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  • Below is a quote from sciencedirect, which shows that anhydrous bacitracin powder or bacitracin zinc powder is stable, while hydrous are not. Dry bacitracin is quite stable at temperatures as high as 37°, but shows definite decomposition at 56° and…
  • If you have sensitive skin, try kojic acid dipalmitate as the whitening agent. it is less expensive than alpha-arbutin but still mild and effective.
  • You can increase your concentration of alpha-arbutin powder to 5% for better whitening effects. You can also check some of alpha-arbutin formula recipes for your ref. Meanwhile, try to replace the kojic acid with kojic acid dipalmitate for a chang…
  • If you need pure alpha-arbutin powder, check out the price online for your ref. For small quantities, our price is around 300usd/kg. If you only need 100 grams, our price by courier is around 120usd.
  • Though kojic acid is cheap, it is very unstable, it won't stand alkaline environment. Try use kojic acid's improved form: Kojic acid dipalmitate powder for a change. Much more stable, better whitening effects. Kojic acid palmitate is a derivative o…
  • Hi Guys, we are professional cosmetics raw materials suppliers for alpha-arbutin, kojic acid dipalmitate, minoxidil sulfate, Vitamin C ether series. Check our samples by https://octagonchem.com/free-samples/ You have any questions on how to compou…

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