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  • excellent chemico     and    quimica boss    are good suppliers in guadalajara
    in Pearl Comment by fletland April 2017
  • About carbopol aqua,  the only shampoo I used it , is in SHAMPOO MATIZADOR(SILVER SHAMPOO) Is the only way to keep the dye in the shampoo.  you must take a glance on ASHLAND productos it has a very interesting actives to conditioning , for example P…
    in Pearl Comment by fletland April 2017
  • i appreciate your help, Belassi,  i m going to develope all this changes and then post it.  have a nice day
    in Pearl Comment by fletland April 2017
  • thanks a lot,  yes the dimethicone impact my foam, but its not severe,  dimethicone help me, against the ALS detergent power. i will eliminate decyl glocuside i think is allergic. i will decrease the level of tween 20, my fragance afected my viscosi…
    in Pearl Comment by fletland April 2017
  • about to your post,  i had three years i dont work with pearl aditives, most of my shampoos are clear and only one is creammy white,  i used an opacificant
    in Pearl Comment by fletland April 2017
  • sorry PH is 6 and color is honey
    in Pearl Comment by fletland April 2017
  • Hi Belassi i decided no work with plantaren apb anymore, its about cost. a live in a small city and bring it from Mexico city increase my cost,  im going to work with only ALS , CAPB, DECYL GLUCOSIDE and MEA.  i start with my samples, ALS          …
    in Pearl Comment by fletland April 2017
  • Belassi, i dont know why you hate carbopol aqua, this product solve some of the problems you mentioned above,   ok lets do it to your way,    try with this: 1.- citric acid needs to be inserted in water at the beggining of the proces 2.- identified …
  • the error in this formula is that pq7 is not compatible with ethanol
  • the formula is ok, only add a emulsifier to the oil phase, al least 3 %,  and you will get a pretty milky fase above,  and the water fase is clear,    the filling is not a problem , beacause this formula in the first separation times it takes a lot …
  • belassi in Mexico sells behentrimonium chloride, it cost almost 3 times more than cetrimonium
  • Kalibean, there are many books about all cosmetics areas,  other option is your supplier, but the most important is the practice, the known of ingredients or actives.

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