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  • HDPE is high density polyethylene, it is polyethylene but has different properties than lower density https://sciencing.com/differences-hdpe-plastic-polyethylene-plastic-6807965.html https://omicoplastics.com/blog/ldpe-hdpe-similarities-and-differe…
  • Is it very thick? Sea moss could be improperly labeled carrageenan which would not act as an emulsifier but maybe it could stabilize the system enough if the oil content is low. But agree with the others, they could just have left out the emulsifier…
  • @Anca_Formulator i see thanks for clarifying. I've never used the paddle culture, but isn't it the same issue? The paddle's been exposed to air for the past 3 months?  Even if the kit is not expired once you've exposed it I think the most reliable r…
  • You've had the jug open for 3 months? I'm not surprised something would show up after continual opening and reuse
  • What kind of zinc- particle size, coated vs uncoated?  When you say it didn't work, in what way- emulsion failed, desired effect not present at all or not present enough?
  • You don't have a lot of surfactant, so even though salt can help thicken it may not be enough to build viscosity like you're hoping for. Did you make a salt curve for your formula? You also already have acrylates and HEC thickening, so why add salt …
  • @Farah - I'd say yes to overhead mixer before homogenizer. Being able to get different blades will allow you work on a variety of product types, the homogenizer can help with stability but I think  you can still achieve a lot without it. I do think …
  • @Farah yes the drill with its various blades would mimic what overhead stirrers do. For homogenizers they are really more rotor stator types (at least from my experience), the benchtop version is usually something like a silverson or a rotosolver.  …
  • @Farah okay so I'd definitely recommend upping the oil used to disperse the gums, or (my preference) you can use any glycol (ex glycerin/ propanediol/ butylene glycol) to slurry. The glycols are all miscible in water, they're humectants, and they ca…
  • @Farah if you're going to do the slurry,  a ratio of ~3:1 dispersant: gums  should be a good starting point- when you say it wasn't easier to hydrate you mean you saw clumping?  Maybe I'm missing something but why are you heating this formula? I be…
  • not as sole preservative if that's what you're asking (in combo with Euxyl PE9010  INCI: Phenxyethanol /Ethylhexylglycerin), but I did use it in a cream and it had a bonus side effect of reducing the soaping I was seeing. 
  • Can't really help on the filters, maybe look at some commercial reef safe benchmarks for inspiration?  Are you looking for an exact replacement for Ganex or just another oil-soluble film former? Ganex is now sold under Antaron trade name, there's Un…
  • Well I guess mpg is monopropylene glycol? That's what I'd go with, I don't think it will affect much
  • Cab-o-sil is available from Amazon.. though I'm still a little warying of ordering chemicals off there. You can also use Aerosil 200  from Evonik , but I'd recommend wearing a respirator-like mask if you deal with large quantities
  • These are all pretty different ingredients- what's the purpose of adding any of these? Are you just trying to pad your LOI? 
  • you could try PolySugaMulse D9, not sure how it would work at such a high use level. you should be wary of statements like 'all natural' though as your emulsifiers have been chemically processed.
  • Prop mixers in general easily incorporate air, if you want to try switching to a different blade style you made find a cowles or jiffy blade works better for your system. Other tips and tricks include: moving mixer slightly off center from your batc…
  • Not sure what you have access to but you could try other natural polymers like carrageenan or guar. Try cutting xanthan in half, I doubt you will totally eliminate flaking but that could help reduce it
  • @Newtoformulating, sorry my aim isn't to confuse you.  You don't have a traditional oil phase. I'm not well versed in haircare so maybe my understanding is wrong but ceteareth-25, PEG-40 HCO, and PEG-7 are all emulsifiers/surfactants. The ceteareth …
  • Does that incompatibility have anything to do with coacervate formation or is that really just for deposition benefits?
  • @Sara21 I would reverse that order and put xanthan gum in first, PQ-10 you could reserve a small amount of water and add that as a premix last
  • @Newtoformulating okay maybe I missed it but you don't have an oil phase? You have multiple emulsifiers/solubilizers but I don't see anything they are needed for.
  • second Bills suggestion. You can try more viscous oils, smaller particle size (lighter) mica, there are several oil thickeners (polyamides or the Ajinomoto products)
  • If you reduce the pH you will lose some of the functionality of the acudyne. Why are you adding the PEGs? What do you think they contribute to the formula?
  • When are you adding the xanthan gum and the PQ 10?
  • Don't increase the sodium benzoate any more you are already well over the recommended use level. If your pH is 6 it is not actively preserving anyway. Swap our for one of your other listed preservatives (parabens? Not sure how well they perform in s…
  • I would say try again at 1% at the indicated pH range.  It's also possible they could have gone much higher, say 3-4% carbomer. What's your order of addition? They do have TEA listed higher than carbomer, so maybe they are neutralizing and then bre…
  • What phase are you adding the zinc oxide to- water or oil?  below pH 6 zinc oxide will start dissolving and you will have Zn ions in solution or new complexes which causes some formulation instability
  • Not sure if I'm reading your post right, but add the carbomer first and give it time to hydrate in water (you can add your glycols as well) but stay away from cationics/ actives until carbomer is hydrated. What is the final pH you are adjusting to?
  • I'd second Phil's point- and can you clarify what exactly is 'egg powder'

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