucket so I wanted to try and mix it in 8 oz for trial and error and then ask you how to go from there.   Thank you I really am glad i found this page you seem very helpful to us new learners here :) I want to take classes soon but I need to make some money first right now so I am going hope to sell this and some leave in hair conditoner to pay the bill soon
    October 17
    • Perry
      Hello - I'd suggest you post this as a "new discussion" so more people can help answer your question.

      The level of hold is controlled by the amount of PVP that you add. But this will change if you add oils.

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