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  • @ketchito What do you think the ideal amount of HEC should be? And should I keep the rpm low to avoid bubbles?
  • Obsevation: 1. Aqua + Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (%2) + TEA (Opaque white, fairly solid) 2. Monoprpylene Glycol (4,5) + Alcohol (%20) (transparet but bullry) 
  • @Paprik @ketchito thanks for your help.. Mixing high level and adjusting to neutralise has worked but the image i get is blurry even though it was mixed for 2 hours. What do you think?
  • Thank you for your advices. Increasing pH realy works with cold water, I go with 1000 rpm for a hour, nevertheless I couldn't completely dissolve HEC. If you have any other solutions I would be so glad...
  • Ah thanks @ngarayeva001 How many % should I use polyquertenium-10 ?
  • Hi @Benz3ne Active percentages of my raw materials are as follows: SLES 70% Cocoamidopropyl Betain 35% amount of salt(the maximum usage)=2% I used 1% essence and 1% aloe vera extract also.
  • @EVchem hi I want the product to be thicker. The turning point of the salt curve gives the maximum amount of salt I will use. and this ratio is not enough for thickening. I can't add more, the reaction is reversed.
  • @chemistry8303 Thanks for your suggestion. I looked at the chemical, but it is the hot process raw material :(
  • @Belassi thanks for your comment. I sent some of my shower gel to my essential oil company and they worked again for me. Viscosity isn't bad right now, but I can't be sure without stabilizing.
  • @Belassi Should I replace c12-13 alkyl lactat with cocamide DEA? Or would you have any other suggestions?
  • @ketchito thank you very much. ı mixed coco glucoside with essence and add it end of the process. ı solved the blur problem.  but the viscosity is too low with 1% shower essences. ı can not increases the salt amount.  ı want the formula stay same b…
  • may ı change surfactant groups? or percentages? is it works?  when ı use opacifier and high level of essence (%1-2%), the viscosity decreaes. ı need to solve the big problem
  • @ketchito thank you  I tried lamesoft. but it did not dissolve as I added 0.5% to the shower gel base afterwards. Do you think it works if I dissolve it with a little bit of formula water and add surfactants later? I added 1% essence but the visc…
  • Thank you very much for your suggestion, but the firm does not want pearl appearence. should only be opaque color ::smile:
  • @ketchito Biraz araştırma yaptım. ALKAMULS® 504 / V (etilen glikol distearat) buldum. ancak bu bileşen aynı zamanda sedef görüntüsü verir.
  • @ketchito    Dediğiniz gibi deneyimi opaklaştırıcı kullanmadan yaptım ve viskozitem gayet iyiydi.  Bu opaklaştırıcının ticari adını önerebilir misiniz?
  • By the way, my pH value = 5,5-6 
  • thank you @ketchito unfortunately, when we increase the amount of salt, the reaction reverses due to the salt curve. The viscosity of the product decreases. I did a trial by increasing the amount of c12-13 alkyl lactat. Even after adding opacifier…
  • @ketchito @@Benz3ne Thank you I should have been careful with the content. There is my shower gel ingredients: SLES 15% BETAİNE 5% C12-13 Alkyl lactat 0,5% Coco Glucoside 5% @chemicalmatt styrene / acrylates copolymer which I use as "opaci…
  • (Quote) 
  • sorry @pharma  For example, when I examine the aquaxyl reaction, what can I infer about moisture?
  • Thank you @jemolian Kimyasal olarak konuşursak, bir bileşenin güçlü bir nemlendirici olması için neye ihtiyacı vardır?
  • hi @Pharma How can I make inferences that it will not provide effective moisture when I examine its reactions? 
  • hi @jemolian Do you have a source that compares aquaxyl with other moisturizers? 
  • Hi @Fekher Do you have any suggestion of emülsifier suitable for cold process ?
  • hi @ozgirl I haven't received an answer from my supplier yet. When I looked at the SIMULGEL INS100 report it was a serrated disk scrambler procedure. I think the combination of Steareth-2 and Steareth-20 is suitable for cold process?
  • @ngarayeva001 Thank you for your suggestion. But I think hot process is required for this emulsifier. whereas I have to work cold process. I have seen in previous R&D reports that there are no problems when using Hydroxyethylcellulose in formula…
  • @ozgirl   @mhart123 When I talked to my raw material supplier, she said that the magnetic stirrer is not sufficient for mixing.  She said different thickeners wouldn't work either without high speed mixing. Do you think the problem could be entirely…
  • Hi @ngarayeva001  This is the only deodorant active I have right now. I will actively search for a new one after finding out where the problem is caused :smile: the point is that I dissolve the thickener in half the formula water. I'm resolving A…
  • Hi @ozgirl  below is my formula: Aqua Cyclopentasiloxane Aluminium chlorohydrate C12-13 Alkyl Lactat Hydroxyethyl Acrylate / Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer , Isohexadecane, Polysorbate 60 (Thickener mix) TEA

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