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  • @rishabhsoti I agree with @afatoh , you may use xanthan gum. You could also try adding carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) as thickening agent. 
  • You need a thickening agent in your formulation. But if you are using SLES, salt (sodium chloride) would serve as the thickener. 
  • You cannot make deionized water at home without any equipment. Distilled water on the other hand can be easily made by boiling tap water, then condesing the water vapor/steam. Depending on your country, you can buy deionized water from local hardwa…
  • Thank you sir @mikethair. I am making liquid soap based from SLES and LABS. I guess I'll be adding preservative now
  • I'll give you an update @Pattsi if my preservative-free dishwashing liquid formulation becomes resilient to any microorganisms (I highly doubt that it would last for years, but if it does, I'll share my formulation). Cheers mate!
  • Awesome reference you got there sir @Perry . I guess I'll now be adding preservatives. I hope tardigrades won't be living in my soap anytime soon.   Thank you sir @Perry
  • Thank you @chemicalmatt. I'll check my local suppliers if they sell Isothiazolinones. 
  • @yash42440, don't remove the CAPB, because it makes your product more foamy. You could lower it to 1% then add 1% to 2% CDEA. If this does not address the issue of soapiness even after rinsing a couple of times, try removing the glycerine.  Still, i…
  • @Abdullah, try to do a salt curve analysis. Sir Perry, the Admin of this forum, posted an detailed instructions on how to do it. Here is the link I followed it and …
  • Thank you @chemicalmatt. I recently had a chat with my supplier. They said that it is acidic. This made me think that they screwed-up in labeling their products.  Soon after, I tested it by adding a solution of NaOH . It became light brownish (nearl…
  • Hi there @luiscuevasii, thank you also for commenting. I haven't check the pH level because the pH testing paper that I ordered is not delivered yet. Looking forward to test its pH before mass production. I also plan to sell a high quality and high …
  • Hello @Chirag, thank you commenting. I've  adjusted everything and already converted it to percentage. The LABSA is colour brown, and I did not neutralized it. Realizing my mistake, I started all over again. After neutralizing the LABSA and doing a…
  • I had that same problem before. The culprit in my opinion is the coco betaine. I added CDEA and a little bit of Coco Betaine (around 1% to 2%) in my formulation. Everything went well so far. 
  • Hi Everyone! I'm Billy, an electrical engineering student from the Philippines. I've been trying to perfect my dishwashing liquid formulation for more than a year now. I'm looking forward to learn more and share my experience in this forum. Cheers!

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