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  • @PhilGeis yes, I always try to add EDTA 0.2% on my formulation. Although it acts as chelating agent, but it is said it can help boost the preservative effect. But sometimes I don't use it where cation surfactant is in my formula. Thanks for your ins…
  • @crisbaysauli Thank you so much! I'm glad there are people out there have tried using DMDM Hydantoin for leave-on products and its works just fine. Now, I can be more confident in using this preservative for my leave-on product. :)
  • @PhilGeis  thanks for your insight. What do you mean DMDM Hydantoin is high? (Do you mean my input at 0.6% is too high?). I agree, my combination of DMDM Hydantoin and Potassium sorbate should work, but I just wonder whether it is safe enough to be…
  • @Abdullah Thank you!, yes I tried to make the cetearyl alcohol into 2% only and remove shea butter. It feels less thick.  Now I'm doing the freeze-thaw cycle for stability testing. Usually on cycle 2-3 the water always separates. Hope this time it …
  • @Benz3ne thank you. Mine is Natrosol HBR 250. I have tried to remove this completely but still it is too thick. @crillz according theory, behentrimonium chloride is cationic which mean it can irritate quite easily. and cetearyl alcohol suppose to c…
  • Hi @Andraous . Thanks for your insight. I did right away trying what you suggest which is using other carbomer. I tried Carbopol Ultrez 20, with same formula and input rate. However it turns out to form microfoam even more. It is even more unpleasa…
  • Thank you for your guidance :)
  • Thank you Perry and Belassi for your advise and the time to read my post. I'm also suspecting the Fragrance oil. Until today I have no idea that FO can possibly turns the surfactant color into pink. The one that turns really pink is somewhat like ci…
  • Hi everyone. I'm Vincent, and thank you for letting me join the forum. I just graduated from formulation chemist diploma, and hope to get more and hopefully can share some good information to all of you.

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