What Are The Arbutin Benefits? (Image) Arbutin is a natural active substance derived from plants, integrating “green plants, safe and reliable” and “efficient decolorization” in one component. If you search arbutin for skin, you will find many skincare products on the market. You can see branded creams, serums for hyperpigmentation. There are also a lot of its soaps, lotions, and masks. Arbutin is able to even out your skin tone and treat acne scars. Below are some of the arbutin benefits. #1. One of the most effective skin-whitening agents.  Alpha-arbutin can brighten dark spots on the skin in about 3weeks. Trust me, there are no other ingredients that can do this trick in such a short period. Its whitening effects are 15 times of that of beta-arbutin while it is only 8 times more expensive. It can quickly penetrate the skin, without affecting the concentration of cell proliferation, it can effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin and block the formation of melanin through its direct combination with tyrosinase, thus, it will accelerate the decomposition and excretion of melanin to reduce skin pigmentation and get rid of pigmentation and freckles.  #2. Safe to use alone or mixed. Before arbutin, the most commonly used whitening agent is hydroquinone, which is harmful and irritant to skin and later banned for use in many countries. While arbutin is natural and mild to the skin like kojic acid dipalmitate. There is nothing to worry about arbutin safety. It won’t cause any irritations to your skin, even when you have sensitive skin. Some people may worry about acne issues, then worry no more. There are testings to show that alpha-arbutin won’t rouse any. Instead, it will treat acne scars and make them less noticeable. Meanwhile, it does not produce toxic, irritating, sensitizing, and other side effects to melanocytes, while also having bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects. It is one of the safest and most effective whitening ingredients in vogue today and is the ideal skin whitening active agent for the 21st century. #3. Super compatible.  You can combine arbutin with many other whitening ingredients to achieve a better whitening effect. You can mix it with kojic acid dipalmitate, kojic acid powder, vitamin C esters, etc. It is actually what Glenmark has been doing. Their Demelan has both alpha-arbutin and Kojic acid dipalmitate, along with Glycolic acid. Several Brand Cosmetics Manufacturers make arbutin into 2% alpha-arbutin solutions and combining 8% vitamin C solutions for their new shining series. #4. Very cost-effective.  Compared to Coenzyme Q10, Glutathione reduced, some of Vitamin C Esters, arbutin price is lower, especially when coenzyme q10 price almost doubled by the end of 2019. Though prices for glycolic acid, kojic acid are much cheaper, those 2 are irritant to sensitive skin and unstable. You can check our alpha-arbutin prices below.


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