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  • At some point I want to add a fragrance to this formula, will the peg-7 be enough or should I add a separate solubilizer? Any recommendations?
  • Innospec did get back to me and they said it has between 41-43% solids. I ordered the polyquat 10 and will report back when I make the new formula. Thanks for your help.
  • Thank you again. I’ll order some polyquat 10 and try with just those two surfactants. Would you or anyone else happen to know what the active matter % is for the Iselux?
  • Thank you for the reply. I agree that hair is hair, however, beard hair is a lot thicker and more course. The formula needs to be more sensitive at least to me as my face is more sensitive than my head. I’ve used shampoos with higher levels of surfa…
  • Hello everyone, my name is C Mack and I don't have a science background but actually a federal law enforcement type background.  While I have been doing extensive research regarding ingredients I kept coming across this site. Which has been perfect …
  • I heated until the oil stage was melted. Just thinking about I poured the water into the oil, however, I think it should have been the other way around? I proceeded to stick Blend for a little while to make sure everything was incorporated. Do you t…
  • I apologize, I used lactic acid and the PH was 5.0.

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