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  • Thank you! I'll try a batch with Coco Betain, DHA and Erythrulose and see if it changes colors.
  • I am using DHA and Erythrutose. I ordered samples of a DHA product that has Sodium Metabisulfite and just some Sodium Metabisulfite by itself. Thanks so much for your input. This product is amazing and almost ready to launch if I can just get the co…
  • Hi DAS, I am making a self tanner.  The product is amazing but loses it's beautiful pink color after a while.  It turns brown.  I am using a Campo oil based natural colorant.  I have Coco Betain at 2% and Decyl Glucoside at 4% for foam because this…
  • Thanks for your help and suggestions everyone. I truly appreciate the time you took to help me figure this blooming problem out. I found out that the white film is not mold. It is oxidation of the powders when the lipstick in unopened for too long. …
  • Thank you Belassi for the good information. I purchased the formula from a company that had been in business for 13 years selling this lipstick with no problems.  I want to make sure the shelf life is at least one year. Doreen our customers will ab…
  • Sorry, I meant that the product is all oil based and Aqua Guard is water soluble.
  • I realized that this product can't use Aqua Guard because it is all oil based. I cannot find a preservative without parabens that is oil soluble. I am going to try using a anti microbial like tea tree and substituting much of the wax for Makigreen V…
  • That is good information Perry.  I will add a natural preservative and test the shelf life. Is there any specific preservative you recommend for lip products? I have been using Aquaguard K12 for general skin care formulating.
  • Hi Belassi, There is no water in the product so it doesn't need a preservative.  I will send it off to have it analysed though. Good idea! Thanks, Cindy
  • I am buying a reasonably expensive wood pencil filling machine from Taiwan. This same machine can fill lipsticks, gloss, mascara, etc. I'll contact the vendor to see if they can add lipstick flaming to machine.  Thanks Bob!
  • Will do! Thanks Bob
  • Will do!  Thanks so much for the input.
  • Thanks Bob and Sunstone! The Dermamill 100 is about half the price of the Torrey so that might be a good one to start with. It does look like clean up is easier with removable rollers.   When our volume increases I can purchase a larger model which…
  • Just FYI, I ended up purchasing an automatic powder press from Eugeng in China. It was about the same price as a single shadow lab press from the US. 
  • Sorry, I used 30% Mica Pigment not 40%. 
  • Also, is there something better than an Oster for blending or it that best?
  • Hi Bob, When I used Cosmosurf the formula was: 60% Mica Powder, 40% Mica Color, 6% Cosmosurf and 4% Zinc Stereate. I ground it in an Oster and pressed with a manual One Ton Arbor Press. Using a few drops of alcohol in the pan before pressing. Sho…
  • Or reach me at 
  • Bob what is your email so I can contact you?
  • Hi Bob, We make only wood pencils. We will not make the mechanical or plastic ones. I purchased a really good formula for our brand and have been private labeling 50 pencils at a time hand-made and filled with a syringe for other companies.  My fam…
  • Hi Bob,  thanks for your input on the pencils.  The reason we want to do this is to produce pencils on a smaller scale for ourselves and other beauty lines private label.  There are very few natural pencils on the market made in the US. We found as …
  • Sounds great Belassi!  I am getting the pencil machine from Taiwan and it is the most expensive machine at $24,000. In the US pencils machines are $100,000. This same company quoted $20,000 for the powder press versus Eugeng at $12,500. Maybe I can …
  • Thank you Ameen and Belassi. I will also be purchasing a hot stamp machine and pencil machine from Taiwan. It would be good to see the factory and even get some training on the machinery. 
  • Hi Everyone!  I am Cindy Holland-Rodriguez. My background is a CPA. However I have owned franchised cosmetics studios for the past 10 years. I am selling off the stores, and a few years ago we created our own cosmetics line. We contract manufacture …

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