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  • @ ozgirl , thank you. The Emulsense HC seems like a good option but it preserved with phenoxyethanol :(  and we have to list it on the label. We just changed our preservative because of phenoxyethanol.  Thanks again
  •  Thank you both, the INCI name of Trufeel is Diheptyl Succinate, Capryloyl Glycerin/Sebacic Acid Copolymer which is simillar to LexFeel®. Have you had any experiments on it? do you think it could lend a good anti-staic property to my conditioner? Th…
  • My 2 cents, have you calculated the actives in your formula?  The active in shampoo should be between 10-15 as I've read but yours is much higher than that and could be irritating in the long run. * Lauryl glucoside- 14% ..  active 50-60%  =7.7 * So…
  • I always use them up to the expiry date. I don't believe 100% oil/wax products needs preservatives. I was making lip balms a few tears ago and never added one, just vitamin E and Rosemary extract. 
  • @ketchito , Thank you for your response. I have one more question please. If you are going to add salt to your formula for thickening and acid to reduce the PH, which one has to be added first? I add the acid first and at the end I use the salt. Th…
  • @ ngarayeva001 thank you for the explanation. 
  • @Perry  Thanks, I couldn't find anything that says, Silica dimethyl silylate  is silicon. Is this really silicon or not? I need to avoid silicon. :) Thanks
  • @Perry , Thank you , I've read this method first time on Swiftycraftmonkey blog. I don't believe keeping the oil/wax and water portion at 70 degree for 20 minutes would do any good but it was like a what if. :) @Microformulation , thank you.
  • Thank you everyone, I never use heat and hold method but the problem is, there are lots of misinformation on the internet and just wanted to make sure. Thanks again , I really appreciate for sharing your knowledge. 
  • Thank you for your responss, I understand that you need to boil the distilled water to sterlie it but I don't understand that you need to keep it in that temperature for 20 minute. I don't believe there is no point. 
  • @Bill_Toge I made something similar to that product but it is more translucent that white. That product has a beautiful white glossy silicon like consistency. Can someone like Josh Rosebrook fool their customers, I hope they are doing the right thin…
  • @ Belassi , thanks, this ingredient is on my list. There is no supplier who carries Polyquart H-81 in Australia at the moment.
  • @ LongXi , I've made the emulsion as you suggested, with glycrin, gum, butter & oil and water and there is no separation yet after3 days.  I have another question for you if you don't mind. What is the preservative in Josh Rosebrook conditioner …
  • @LongXi , thank you for your respond.  when you look at his conditioner, it looks definitely like other conditioners on the market that have emulsifiers. I am going to try what you said and if it works it would be a better option for my super fine …
  • @ ketchito , that is a good point, so if it goes inside the cuticle because of their small molecules they are not able to provide enough slip/glide as well.   Don't you think they can help my fine hair look more voluminous because the molecules can …
  • @ Belassi , as you suggested I added 0.2g of Polyquat-10 and it worked very well, thank you. I tried to incorporate cellulose to my formula too many times and every time it failed and I thought because Polyquat-10 is from cellulose I assumed it won…
  • Thanks every one for your help. @Belassi , I can't find Polyquart H-81 in Australia unfortunately but I'll keep in mind for future. @soapcake Yes, it is so easy to add herbs when making a shampoo bars. I use marshmallow powder in hair conditioner.
  • @Belassi Yes, you are right. I tried Coco-glucoside but I didn't like it. It felt so greasy. @ketchito , I didn't have any luck with Polyquat-7 but I'll try Polyquat-10 at 0.1-0.2% and hope it works. Thanks again for your help.
  • @ketchito , Thank you for your info. I have to avoid silicon and also keep the formula clear.  I can not find glyceryl oleate by itself but there is Lamesoft® PO 65 which contains Coco-glucoside, Glyceryl Oleate. Do you think this could work?  I ex…
  • @ letsalcido , thank you for your help. I tried different order of adding the surfactants in the formula.  I mixed 0.4g essential oil + 0.4 Vitamin E with 7g of Caprylyl /Capryl Glucoside then added at the end to my formula as you suggested and the …
  • @ letsalcido , thank you. I mixed just 0.4g essential oil with 7g of Caprylyl /Capryl Glucoside which is a solubilizer and still was cloudy. I'll try your way by adding the essential oil at the end. I'll update you on that. Thanks
  • @letsalcido , Thank you for response, so does the amphoterics surfactants goes in the blend after all other ingredients including water?  I mixed 0.4g essential oil with 7g of Caprylyl /Capryl Glucoside first it was still cloudy and then added the s…
  • @ngarayeva001 , Thank you for your respond. That is a good info. I don't mind to use water soluble Silicons but some people have made a monster out of it and never listen to what you want to say.  Thank you every one for helping me with your valuab…
  • @Perry , I don't have any problems with Silicons but I need to make a product that customers like, so I have to look for a second best ingredient if there is any. :) - Is there any preference with silicons as a heat protectant? - Do you think Silico…
  • @ chemicalmatt , Is there any ingredient other than Silicons? :) Thanks
  • @Abdullah , Thanks, You've got a few good points there.  I always mix HEC with glycerin first, then add it to water while mixing but never adjust the PH. I make Aloe gel like that and it thickens, the water PH is 7. I am going to do a few more batch…
  • @Abdullah , I just used  Hydroxyethyl cellulose. Maybe I need a big stirrer machine to be able to mix it well. I make small batch and mix it by hand. As everyone is saying I need a polymer that is already liquid.  Thanks for your input.
  • @khoikhoa , Thank you for your respond. It seems like I can't find Genapol LT in Australia. 
  • @letsalcido Thank you for your quick and helpful response. I'll buy a few of them to see which one works better for me. And thanks everyone for your wonderful responses. I really appreciate it.
  • @letsalcido Thank you for your help. I have another question, are these thickener except gums easy to incorporate in to the surfactants system or I need a big stirrer machine for them? Thanks

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